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Results for interjection practice

880+ results

5th Grade Conjunctions, Prepositions, Interjections – 3 Lessons & ELA Practice

Identify and use Conjunctions, Prepositions, and Interjections with THREE COMPLETE Common Core-aligned lessons, Journal and Sentence Writing Practice, and a FOUR paragraph Essay Writing Assignment: • Three FULL COLOR Posters – simply print, laminate, and hang in your classroom • Three COMPLETE Lessons with highlighted Text Features for better Comprehension • Three Close Journal Activities featuring Main Ideas and Details (great for Interactive Notebooks!) • Conjunctions Practice – identify and

Interjections Practice and/or Assessment

Created by
Eric Jayne
This interjections worksheet asks students to identify and correctly punctuate interjections. The sentences combine a variety of interjections, including ones that require an exclamation mark and ones that require a comma after them.

Interjections Lesson & Practice Worksheets - Digital & Printable Grammar Lesson

Created by
Hey Natayle
If your students could use a brief parts of speech lesson on interjections, you’ll absolutely love this no-prep resource that teaches it in a FUN way! Students will enjoy the creative interjection worksheets, and you’ll enjoy the done-for-you interjection PowerPoint! Everything you need is in printable and digital formats with Google Slides.Check out the PREVIEW for more information!Use this interjections lesson to teach your middle schoolers about the function of interjections & have them p

Interjections Lesson, Practice, and Assessment

Created by
The Rigorous Owl
Looking for practice and activities to help your 5th grade students MASTER Interjections? Look no further! This is an amazing WEEK'S worth of lessons, practice, engaging activities, exit tickets, assessment, and so much more that will save you time and help you cover your standards with rigor and ease.Here’s what’s included: •Teacher Version Lesson Notes with Practice: Definition and examples to teach the standard with 5 practice problems•Student Version Lesson Notes with Practice: Fill in the b

Interjections Word Work Practice Sheet Common Core Language Objective

Common Core objective for 5th Grade: L5.1a Interjections practice word work sheet. Use for an assessment or formative. I have an interjection powerpoint for sale. There are many cute interjections videos on Youtube including School House rock. I had to take the video links out due to copyright. Adorable chevron graphic apple from "The Hazel Owl" shop on TPT. Check out her adorable graphics!

Conjunctions, Preposition & Interjections Game - Small Group TableTop Practice

Bring the TableTop Game revolution to your classroom! Board games are experiencing a renaissance and tapping into their innate engagement is a no brainer. This is the natural evolution of task cards. TableTop ELA games cover a single focus skill or text. The questions range from simple true/false to short answer to application. Provided are four different game styles that can be played with the same set of ELA cards. Mix it up or let your students choose what to play. The choice is yours! In Jou

Interjections Study Guide Worksheets with Practice Exercises Digital and Print

Created by
Interjections Study Guide. Two grammar worksheets on interjections. The first one includes Definition, Examples, and practice using interjections and identifying them in a sentence. The second one has students discern between interjections and onomatopoeia, which they often confuse. Keys included. Digital and Print: I have also made an Easel Activity ready to go with digital pen, highlighter, and text boxes for students to type their answers. It is an Interactive layer over the original pdf. Yo

Preposition, Conjunctions, and Interjections Practice

Created by
Emily Adams
This is a great independent or whole group tool. It gives detailed notes then practice. Notes and assignments have been created, inspired, and gathered from various books with the root of it coming from Glencoe. Check out my other grammar packets as well! Download the answer key for free!

Parts of Speech Prepositions Vs Interjections Color By Code Practice Worksheets

Created by
CarolJ Creations
Are you looking for a fun way for your students to practice or review identifying prepositions and interjections? The color by code worksheet and 2 additional practice sheets included in this download can help them do that. Students color the picture based on the type of noun shown and can use the words in the picture to help them complete the additional practice sheets. What's Included ☀ 1 color by code worksheet ☀ 2 additional prepositions/interjections worksheets☀ Answer keys (answer to works

Conjunction | Interjection | Preposition | Grammar Lessons & Practice | Gr 5 - 6

Created by
Linda Byers
❤ 8 Grammar Lessons; spread throughout 16 pages, with full answer keys about PREPOSITIONS, CONJUNCTIONS, and INTERJECTIONS for grade 5 and grade 6 students. There are 2 reviews about all thee PARTS OF SPEECH, too. It is ideal to explain, practice, and review the main skills of each topic with your students. *** CLICK RIGHT HERE for an EDITABLE soft copy (Google Drive) ***❤ This resource is written in a simple and plain language; which makes it easier to get underachievers back on the track as we

ELA Grammar Series - Interjections - Practice Page and Editing

****This product is part of a bundle*****With this Product, you are getting:Journal Page (2 Per sheet)One practice page that includes practice with choosing the best interjection and writing sentences with interjections.An editing page featuring interjection editing and capitalization and punctuation editing. These worksheets could be used in a variety of ways in your classroom. •Independent Practice•Remediation•Assessment•Workstation•HomeworkCheck out my other Grammar Products:ELA Grammar Serie

Conjunctions and Interjections Picture Practice Digital/Print Grammar Activity

Created by
Oh So Simple ELA
This resource is an engaging and creative way for students to practice using conjunctions and interjections in their writing. You will be given access to a folder in Google Drive that contains a teacher instruction document and the student template via Google Slides. A PDF version is also included in within the Google Drive folder. Slides can be easily printed to use as a gallery walk activity or station work. What's included: Title SlideThree Conjunction/Interjection Explanation SlidesExample P

Grammar Practice (Interjections)

Created by
Understanding the form, meaning and use of English grammar is vital for learners of the language. However, grammar is often presented in complicated ways that can confuse not only our students, but also novice instructors! At Everyday English®, we’ve worked tirelessly to ensure our grammar lessons are very simple, yet unequivocally effective. Now, we’re sharing our years of research, practice and revision with you! This document includes instructional recommendations, a brief summary on interjec

Interjection Practice Worksheet

Created by
Mahery Teaching
CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.5.1.AStudents can practice identifying interjections and incorporating them into their writing with these half-page grammar worksheets. Answer key is included!The worksheet is formatted to print two worksheets per page.

Parts of Speech: Interjections and Prepositions Guided Notes and Practice

Interjections and prepositions are typically parts of speech that students are the least familiar with. This note packet allows students to study these concepts and also practice their use. When combined with the SMART presentation (also available for purchase), students can define their meanings and practice their use with a more interactive approach!

Latin Interjection Vocabulary and Writing Practice Sheet

Created by
Magistra Graham
Salve! My students create their own vocabulary binders in Latin 1 and use it through all Latin levels. I actually store them in the classroom during the summer and until they graduate. Too many binders were lost in moves or damaged by pets, siblings, etc. This handout can be printed double sided. I also provide pictures for the students but my artistic students often draw their own which are hung up on the wall - just the picture - when they graduate. The back side of the page provides sections

GRAMMAR PRACTICE: Interjections for Middle School Language Arts Students

GRAMMAR PRACTICE: Interjections for Middle School Language Arts Students!This worksheet has an explanation of the part of speech, then two separate practice sections for your students.I recommend using the first portion as classwork, either guided or in pairs.I recommend using the second portion as homework, to assess whether your students understood the course material.Each worksheet starts with simple concepts and then explores deeper and more difficult grammar exercises as the worksheet goes

Conjunctions, Interjections, & Preposotions Review/Practice

This is a quick review of some of our 5th grade grammar skills in the Georgia frameworks that align with CCGPS.

Interjections! Practice Worksheet

Created by
Kaizen Teaching
~Interjections are exclamations that express strong feelings. Interjections come at the beginning of a sentence. Most native speakers learn intuitively how to use these words, but still, need practice to figure out the best word to use in a given situation. These colorful, animated pictures present unforgettable scenarios for students to practice interjection usage. In this worksheet, students look at the picture and choose the best interjection to use to describe the picture.

Parts of Speech: Notes and Practice for Prepositions and Interjections

Interjections and prepositions are typically parts of speech that students are the least familiar with. This note packet allows students to study these concepts and also practice their use. It can be used alone or combined with the SMART presentation (also available for purchase) for a more interactive approach!

Preposition, Conjunctions, and Interjections Practice Answer Key

Created by
Emily Adams
Use this with the Preposition, Conjunctions, and Interjections Practice!

5th Grade Grammar Review & Practice Worksheets w/ Task Cards Color by Number

Created by
Games 4 Gains
This 5th Grade Language Color-by-Number Activities Pack comes with 6 mystery picture activities and over 140 task cards for reviewing key 5th grade Common Core language standards in a fun and exciting way! Each included activity supports one of the following 5th grade Common Core language skills: • Identifying conjunctions, prepositions, and interjections (L.5.1.A) • Using the perfect tense (L.5.1.B) • Using the appropriate verb tense (L.5.1.C & L.5.1.D) • Using correlative con

5th Grade Grammar Unit: Interjections

Created by
Teacher Thrive
This resource includes everything you need to teach students how and when to use interjections in their writing.Now Included: Google Forms for the Practice Printable, Task Cards, and Assessment!What’s Included:PowerPoint Lesson (Monday)Practice Printable - Digital Version Included (Tuesday)30 Task Cards - Digital Version Included (Wednesday)Sketch Notes (Thursday)Assessment - Digital Version Included (Friday)BONUS: Interactive Notebook ActivityDownload the preview for a detailed overview of the

Conjunctions, Prepositions, and Interjections

Created by
Jennifer Findley
This resource contains some supplemental handouts to teach, review, and assess conjunctions, prepositions, and interjections. Click here to see the bundle of all language standards for 5th Grade Common Core. Aligned with: L.5.1a Explain the function of conjunctions, prepositions, and interjections in general and their function in particular sentences. Here is what is included: 1. Three Posters (One for each part of speech) 2. Flippable with Directions 3. Two Practice Pages 4. 4 Day Daily
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