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intro to systems of equations

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intro to systems of equations

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Students seem to struggle with systems of equations and I wanted to come up with something fun and visual to help them get the hang of them. This worksheet was the result. It takes simple clip-art pictures and relates them with two equations. The students then have to figure out what the value of
8th - 11th
This 4-page lesson contains 2 pages of guided notes and 2 pages of HW. It is part of my Systems of Equations Unit * Click the preview for details! Answer key included! * In this lesson, students will: - Learn the definition of a system of equations - Explore what it means for an ordered pair to be
This foldable contains the three methods for solving a system of equations (graphing, substitution, and elimination). Steps and two examples are included for each type. Answer key is attached. Enjoy!
8th - 9th
Introduce students to real world systems of equations with this activity. Students will create one graph from a table of values and one graph from an equation to create a system of equations. They will interpret the meaning of the solution to the system of equations. I have used this handout as
Instructions:Included in this set of digital pages are 3 pages introducing systems of equations. The first page introduces what systems are, and what a solution of a system is. The 2nd and 3rd review types of solutions and has students determine how many solutions each given system has. Colored and
This packet was created with the idea that putting equations in a real world context would make it easier for students to understand the concept of 1 solution, no solution, and infinitely many solutions. The 4 page packet is a great way to introduce systems of equations and solving them through gra
Students find the solution to a system of linear equations by graphing; word problems included.What is covered:- Students review identifying slope and y-intercept from a linear equation in slope-intercept form- Students review graphing a linear equation- Students graph four systems of equations, ide
These task cards about introducing systems of equations provide a motivating way for your students to practice a variety of skills. I love using the PDF version as stations, homework, or for early-finishers. It's also been a life-saver for distance learning when I can assign the Google Form version
7th - 10th
Power point working through 3 levels. Could be broken up into 3 separate files and set up for use in a centers activity. Each level includes a quiz to assess whether or not the student it ready to proceed. If they are not, the student completes the tutorials session before going on. Beginners level
These BOOM CARDS™ about introducing systems of equations provide a motivating way for your students to practice a variety of skills through fun, interactive activities.This product includes:1. Determining if a coordinate is a solution to a system of equations.2. Determining the value of the solution
This guided note sheet is intended for the first day of solving systems. (I originally made this for when I had a sub, but found it to be helpful). This includes what a system is, an example of graphing and how to check. Answers/key points to mention included.
Distance Learning Friendly!Your kiddos will love this notes page for Introduction to Systems of Equations! Everything you need to teach and engage your Algebra 1 students for Introduction to Systems of Equations has been organized into this section of notes.(1) Links to instructional videos. Videos
This set of solving systems by elimination problems comes complete with easy to follow instructions and 5 examples of solving systems by elimination, all in varying levels of difficulty! Students are encouraged to check their work on every problem!Buyer's Note (Read Before You Buy): Instead of encou
Students in groups (optional) go around the room from station to station following the set of instructions. At each station students will (individually) graph the equation provided. I have my students in groups so they can check each others work or help each other out. I do this on the first day of
Introduce Systems of Equations using this real-world example. Students will use prior knowledge and reasoning to determine the better "deal" when trying to save money to buy a calculator. Some students might solve algebraically, create a table, or make a graph. The problem opens up discussion on a p
7th - 12th
Three different problems, one on each page, allowing students to figure out the systems of equation problems without solving the equations (although I added an extension to each page for the students to try to solve algebraically).
7th - 10th
The four problems in this document is an excellent activity to introduce system of linear equations using a table of values. The table of values are already created for students to fill in as well as guidelines to help students discover the point of intersection.
7th - 9th
Intro to systems of equations foldable for interactive notebook with answer keys.- Two word problems to get students thinking about systems- Identify if an ordered pair is a solution to the given system
My students have always had issues with understanding why we can add two equations together and get the solution to the system. This guided worksheet helps show the students that manipulating the equations will maintain the solution. I like to give this to my students as the work in groups of th
8th - 12th
Students will convert all equations into slope-intercept form and then graph each system of equations in the corresponding coordinate plane. Students will then need to analyze the equations and graphs for any patterns they many notice. Students will use these patterns to develop rules that help them
7th - 11th
In this activity, students take graphs (printed on transparency film) and lay them on top of graphs on their handout to visualize the solution to the system. They will also check the solution in the equations to verify it works. This works great as a partner activity at the beginning of a unit on
This power point serves to develop a conceptual understanding of solving a system of two equations using substitution. Starting with word problems allows students to have a concrete reference for an abstract concept. The power point also includes some extra word problems to solve as a whole class, s
Printable note sheet
9th - 12th
Introduction to systems (after students have mastered solving for variable in algebraic equations). Incorporates different representations of data.

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