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What are the major differences between capitalism and communism? In order to understand the dynamics of the Cold War, students must fully comprehend the two dominant economic structures that divided the world for over half a century. In this lesson, your students will not only be able to demonstrate
Not only will this lesson introduce your students to the Cold War and its key events, it will challenge your students to think critically about historical significance through an engaging activity. In this engaging lesson, students will first complete a written warm up that draws on their prior know
Cold War Beginnings SWBAT: (students will be able to) 1. Identify different ideologies of the cold war HOW: Reading and pictures 2. Examine and decide whether Yalta was a success, and the effects it had on the Potsdam conference HOW: What would you do simulation 3. Examine tensions that rose during
This lesson uses Dr. Seuss's "The Butter Battle Book" to introduce students to the Cold War. The activity is a decoding exercise to use with kids after they've learned basic info about the Cold War. Fun and easy!
Intro to the Cold War reading comprehension and dbq.
Powerpoint presentation for introducing the Cold War.Focuses on:-world events after WWII-Potsdam Agreement-the UN-East and West Berlin-Truman Doctrine-Marshall Plan-N.A.T.O.
EDITABLE document analysis activity designed to introduce students to the key events of the Cold War from 1946-1991. Worksheet includes key information, pictures for visual learners, DBQ practice and reading comprehension questions with space to answer them right on the page.
Students are first "hooked" with an activity that has them imagine they live in 3 different families with very different parenting styles. They choose which parents they would prefer and why, which is great for a quick class vote or discussion. Then these families are linked to three different types
This 2-page handout is perfect to obtain prior knowledge from your students about the Cold War. Students will use their prior knowledge about the Cold War to fill-in the blanks of a CLOZE reading worksheet about the beginning of the Cold War. A word-bank is included. Students can work individually,
Your class will enjoy my 13 Days War Cuban Missile Crisis 1960’s Writing Activity Bundle for US History. It includes 1950’s PPT, Cuban Missile Crisis Stanford Lesson, Intro to Film PPT, and Quiz for Film. Here is what is included: - 1950's PPT - Stanford Lesson - Intro to film - Film Times "Excelle
Cold War Unit Foldable Collection: This collection includes 11 (fully editable) high-interest activities. All of these activities can be used in or out of your interactive notebook and are meant to supplement your Cold War lessons. All activities can be completed using ANY history textbook or intern
This would be a good way to begin the Cold War in your class. There are 12 terms that are associated with the Cold War in 12 sentences. Based on the sentences, the students try to define the 12 terms. If you like what you see here, keep in mind you can get ALL of the materials in Unit 13 by buying
An excellent introductory activity to the Cold War (early phase of the war). Very interactive and in-depth! What's Included?7 Activities within a creatively designed activity package: Activity 1 - Overview of the Cold WarActivity 2 - Mapping activity of post-war Europe (the-map-as-history.com - sub
This is the 9 day unit I use for the Cold War. The Cold War lasts 45 days and you CANNOT cover everything. This unit was designed to immerse students in the big picture and major events.DAY 1 - Causes (video and differentiated reading)DAY 2- Containment, Marshall Plan (differentiated, Google version
In this packet you will find an intro student worksheet on Socratic Seminars, reading on the Cold War that is numbered and has a margin for note-taking, a seminar prep worksheet for students, as well as a form students can work on during the seminar with reflection questions. The Socratic Seminar w
The Full Title of this Digital DBQ is: The Cold War: Spheres of Influence, The Iron Curtain, Berlin Airlift, & Intro to the Truman DoctrineThis digital DBQ as a Google Form is great for distance learning.  The learning targets for this digital DBQ are:  1. to identify the main participants in th
Cold War through September 11th History – A Fourth Grade SMARTBoard Introduction is a SMARTBoard 4th grade level instructional presentation It includes: a SMARTBoard presentation of the text along with two interactive slides that are also available in PDF format to print and issue as classwork, home
Cold War through September 11th History – A Fourth Grade PowerPoint Introduction is a PowerPoint 4th grade level instructional presentation It includes: a PowerPoint presentation of the text along with two editable slides that are also available in PDF format to print and issue as classwork, homewor
This is a basic explanation of the Korean War and its impact on America. I use this power point to build some background for the Cold War Unit.
This World History bundle covers the 1st and 2nd semesters beginning with Ancient Greece through the Cold War. It has two different versions of all PPT/keynotes. You will have access to my Google Drive / Dropbox link ONLY. If you are interested in my video training series with your purchase click be
I hope you are all staying well during the Covid crisis. The price of the course has been decreased to help everyone out. I am currently using this course for distance learning and it is going well. The paperless packages are a great option for students. In addition, I am allowing kids to complete a
Great intro activity that provides context for America's involvement in the Korean War and its effects to this day. With North Korea always in the news, this activity is very relevant. Students read, answers questions, and discuss. Great to follow this up with one of the many modern documentaries ab
Check out this bundle of my favorite activities from my American History course—from pre-colonization through the 1980s! Get students active and engaged with these student-centered ACTIVITIES ranging from the 1600s-1980s!This bundle INCLUDES...Worksheets/Reading Activities Native Americans and Ameri
My complete HOMESCHOOL US History curriculum bundle is everything I teach first and second semester. This curriculum is based on a new book and is focused on the homeschool experience. You will have access to this curriculum through the GOOGLE DRIVE LINK which you may download. I will also be provi

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