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Introducing Division Packet
This product is used to introduce division to third grade students, where division is first explicitly mentioned in the Common Core Standards. For this product to be effective, you will need a copy of The Doorbell Rang to read to the students. The students will them come up with their own division

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Introducing Division Concepts--A Division Lesson for Grades 3 and 4
The concept of division is a tricky one for students, and it's important to build that foundation with hands on, real world experiences. This resource has everything you need to build division concepts with your students--a game with follow up activities! Engaging, meaningful, and effective! This

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Multiplication Missing Factors to Introduce Division Skills with Mini-Quiz
These multiplication missing factor activities are a great way to introduce division and/or early algebra. These task cards and mini-quizzes reinforce many important skills in one resource - multiplication, division, multiples, algebra, variables, fact families, and number patterns. This set of 40 t

Also included in: Multiplication Task Card Bundle


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SMART BOARD LESSON on Introducing Division with Remainders
This smart notebook file is an introduction to division with remainders. The lesson consists of teaching children the basics of long division with remainders in problems that contain a 2-digit dividend and a 1 digit divisor. This lesson features interactive activity builder containers, Smart Respons

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Introduce Division with a Story: The Great Divide
This set is designed to accompany the book, The Great Divide by Suzanne Slade. Through this book, the author shows different animals dividing into groups.There is a science connection as well as students learn that animal groups have different unique names such as "mobs" and "towers". After reading

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Using Fact Families to Introduce Division - Interactive Notebook - TEKS 4.4E,G
Teachers sometimes have a hard time coming up with just the right way to introduce division to their students. This product gives them a way to do this where the students can understand. It starts out with reviewing multiplying by multiples of 10 and 100 so the students can easily move into the fact

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Fact Families And Introducing Division
Students are introduced to the idea of division and its links to multiplication. Students work with fact families and try division by circling groups of objects.I used this with grade 7 IPP students but this is also appropriate for elementary students.

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Introducing Division
A great and simple worksheet that introduces division through word problems. Allows students to see how numbers are divided and introduces the different division symbols. Great practice for NWEA.

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Division Worksheets & Division Games - Division Activities
This fun math pack is the BFF to my Multiplication Print & Go Pack! If you’re one of the thousands who made the printables in the Multiplication Print & Go Pack a best-selling item, you’ll love this one, too. This Print & Go Pack includes 85 pages of thoughtfully designed printables co

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Beginning Division | Google Classroom Distance Learning
Looking for a hands-on way to ease your students into division? This unit is perfect introduction to division! It begins with allowing students to draw pictures and then move on to word problems. Practice is given for dividing by 2,3,4, and 5. This can be used in the regular education classroom or s

Also included in: Beginning Multiplication and Division BUNDLE Google Classroom Distance Learning


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Division: An Introduction Bundle
This mini bundle of resources focuses on basic division strategies, and is designed for students who are just being introduced to division. It includes: - a 40-slide interactive PowerPoint with a matching PowerPoint companion handout - a craftivity - a 5-page flipbook The PowerPoint is highly inte


Division Facts, Strategies, & Games for the Google Classroom & Distance Learning
This Google Slides Resource works well for Distance Learning. Improve memorization and help students divide fluently with this digital Google Slides Resource by focusing on unknown factor and other division strategies. Division strategies include using arrays, creating equal groups, fact families, s

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3rd Grade Math Bundle - Printables & Activities
This 3rd grade math BUNDLE includes 15 of my best-selling 3rd Grade Math Essentials resource packs, at a HUGE savings! Please click the links below to read some of the ★ 2,600+ 4-star reviews ★ on the packs included in this standards-based, 3rd grade bundle! Included in this 3rd Grade Math BUNDL

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Long Division: A Differentiated Approach
Division has always been one of those objectives that stresses me out when I think about teaching it. While some students breeze right through it, others struggle with basic division facts, leaving me at a loss for what whole group instruction should look like for those weeks. How can I move from 45

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Division with Dinosaurs!
Division time is here! Instead of just getting started I wanted to introduce Division with a booklet. It slowly goes through the steps to solve a division problem solving problem! Includes: -Division introduction book -4 division problem solving cards for centers -Create your own division probl

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Equal Groups Basic Division Pack
Introducing division can be a tricky task. I've found that the best way to start the basic division unit is always with some hands-on equal groups activities and worksheets. I use this pack to introduce basic division to my 3rd graders, and it always helps to lay the foundation for the rest of the u

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Donut You Know Division???-division notebook
This 31 page notebook will help you introduce division to your students. Topics that are covered are: key words division as sharing grouping to solve division as repeated subtraction using a multiplication table to divide using pictures to solve division creating division word problems identifying

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5th Grade Math - Division with 2-digit Divisors - 5.NBT.6
This product may be used to introduce division with 2-digit divisors. The teacher will lead the class as the students fill in missing parts of the problem during guided practice. This resource may be used for remediation of students after they have already been taught how to divide by 2-digit diviso

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Introduction to Division Math Worksheet
This 2-page math worksheet introduces the students to division. The students simply have to circle groups of 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, and 10's. This worksheet has cute pictures that the students will enjoy working with. Made by Scott OToole (Scott OToole) Introduction to division, beginning division

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The Doorbell Rang: Interactive/Smart Board Introduction to Division
This document is in a Smart Notebook format--If you do not have Smart Notebook on your computer, do not download this. This is an interactive activity to introduce division that goes right along with the book The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins! On some pages the cookies can be cloned to solve pro

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Long Division Worksheets for Beginners
Are your students struggling to understand long division and need additional practice?Are your students struggling to line up place value or just beginning to learn long division...if so this mini packet of extra practice is just for you. Your students will gain division confidence and fact power wi

Also included in: Long Division Worksheets Bundle


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Division Strategy Notes and Practice Sheet BUNDLE
Division Strategy notes can be used to introduce division. Practice sheet is a great independent review or homework sheet.

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Hands-On Math Booklet 3.OA.2 {Division}
Give your students hands-on math instruction for 3.OA.2~division! This Common Core Math booklet introduces division to students through a combination of hands-on activities and skills practice. This booklet makes a great follow up activity to an interactive notebook entry or center activity. This b

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"The Doorbell Rang" Math Activity Using Literature!
Bring this fun children's book to life by acting out the sharing of cookies (easy DIVISION!) as the kids share cookies in the story.This is a great book/activity to introduce division with! This activity is based on the picture book The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins. Product includes:- teacher n

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