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This PowerPoint introduces students to a variety of Figures of Speech. They will learn about similies, metaphors, onomatopoeia, hyperboles, personification, and alliteration. It introduces them to the definition and provides several examples of each form. The presentation makes a great introducti
Have you moved to a new district? Do you have a lot of students who moved into your district? Need something quick and easy to give to parents giving a little introduction about you? This product is for you if you answered yes to any of those questions! This is an editable version that you can down
Students gain practice speaking from notecards while introducing a classmate to the rest of the class! No prep required! Just press print!INCLUDED WITH YOUR PURCHASE:Speech of Introduction Prompt and Guidelines: The speech prompt explains the purpose of a speech of introduction. After reading throu
Have students make connections between the Red Scare orchestrated by Joseph McCarthy in 1950s America and the Salem Witch Trials of the 1600s in New England. This activity is a great way to introduce students to Arthur Miller's play, The Crucible and compels them to investigate why the playwright c
Using the speech from the Disney movie Miracle and coloring materials, students are asked to identify parts that appeal to ethos, logos, or pathos. Using colors helps students to visualize the different aspects of a speech and how it functions. Other speeches or works of literature can be used to
This Introduction Speech is an excellent way to introduce students to Public Speaking! This is typically the first speech that I have students produce, but it could be used at any time while teaching Public Speaking! This speech is designed so that a student will interview another student in the cl
Introduce verbs to your students with these easy and fun slides focusing on physical simple verbs. Complete your lesson with a sorting activity, matching the verb (action) to the animal it's usually associated with. Click here and SAVE 20% by buying ALL 8 of my other Grammar Resources in 1 Bundle!Th
Contains 5 summer-themed paragraphs for working on reading comprehension, written expression, and expressive language skills. Practice identifying the text purpose, stating the main idea, using the main idea to generate multiple examples of introduction/topic and conclusion sentences, summarizing, a
Whether you are teaching speech, communications, or you are just looking to spice up your English Language Arts class, this unit has all of the materials you will need to get you and your students engaged. With these materials, you won't even need the textbook. Included within this product, you will
Teach introduction speeches in a simple and fun way with this Introduction Speeches Unit! These public speaking lessons will guide you in showing your students how to introduce someone else! This would be a great back-to-school activity to help your Oral Comm or ELA students warm up to speaking! If
Need an easy way for students to keep track of the parts of speech? This flip book guides students through the basics of parts of speech, and gives them a place to store the information. This flip book can be used two different ways. In the same product, you will have access to the flip book in a pa
Would you like to start a speech unit in your class by having students introduce themselves, but the class is nervous or unwilling to give a speech alone? Have them introduce each other!This four page document has a page of instruction detailing objectives and instructional methods as to how to beg
While specifically designed for persuasive speeches, these 3 leads or intros can be applied to persuasive writing to ensure voice and a pathos-heavy introduction. Great for use on STAAR 10th grade persuasion. The page includes a definition for each lead, a high quality example, and a space for stude
This mini-unit uses the 2010 film The King's Speech and a chapter from the textbook The Language of Composition** to teach an introduction to rhetoric. The film could also be taught in isolation in an English or history class! I teach this film in my AP Language class, but it would be a great fit fo
This is a worksheet for helping students create introductory paragraphs for speeches. It's a great way to help those students who are hestitant about the process or struggle with beginning a speech. This works great with resource room students or TAG students, group work or individual, middle schoo
Introduce students to the eight parts of speech with this easy to implement FULLY EDITABLE and CUSTOMIZABLE PowerPoint and GUIDED NOTES lesson!  This PowerPoint covers all eight parts of speech with definitions, examples and application sentences that allow students to practice their newly acquired 
I teach Speech & Debate, but these are 2 Ice Breaker/Introduction activities that can be used for any classroom. They can also be conducted in person or via distance learning. Please check out my FREE Ice Breaker activity if you want to assess the quality of my work. What You Get When You Pur
An introduction speech or About Me Speech for the beginning of Speech 1.
The purpose of INTRODUCTION TO GOOD SPEECH is to help students understand the basic components of good speech. I created this guide for students as part of a course in oral presentation skills. I explain the importance of good posture and relaxation in speech production. I also explain briefly the d
A letter addressed to parents of students who receive speech and language services. The letter reviews the student's mandate, schedule, and projected IEP meeting date. Contact information is also provided.
How to Read Argumentative or Persuasive Writing and Speeches Introduction and rationale In order to read non-fiction well, students need to be aware of how writers fashion their writing to have the best impact on the reader. After this introductory PowerPoint, I have them read and analyze passages
This four page packet will get your students started with a fun introductory speech in any Public Speaking class! The first page of the packet includes guidelines for the speech along with tips and hints on how to do a good job. The last three pages include questions to ask a classmate to help the
This is a basic letter of introduction for private practice speech-language pathologists to send to M.D.s and other referral resources. A skeleton letter--you customize with your logo, and contact information etc.
This beautiful powerpoint breaks down the key components of writing and presenting a persuasive speech. With slides on the construction of the speech, writing a thesis, and different linguistic devices. No prep needed, just click, file and present.

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