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I use this activity as a fun way to introduce the Cold War (and sometimes Billy Joel too) to students in my American History Class. This Activity has 5 handouts listed below:1. List of 33 Historical and 33 Cultural Terms used in the song. + I cut the terms up and put them in 2 separate bowls an
9th - 12th
What are the major differences between capitalism and communism? In order to understand the dynamics of the Cold War, students must fully comprehend the two dominant economic structures that divided the world for over half a century. In this lesson, your students will not only be able to demonstrate
This activity examines the introduction to one of the more complex events of 20th Century Globalization: the Cold War. The following topics will be explored: - USSR & USA rise to Superpower Status post-WWII (Capitalism / Communism) - NATO vs. Warsaw Pact / Eastern Block - Dividing up Germany &am
This activity is designed to familiarize students with culture and politics at the beginning of the Cold War, as well as to give them practice in the academic applications of Power Point. Students will listen to or watch video of the Billy Joel Song, "We Didn't Start the Fire", then discuss and com
9th - 12th
Not only will this lesson introduce your students to the Cold War and its key events, it will challenge your students to think critically about historical significance through an engaging activity. In this engaging lesson, students will first complete a written warm up that draws on their prior know
Your students will learn a lot from this resource, which focuses on the basics of the Cold War and its origins. It includes:- a video link to a brief video on the causes and implications of the Cold War,- video based questions (Section 1),- a vocabulary chart where students look up and define key t
7th - 10th
This digital notebook (with Pear Deck option!) introduces students to the various ways the Cold War was fought by the US & USSR: Economic aid, military alliances, proxy wars, technological competition, and propaganda. Students will evaluate images, maps, charts, political cartoons, etc. to pique
Use this PowerPoint & notes/worksheet to introduce your students to the Cold War & Korean War (includes information that supports the Texas History perspective)!Remember the Alamo and to stop by the Big and Bright TPT Store. Big and Bright is proud to bring something new and exciting to the
Teacher-prepared notes show students what is important and how ideas relate, and offer a model for how students should take notes themselves (Marzano et al., 2001). These notes will help students make sense of the causes and effects of the Cold War. It will also help students understand the link bet
This package includes all the components of "Lesson 1: Introduction to the Cold War" at a reduced price! This is a great lesson to introduce the Cold War at a glance. It includes a detailed lesson plan that breaks down each section of the lesson by the minute, a PowerPoint lesson that leads the inst
10th - 12th, Higher Education
This PowerPoint explains how the Cold War started after WWII. It introduces various effects of WWII, and clearly presents why the Allies broke apart in to two competing sides at the start of the Cold War conflict. It ends with a closure activity that allows students to use a popular social media pla
This is the lecture that accompanies the document, "Lesson Plan: Introduction to the Cold War." It is a great teaching tool that provides an auditory, visual, and written method of learning for all types of student-learning! This PowerPoint lesson is styled as a lecture, perfect for preparing studen
10th - 12th, Higher Education
This worksheet accompanies two other documents in the category, "Lesson 1." It includes key terms important for students to understand before delving too deeply into the unit. It also includes a written excerpt about Igor Gouzenko, the Soviet Spy who defected to the Canadian government in 1945. This
This slideshow introduces the conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union. It shows the differences between Communism and Capitalism, explains the split in Berlin, and explains several main U.S policies.
This lesson uses Dr. Seuss's "The Butter Battle Book" to introduce students to the Cold War. The activity is a decoding exercise to use with kids after they've learned basic info about the Cold War. Fun and easy!
9th - 12th
NYS [New York State] Regents aligned for both US and Global history in studying the Introduction of the Cold War. This includes discussion on containment, Marshall Plan, Truman Doctrine and the Berlin Airlift. Students have comprehensive worksheets to step through exactly what the Regents wants th
8th - 12th
This is my introductory close read and scaffolding question assignment for my Cold War unit.The follow-up assignment is also in my store: Who Started the Cold War?Bellwork: Does the US always use military force to solve disagreements?Instructions Read the passage about the beginning of the Cold War
Cold War Beginnings SWBAT: (students will be able to) 1. Identify different ideologies of the cold war HOW: Reading and pictures 2. Examine and decide whether Yalta was a success, and the effects it had on the Potsdam conference HOW: What would you do simulation 3. Examine tensions that rose during
This is a lesson plan for an introductory lesson to The Cold War. It outlines the objectives of the lesson, activities, and assessment opportunities.
This Cold War PowerPoint examines major topics of the Cold War including the Yalta conference, the United Nations, the Potsdam Conference, the Iron Curtain and the Containment Policy. It includes a mapping activity.
Introduces students to key Cold War terms and concepts: "Cold War," "Client Wars," "Arms Race," "Containment," U.S. anti-communist shenanigans in the Third World.
Begin the study of the Cold War with this PowerPoint. NYS US History and Global Regents aligned APUSH aligned
7th - 12th
Intro to the Cold War. AIM: How are communism and capitalism different. Who were the two major world powers involved in the Cold War?This is a detailed interactive lesson with notes and discussion points.
Powerpoint presentation for introducing the Cold War.Focuses on:-world events after WWII-Potsdam Agreement-the UN-East and West Berlin-Truman Doctrine-Marshall Plan-N.A.T.O.

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