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Use these English language activities with your beginner English Language Learners or Newcomer EFL students. These ESL grammar lessons and worksheets are an engaging way for your beginner and intermediate level English Language Learners or EFL students to practice English grammar. The activities and
Noun ActivitiesIntroduce common nouns to young learners with this low prep resource for teachers, complete with everything you need to teach this skill. Full of engaging activities for students to sort, create, and find common nouns. Students will be introduced to nouns as people, places, and thin
Students will sort the noun pictures into categories (person, place or thing) and glue them under the correct category on the accompanying worksheet.
This activity pack includes activities which can be used as an introduction to possessive nouns. These activities focus on English/Language Arts Common Core Performance Standards. This packet includes: 1. Possessive nouns anchor charts. 2. “Princess Possessives” matching activity. 3. Whole group Yes
This is a lesson from my "Grammar Rocks" series. This lesson focuses on nouns. Students will learn the meaning of a noun (a word that names a person, place, or thing). The lesson first explains what a noun is and gives some examples. Students can then come up with more examples and add to the list
I created this unit for my last formal observation. I hope this resource is helpful to other teachers who want to introduce students to REGULAR PLURAL NOUNS. Prior to this lesson, students should have been introduced to Nouns.Note: for this lesson I used the children's book "MY DOG BIGSY", by Alison
Intro page - Collective Nouns Question Sheet Matching/ Fill in the Blanks Short Reading Passage - Nathan the Explorer/ with Matching Crossword Puzzle Word bank is provided for students as well as a teacher answer key. _________________________________________________ CUSTOMER TIPS! How to get TPT
This lesson is designed for the initial instruction and practice of nouns to English Learners.  It is a good resource for beginner to intermediate Newcomers in particular.  It assumes the learner has a previous knowledge of the basic subject pronouns. These notes cover what nouns are and how to make
In this E-Lesson with Audio, the students will learn what a noun is and how to recognize it. They will practice by choosing the nouns in a sentence. The students will also learn what a proper noun is and practice finding proper nouns in a sentence.
This Noun Packet is a great tool for follow up exercises to the initial noun lessons. It has been made in line with the Montessori principles, and contains the noun grammar symbol. However, it is easy to understand and simple to use, and can also be useful for traditional classrooms, or homeschool.
This is a quick, easy, and fun introduction or review to adding the 's to nouns to show possession. My students loved this fun way to add 's to nouns and had it helped them remember what a possessive noun was.
88Brains is thrilled to present to you a bright, engaging and just-plain-awesome video to introduce your students to nouns! The stunning visuals will grab your students’ attention right off the bat, and the totally rockin’ music will keep their attention. Trust us, your class will have a blast wit
GOOD DAY!This product serves as an introduction to nouns.CONTENTS:The product contains seven worksheets about common and proper nouns1. searching and coloring2. classifying3. identifying4. giving examplesPlease provide feedback. I want to learn how to be a better teacher and product maker, and your
A teaching tool to introduce your students to nouns. These slides include,1) An introduction to nouns2) Matching activity for students to group nouns into different categories3) Brainstorming activity for students to generate nounsWith these slides, you can edit the words provided or include more if
This fun power point presentation gives a clear introduction to nouns. It covers the definition of a noun, types of nouns, and the basic function of nouns. There is also a slide at the end that allows the students to review if the picture is a person, place, thing, or idea. This is a great resour
I made this presentation to review with my students what a noun is. It would also serve as an appropriate introduction to nouns. The file should be viewed as a presentation because of the animation involved. It starts with a concept attainment activity where students are shown words and asked to
Lesson is written in Direct Interactive Instruction (DII) format. There are I Do, We Do, and You Do sections so that students are gradually released to independence when they are prepared to successfully demonstrate mastery of the material. Flashcards featuring original artwork are included (16 tota
An underwater themed power point presentation that dives in to the basics of nouns. I used this in combination with a remote to advance the text.slides from anywhere in the room, but it can also be advanced using a mouse.
This Montessori product contains:A worksheet for Introduction to Noun activityUse this product as a follow up for the lesson.
This interactive slideshow is a perfect, basic and short introduction to nouns for even the youngest grades. Also includes an imbedded link to a great music video on nouns.
This packet has 7 activities to introduce or review nouns! Great for first and second graders! Included in this packet are: - Noun Poster - Noun matching card game - Noun word matching game (Challenging version) - Noun word/picture matching game (easy version) - Noun Flap Book - Circle/Write the N
Your students will LOVE learning about nouns with this PowerPoint presentation!
Power Point Presentation -Use as a quick review for different kinds of nouns (common, proper & collective) -Introduces what a possessive noun is and gives examples -Presentation gives examples of making a singular & plural noun into a possessive nouns (whether to add ' s or just an ') -5 sl
This product includes: A song to help you understand common nouns. A foldable to help you understand common nouns. Three practice pages with classifying words as a person, place, or thing. Four practice pages reading, identifying, and classifying common nouns within a sentence. Common noun bing

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