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investigating properties of matter

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investigating properties of matter

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In this INVESTIGATE science station, students read about states of matter and changes of states of matter. They change the state of coconut oil (or butter) in order to investigate this. They answer questions in order to reinforce what they have learned. The Investigate Science station is part of the
In this INVESTIGATE science station, students read a passage about the properties of matter. They then use a variety of tools to investigate different materials to identify the substances. Students then answer questions about the investigation within their science journals, on the included workshee
The storybook "Mr. Archimedes' Bath" by Pamela Allen is used to motivate students to answer Mr. Archimedes' question "Where is all this water coming from?" The investigation uses easily obtainable materials to look at the properties of solids and liquids.
This lab walks students through an investigation to determine if three things are matter (wooden block, water, and air). Students can follow the instructions to measure the mass and volume of the materials. This lab uses the scientific method layout.
3rd - 6th
The Grade 2 Properties of Liquids and Solids unit, students work on developing their understanding of the properties of materials through the investigation of familiar liquids and solids. Students will explore the different ways in which liquids and solids interact and the different ways that liqui
Are you looking for a comprehensive unit of the properties of liquids and solids and the states of matter? Do you want to keep students engaged and actively learning with hands-on activities and experiments? This is the unit for you!Grade Two Matter and Energy: Properties of Liquids and Solids**M
These Structure and Properties of Matter Science Stations for Second Grade include 8 different science stations where students deepen their understanding of the structure and function of matter. All stations help students gain an understanding of the properties and states of matter, how states of m
Interactive notebooks are perfect for engaging your students during science. These16 flip books are easy for students to assemble and add information to. They are aligned with 1st grade TEKS. We use them to record our findings as we learn about various science concepts. We use them to record our
Physical Science standards vary by state for 2nd grade. Force & Motion and Properties of Matter can cover a broad spectrum of topics. In this bundle I have included the following:• Heat, Light and Sound Energy – Uses and locations• Identifying the three common states of matter as solid, liquid
This mini unit includes 5 hands on engaging activities designed to help build a conceptual understanding of properties of matter. Teacher instructions as well as all student activity sheets are included.Activity 1: The Properties Game This first activity is a game to help develop a conceptual und
Properties of Matter for 5th Grade: Mixtures and Solutions is a complete unit on identifying materials based on their properties. Students will learn about the properties of solubility and conductivity and will plan investigations. Students will also investigate suspensions and colloids. This resour
This Physical Properties of Matter unit is jam packed with differentiated materials to teach hard concepts such as matter, physical properties (hardness, color, shape, size, phase, texture), mixtures, solutions, and dissolve.This pack is aligned with 3rd grade Virginia SOLs and contains a suggested
Intermolecular forces, IMFs, Dispersion forces, dipole-dipole, hydrogen bonding, viscosity, surface tension, solubilityThis set of 9 station activities will help your students construct explanations for "out of the classroom experiences" by using their knowledge of intermolecular forces. Students w
In this READ science station, students read about properties and states of matter. They answer questions in order to reinforce what they have learned. The Read Science station is part of the Structures and Properties of Matter Science Stations.This READ station is also available in a larger bundle o
In this WATCH science station, students watch a video in order to learn about matter or the properties of matter. They answer questions in order to reinforce what they have learned. The Watch a Video Science station is part of the Structure and Properties of Matter Science Stations for Second Grade
Matter and its properties are investigated through the use of a mystery mixture and its properties. Students must test and decide whether this mixture ( like the famous oobleck) is a solid or a liquid. Detailed instructions for the teacher, scoring rubrics and teacher back ground is included as wel
Looking for a way to quickly review physical properties of matter? These interactive, self-guided stations, available digitally or printed, allow students to practice what they know and gain confidence on this challenging content. If you prefer, each station could also serve as a stand-alone activi
4th - 6th
In this MODEL science station, students read about how small pieces can be put together differently to make different things. They make a model of this by rearranging paper shapes to make a new figure. They answer questions in order to reinforce what they have learned. The Model Science station is p
Oobleck and slime activities with complete instructions, tips, and science explanation aligned to Ohio State Science standards. * Your students will do these activities at home. One year, several of mine used their mom's entire stock of cornstarch (set aside for gravy) to make Oobleck. * Object
This unit on Properties and Structures in Matter meets the requirements of the Saskatchewan Grade 5 Science outcomes and indicators. There are three units included, one for each of the following outcomes:MC5.1: Investigate the characteristics and physical properties of materials in solid, liquid, a
These Properties of Matter Next Generation Science Stations include eight different science stations where students deepen their understanding of the properties of matter, including making observations and measurements to identify materials based on properties. The focus is on 5-PS1-3.Properties of
In this INVESTIGATE science station, students investigate the states of matter of an egg and determine if the changes are reversible or irreversible. They then answer questions in order to reinforce what they have learned. The Investigate Science station is part of the Reversible and Irreversible C
Excite students by investigating chemiluminescence and the speed of a chemical reaction by using glowsticks. This experiment uses simple supplies, includes detailed directions to guide the teacher and students, and creates a memorable experience. NGSS Aligned, fun, and perfect for Halloween.Digital
Chemistry States of Matter Guided Inquiry Lesson This is a student-centered, active learning lesson without lecture or notetaking! You might also like these related lessons!Chemistry Changes and Properties of Matter Chemistry Classification of Matter Chemistry Matter Bundle (Contains all three matt

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