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ionic bonding practice

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Chemical Bonding Reactions Practice ProblemsLevel 1 and Level 2 for High School Physical Science and/or ChemistryThis product includes two different worksheets for your chemistry or physical science students. I use ā€œBonding Reactions Practice Problemsā€ when teaching Chemical Bonding to my chemistry
This chemistry homework page is perfect for students to practice identifying the type of bond that would form between two atoms. For each pair of electrons, students identify the electronegativity of each, the electronegativity difference, and what type of bond would form. This is great for beginn
This practice worksheet includes 19 element electron calculations and 24 ionic bonding practice problems. Students will draw Lewis dot diagrams, write the formula and name each of the 24 bonding problems. Are you looking for a ready-made lessons on bonding? I've got you covered! Covalent Bonding
6th - 9th
This is a worksheet that I created to use with my 10th grade physical science students. This worksheet is two pages and asks students to create ionic compounds using the criss cross method. This would also be appropriate for high school chemistry students.
9th - 12th
Use this resource for students to practice identifying and modeling ionic and covalent bonds using Google Slides.Easily assign on Google Classroom for a paperless activity to review.
6th - 12th
This worksheet has the students figure out the number of protons, electrons, valence electrons, and charge of ion that will be formed by that element. The worksheet then pairs a metal with a nonmetal to determine the chemical formula that the two ions will form in an ionic bond.
7th - 12th, Higher Education
Online or In-Person Friendly.Graphic Organizer: 20 Practice problems for students to practice naming chemical bonds as ionic or covalent. In this worksheet, students are asked to identify each element in a compound as either metal or nonmetal and then describe the type of bond between them.
Use this simple 30 problem practice worksheeet to help students learn how to write formulas for and name Ionic Compounds. Teacher answe key is provided! Use this simple reviw alone or with the Chemistry Unit 7: Lesson Plan: Formation and Nature of Ionic Compounds!Teacher answer key is provided!
4th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Staff
This product includes 2 google slide documents.Interactive notes that cover how ionic bonds are formed. Student have the opportunity to use "drag and drop" checks for understanding to build ionic compounds. Interactive independent practice related to the notes
In this Google Slides resource students practice showing how atoms bond ionically using arrows and electrons directly on the google slides. The bonds are shown by using different color electrons for each atom to make the compounds. - 1 example bond and 6 practice bonds for students to manipulate on
8th - 11th
This is a mini assignment that is perfect for a class warmup to review ionic charges and ionic bonding. This would also make a great quiz. Students will review the predicted ionic charges, then will do a brief 9-part criss-cross ionic bonding chart to practice predicted ionic bonds. There are two
This is a worksheet for students to review ions and the formation of ionic bonds. Formats include word, pdf and fillable google slides.Each part is 1 page(pdf/word) or 2-3 slides (google slides):Part 1-Ions: Students answer questions about ions and predict daughter ions of main group elements. Par
With a blank periodic table, have your students label the groups with their common ionic charges. Students can identify the given elements' charges, determine what their compound's formula would be, and determine the chemical name. Following this in-class activity is an exit ticket for you to measur
7th - 10th
Diagram chemical compounds depicting ionic and covalent bonding. 15 fill in the blank questions on bondingPractice writing formulas and names for ionic and covalent compounds. This is a good review before testing. Answer key included.Students will need a periodic table, polyatomic ion chart, and a c
This 2-page worksheet walks students through the movement of electrons within ionic bonds of simple ionic compounds. This guides students through the process of creating these lewis dot structures.
7th - 12th
This three page sheet provides a resource that can be used either in person or in virtual learning environments. This 3 page consists of notes, guided practice, and a chance for independent practice, too. The sheets include a couple of embedded links to resources that can help virtual learners compl
9th - 12th, Higher Education
This is an interactive game that gives students a lot of practice writing and naming ionic compounds! Each student receives an ion card. They must find another student that has an ion they can bond with (anions must find cations!). Students record which ion they are swapping with and what compound
9th - 12th
This easily-adaptable Student Note Packet covers all introductory information on protons, neutrons, electrons as well as simple ionic bonding. Scaffold ELA-vocabulary development and provide instructions to the online simulation. The aligned PowerPoint provides clear and colorful images covering Ato
Students occasionally have difficulty understanding how positive and negative ions join together to form neutral compounds. This is especially true when polyatomic ions are involved. With this activity, students determine how ions in an ā€œion soupā€ can be bonded together to form neutral compounds.
8th - 10th
In my Physical Science course, I have had trouble finding resources with a level of difficulty in between that of middle school science and high school Chemistry. This worksheet allows students to practice identifying the ions formed by group 1 and 2 metals and the nonmetals. From there, they draw e
8th - 11th
I use these leveled practice worksheets by posting the answer keys in stations around the room. Students start at the easiest level, check their answers when finished, then move on to the next level. The fourth level is an extension, introducing more advanced concepts to students who move quickly th
6th - 12th, Adult Education
This is additional practice from Ionic Bonding 1. There is a bundle of 3 for sale at a discount which gives more practice with increasing difficulty.
Learning to write the formula of ionic bonds just takes some practice. These grids will facilitate that practice. The first page includes normal ions while page two introduces polyatomic ions.
8th - 12th, Higher Education
This worksheet is helpful for allowing students to practice modeling ionic bonds after learning about them for the first time. We use the Lewis dot structure to help them visualize what is happening to the valence electrons.
7th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education

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