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You will love using math stations!They provide an EASY day for you, and a FUN activity for your students.Try having students rotate around the room, increasing their fluency of the CCSS 8.NS.A.1 and 8.NS.A.2 standards. Get them ready for that quiz or test on irrational and rational numbers!TOPICS:A
This notes/worksheet helps explain the difference between a rational and irrational number giving examples of each as well as examples of Integers and Whole Numbers. The second page explains how to convert repeating decimals into rational fractions and allows for practice of that conversion at the e
Irrational and Rational Boxes and Dots Activity DOTs Irrational and Rational cooperative activity includes:*THREE versions of dots game sheets 1-Irrational or Rational2-Between which two consecutive whole number is square number between3-Square root is closest to which integer*Student score sheet*An
This PrBL activity incorporates identifying and classifying irrational and rational numbers, comparing and ordering irrational and rational numbers, approximating irrational and rational numbers, and area and perimeters of squares. Students will use Google Slides to complete a guided, real-world, pr
Print, Cut, Go!Fall is in the air and it’s time to sort some rational and irrational number apples! In this activity, students place numbers on a rational and irrational numbers on the appropriate sorting mat. This can be set up as a station or small group activity. You can either print the answer k
This scavenger hunt can be used either digitally or in the classroom. Problems on the scavenger hunt cards challenge students to compare, simplify, round, and place irrational and rational numbers on a number line. This is a great activity to assess students' number sense of rational and irrational
Teach your students how to approximate the value of an irrational numbers, including π and square roots. Your students will also locate rational numbers such as positive and negative fractions, mix fraction and whole numbers on a number line. This activity includes:Interactive Journal Notes 16 Probl
This activity requires students to classify numbers from the categories rational, irrational, integer, and whole numbers. Students also have to estimate the square root of non-perfect squares to the nearest integer and tenth. Finally, students have to apply the Pythagorean theorem to a word problem
This lesson provides students a chance to explore rational and irrational numbers and understand their differences. The blanks have been filled in for you in red and you can leave them blank or fill them in for your students. This lesson also gives students the chance to approximate the square root
This is a fun group review on rational and irrational numbers that involves food-- so students love it!
This Rational Numbers Card Sort activity is a set of 32 numbers that can be sorted into the categories of Rational, Integer, or Whole Number. This hands-on activity will strengthen your students’ skills in classifying Rational Numbers.For an 8th Grade/High School version that includes irrational n
This is a fun way to get students to practice Classifying Rational Numbers. In it, kids get to color the boxes to find a Jack'O'Lantern. The skill is meant to be for 6th grade, but there is also an alternate CBN that includes Irrational Numbers good for 7th and 8th graders. It also includes a table
The mazes are designed to help reinforce the understanding of the types of real numbers. Many of the problems requires students to reduce the problems before determining if the numbers are rational, irrational, integers, whole or natural numbers. There are 7 puzzles: ➸ 2 Rational Numbers (1 – ful
Looking to spice up your math time? This product includes 3 center activities that help students master number relationships by classifying between whole numbers, integers, and rational numbers, ordering rational numbers on a number line, and comparing rational numbers. This download includes 32
This is a foldable for Rational Numbers in the form of a Venn Diagram. It is a great visual resource for students. It contains a section and space to take notes for the set of Rational Numbers and the subsets, Integers, Whole Numbers and Natural Counting Numbers. It also includes a visual representa
This product focuses on practicing the mathematical skill of TEK 8.2(D) order a set of real numbers arising from mathematical and real-world contexts. There are 60 numbers included; 12 on each page. Each page has a different type of real number: • Irrational (pi and square roots) • negatives • d
Need practice sorting rational vs irrational problems? A fun and interactive activity for all students is here! Have students cut out all the problems and then glue them under the appropriate category; rational or irrational. This activity can be done individually or with partners. Included *34 Pr
This foldable is a hands on alternative approach to the traditional Venn Diagram model of teaching the different types of numbers (Rational, Irrational, Integers, Whole, and Natural/Counting). How it Works Once assembled the only two categories that can be seen are Rational and Irrational. The I
Classifying Rational Numbers (also known as Classifying in The Real Number System) shows students that our number system is built of sets and subsets of numbers that build upon each other. The Classifying Rational Numbers Flippable (foldable) takes the guess work out of teaching the subsets of ratio
This packet walks students through how to convert repeating decimals into fractions. Answer keys are provided for each of the 2 worksheets - 1 Guided Practice with scaffolding and 2 Practices (1 of which has a completed example). Students can work in groups, independently, as a station, or it can b
This NO PREP resource can be used to assess your students understanding on Rational Numbers and Real Numbers. Included you will find a Google Slides Assessment and printable. This resource can be used with a Google Classroom, distance learning and homeschooling.Students are asked to explain their th
Students convert between fractions and decimals to gain a deeper understanding of rational numbers. Students use long division to convert rational numbers into decimals. Working the division out by hand will help students understand terminating and repeating decimals. Many students are too trusti
Need a quick check to see how your students are doing with rational number comparisons? These word problems are fun and will give you feedback on your student's progress in this area. Please note that this is only 5 problems - the preview is exactly the product that you receive. ------------------
Great for introduction to rational & irrational numbers or as a refresher. Students fill in the guided notes and answer basic questions to aid in understanding. Answer key included. Thank you in advance for leaving feedback! It is greatly appreciated! :) Like these doodle notes? Check out my Ang

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