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This file includes everything you need to create an interactive flip book with Spanish present tense irregular verbs. This can be a stand alone flip book, or it could be added to an interactive notebook. It can be used to introduce or review some common irregular verbs along with the stem-changing v
Need a way for your students to keep their irregular verbs organized? This flapbook is a great way for them to record and create a reference section. 15 common irregular verbs are included, with blank pages to add more if desired. You can either add all the verbs at once, or make the flapbook and ad
This file includes everything you need to create an interactive flip book with Spanish present tense verbs which are irregular in their yo forms. This can be a stand alone flip book, or it could be added to an interactive notebook. It can be used to introduce or review some common verbs in this cate
This 2 page chart includes 23 common Spanish irregular verbs conjugated in the simple present tense. Examples are estar, ser, tener, dar, saber, conocer, ver, oir, decir, salir, poner, hacer venir, traer and caer. Also included are additional notes about stem changes for certain verbs like poder a
Are you looking for an easy, low-prep way to learn or review the conjugations of present tense irregular verbs? This brand new activity combines reading and coloring to produce a fun way for your students to learn or review present tense irregular verbs. This sheet is great for last-minute sub pla
This presentation contains 39 slides with 19 different verbs. There is a title page and then 2 slides per verb. The first slide contains the infinitive in English with corresponding clipart, and the Spanish infinitive and yo form which come out on mouse click. The second slide contains the Englis
This is a document with 4 similar quizzes that have different answer keys. Each quiz has 10 multiple choice fill-in-the-blank sentences with regular and irregular verbs mixed together. Students have to choose the correct form of haber with the correct participle. The quizzes are designed to be tr
Do your homeschool or classroom students struggle with Spanish present tense irregular verbs? Are they unable to use verbs in a sentence without conjugating the whole thing in their heads? Do they misspell words and misuse common grammar on their quizzes? These 15 present tense irregular verbs tr
Great for Spanish distance learning! Are you looking for more Google Classroom resources to use in your Spanish classes or just looking to engage and motivate learners by infusing technology? This file includes everything you need to create a DIGITAL interactive flip book on the topic of the Spanish
Spanish present tense, spanish class activities, el presente indicativo, present indicative, spanish practice, spanish class gamesSpanish -AR, -ER, -IR, and Irregular YO verbs: Word Race ActivityPresent tense conjugation activityTotal of 32 slides to review the conjugations of regular and irregular
EDITABLE so that you can customize the assignment for your students' needs (delete verbs you don't include in your instruction, split the assignment into smaller assignments, etc.). Personally, I use this assignment as a weekly assignment where students do a little bit each day. ANSWER KEY included
Reinforce the irregular ‘yo’ present tense verbs with this FUN Spanish Mad Lib type activity. Super comprehensible input, about a loyal robot! Students list the 15 words, according to the descriptions, transfer the words to the two-page story, and read it aloud. A captivating small group activi
This is a document with 15 fill-in-the-blank sentences and 5 translation sentences. The fill-in-the-blanks have both regular -AR, -ER, -IR and irregular verbs mixed together. An answer key is included. The zip file includes both an editable Word doc and a PDF.This homework is included in my Spani
This product is ideal for a Spanish 1 or 2 class when introducing the concept of present tense verbs with irregular “yo” forms. Specifically, this activity works with the verbs poner, salir, traer, venir, decir, dar.This activity is entirely student-centered and requires students to use critical-thi
Get your students speaking, listening and practicing Spanish present tense irregular verb meanings and conjugations. This set includes 2 sets of 36 cards each and instructions for playing Yo tengo...¿Quién tiene...? To prepare cards, just print (use cardstock if possible), cut apart and laminate to
IRREGULAR YO Verbs - Questions and Conjugation Chart for Spanish Class!No Prep - Just PROJECT! This straightforward question and answer format aims to get our Spanish language students talking and communicating in the target language with basic questions and sound COMPREHENSIBLE INPUT in that the q
This zip file includes everything you need to teach a lesson on irregular verbs in the present perfect tense. This lesson includes:-a drill-a powerpoint-a notes page for students to follow along with the powerpoint-a classwork with 4 writing activities-a scavenger hunt activity-an exit ticket-a les
This worksheet features 16 fill in the blank exercises in the present tense. ALL the verbs are irregular in some way: first-person irregular (conozco), stem-change (mueren/sirve) or totally irregular (es/tiene). Level: Spanish 1Includes answer key.Editable Word file.
This 92 page EDITABLE Spanish Irregular Verbs Present Tense Unit is an excellent resource to thoroughly teach and reinforce Go Verbs conjugations, irregular verbs - ir, dar, estar, ser, hacer, decir, tener, poner, caer, traer, ver conjugations, subject pronouns, and agreement of subjects with verbs
This 7-page file includes:~24 task cards focused on conjugating irregular present and/or preterite verb forms (6 pages x 4 cards per sheet)~Recording sheetAll 24 task cards are written so they may be used in the present or past tense for double duty !Examples:Yo _____ el libro a mi padre. (dar)Ella
Are you looking for a quick, fun way to get your students practicing the conjugations of irregular verbs in the present tense Spanish? This fun, low-prep dice activity is a great way to practice verb conjugations and sentence writing! You can specify the tense, so this could be used at all levels!
Spanish conjugation game for common irregular present tense verbs. This game can be used to get students up and moving, or it can be adjusted for a more relaxed class period. Perfect for Spanish 1 or review in Spanish 2! Instructions included as well as written extension activity and answer key.Span
This is an 11 page compilation of handouts and worksheets.It is a great resource for your students to practice the verbs IR, DAR and ESTAR in the present tense! Worksheets can be used as guided practice or they can also be a great review for any level. Included here are:Verb chart – regular verbs
This Spanish verbs REVIEW worksheet includes 2 parts:A. Matching section for irregular verbs vocabularyB. Short writing section where students need to fill in the conjugated form of the verb to complete the sentence in the present tenseThe purpose of this worksheet is for students to recognize irreg

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