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Irregular Preterite Spanish Baseball Game
Practice irregular preterite verbs and -ir spelling change preterite verbs while having fun with this preterite baseball game! The game has 160 question cards with answers, plus a printable baseball diamond board game full of baseball terminology in Spanish and game pieces! There are 104 question

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¿Qué pasó ayer? Information Gap Exercise Packet, Irregular Preterit in Spanish
This Information Gap Exercise Packet reinforces listening and reading comprehension, vocabulary, question-formation and the irregular preterit and helps teach the difference between the preterit and the imperfect. It gives Second Language Learners of Spanish an opportunity to do a complex task, but

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Irregular Preterite - Spanish Rap-like Musical Chant with exercises and MP3
To hear samples of this and other songs, click below. Spanish Rap-like Musical Chants Sound Bite Sampler La Novia Presumida - Teaches or reinforces the irregular preterite to your students using this very catchy chant, “La novia presumida.” This chant/rap comes from the wildly popular Cantos, Rit

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Seis Game Regular and Irregular Preterite Spanish
This ia a fast-paced game used to review the preterite. The students have fun, and they don't even realize they're learning. For this game, students will be in pairs or groups of 3 or 4. Each group will have one die and one writing utensil. The object of the game is to be the first to finish the g

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Irregular Preterite Spanish Verbs Quiz
I included 2 quizzes (18 and 19 questions) assessing the irregular preterite in Spanish. Use them as quizzes or practice.

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Irregular Preterite SPANISH  Try and Try Again
TRY AND TRY AGAIN is a student-controlled oral quiz. Students give their partners questions and correct them. Students get one, two, three chances to complete the quiz. A fun and interdependent way not only to quiz, but to learn from each other. They might think it's a valid quiz (and it could be!)

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Irregular Preterite Spanish BINGO
No prep! Contains 30 different game cards with 30 irregular preterite verbs written in English. Teacher says the word in Spanish and students find the translation in English on their gameboard. Includes complete term list and answer key. A great way to practice grammar and reinforce pronunciation.

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Irregular Preterite Spanish Task Cards: Pretérito: (Leyó, Repitió, Puso, Quiso)
This 10-page file includes:~24 task cards on IRREGULAR Preterite Forms (6 pages x 4 cards per sheet)~1 extra page for your own ideas~Recording sheet~Answer key.Level: Spanish 2Students must complete the sentence with the correct form of estar and the correct form of the verb given in brackets.Includ

Also included in: Irregular Preterite Bundle: 5 Worksheets + Task Cards @35% off! (Pretérito)


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Irregular Preterite Spanish Writing Assessmnet
Students write about their spring or winter break using the pretrerite tense in Spanish. The prompt is set up to focus on the irregular forms, but all preterite verbs are usable.

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Irregular Preterite Spanish Verb Notes
Fill-in-the-blank notes for 5 Irregular Spanish Verbs - IR, SER, HACER, DAR & VER. Students learn these 5 together to remember they do not have accents in the preterite form! You can use this to make an overhead transparency if you choose (that's what I do) and I fill it in as the students copy

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irregular preterite Spanish spoons game
This game helps students memorize irregular preterite verb forms.print on cardstockput 2 of each card in a deckplay in groups of 3-4each person gets 4 cardspass the 5th card...decide if you want to keep it or notgoal: get 3 of a verb....ex: traer---trajo---to bringYou can't get: trajo--trajo---tr

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Practice Irregular Preterite: Spanish
Students can practice writing in the irregular preterite tense in Spanish, along with refreshing their knowledge on the present tense and 'ir + a + infinitive by filling in this chart with actions that they did yesterday (ayer), are doing now (ahora), and will do tomorrow (mañana). It includes some

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Totally irregular preterite tense verbs in Spanish #SOMOS2
Teach your students the irregular stems and endings for tener, estar, decir, caber, hacer, andar, traer, saber, poner, poder, querer, and venir. This bundle includes -2-page guided notes -an English-Spanish translation activity -a contextualized conjugation activity -A Spanish-language reading tha

Also included in: Grammar In Context BUNDLE: Guided notes + Readings in Spanish


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SOMOS Spanish 2 Unit 6: El secreto (irregular preterite verbs in Spanish)
Expose your students to irregular preterite verbs in context with seven days' worth of comprehension-based lessons! In particular, these materials work with the phrases no pudo, trajo, and supo la verdad.These plans feature:instructions for introducing vocabularya discussion-based gamea song activit

Also included in: SOMOS Spanish 2 Units 6-15 BUNDLE


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Practicing the Preterit in Spanish PACKET of activities!
Help your students PRACTICE what they are learning about the PRETERIT TENSE with these NINE activities!Give your students plenty of opportunities to practice the Preterite Tense! Included in this packet you will find activities to help your students LEARN, PRACTICE & PRODUCE! Enjoy!(Click on th

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Spanish Speaking Activity Irregular Preterite 2; Find Someone Who
Students will have fun moving about the classroom speaking,and listening in the Spanish language! This speaking activity helps students practice asking and answering questions using verbs with irregular preterite forms. Verbs include saber, estar, tener, poder and poner In this "find someone who"

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"Mi Tesoro" & Irregular Preterite Tense Verbs
This activity goes along with the song "Mi Tesoro" by Jesse & Joy which is readily available on YouTube and iTunes. They will listen to the song and/or watch the video multiple times. Once they are familiar with the song they will engage in several different activities where they are asked to a

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Spanish Irregular Preterite Verb Activites - Magic Squares
This is a fun way for students to practice or review the irregular preterite in Spanish. The activity is magic squares. There are 16 squares in each grid and each contains a conjugated form of a verb in the preterite in Spanish. Next to the grid are 16 subject/infinitive verb pairs. The student writ

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Spanish Irregular Preterite PowerPoint Distance Learning
94-slide on th Spanish Irregular Preterite PowerPoint which includes expressions used with the preterite tense, accents, preterite tense endings and conjugations, el pretérito used in context, visuals, comparison of preterite vs. imperfect, practices, bell work, homework and digital versions for dis

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Spanish Sentence Writing Activity : Regular and Irregular Preterit
This is a great activity to get students writing sentences with correct verb forms that move them towards more complex sentences. In addition, students need to demonstrate that they know what the verbs mean as well as the correct form of the verb in order to complete each activity. Begin each acti

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Irregular Preterite TPR Story PowerPoint in Spanish Distance Learning
This Irregular Preterite TPR Story PowerPoint is about a teacher who loves Snickers. Even though she does everything she can to hide her extra-large Snickers from her students they keep finding it and eating it. Finally, she manages to keep it for herself but then has a bigger problem. Digital ve

Also included in: Spanish Illustrated TPR Story PowerPoints and Comprehensible Input Bundle


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Irregular Preterite Magic Square. This a magic square for the verbs DAR, DECIR, ESTAR, HACER, IR/SER, TENER, and VER. Great practice for the students and they love these! The magic square is a 5x5 square. Each column and each row must add up to 65. Please feel free to email me at mom2jandree@gm

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Interactive Spanish Irregular Preterite Activity (Powerpoint)
This is an engaging class activity to review and reinforce the forms of the Irregular Preterite in Spanish. The teacher divides the class into teams (ABCD). Teams choose a square and say the number of the square in French and either say or write the correct verb form. The teacher clicks the square (

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Resources for Spanish teachers (irregular preterite game)
Resources for Spanish teachers (irregular preterite game) Sherie Gentilli Quinn I created these cards to introduce the irregular preterite unit. The cards are based on the game Uno, but use verbs and subjects instead of colors and numbers! For example, if I play "yo estuve" the next player can

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