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I use this worksheet during my chemistry unit in Integrated Science. It is not meant to be a deep study of ions or isotopes per se, but just a way of showing students that atoms should have a certain number of electrons, protons and neutrons. If not, they are not neutral in charge. This and all my
No prep complete lesson to teach students how the number of protons, neutrons and electrons in an atom are calculated along with what isotopes are and how the relative atomic mass of isotopes is determined.Includes interactive PPT with 3 page worksheet teaching students atomic number, atomic mass, i
7-page worksheet with comprehensive online lesson.View worksheet: Atomic Number, Mass Number and IsotopesView online lesson: Atomic Number, Mass Number and IsotopesThis product is included in the Year 9 Chemistry Workbook (Australian Curriculum).Covers:Atomic numberMass numberIsotopesIncludes:Unit o
A 3-page reading and review worksheet that provides a summary of the isotopes, average atomic mass, % abundance, and weighted averages through a 1-page reading exercise and a 1-page review worksheet.I use this product to review concepts found in Section 3 of my Atoms and the Periodic Table PPT prese
In this practice worksheet students will demonstrate understanding of isotopes and ions. This should be used after the PhET simulation (or similar investigation) on isotope and ions.Materials needed:none.Please do not upload these to the internet, as students will find them and harm their learning
This worksheet provides 18 examples for students to determine the protons, electrons, neutrons, atomic #, mass #, hyphenated name, and isotope symbols for various atoms and ions. A complete answer key is provided at the end. This worksheet can be used in any Chemistry class, regardless of the stud
All the topics you would expect in a worksheet that covers Isotope Notation, but this worksheet changes every time you press F9. Great for creating worksheets for independent work, or quiz make-ups or even a test. Isotope notation consists of mass number, atomic number and ion charge. Reinforce a
Teach your students about the isotopes using this detailed worksheet! Perfect for any chemistry or physical science classroom.This worksheet includes 4 pages of review and questions for students to complete, covering a range of topics such as:- Atomic structure of isotopes- How isotopes of the same
Bohr Models of Isotopes Practice Worksheet Packet -- 3 Versions of 3 Practice Worksheets -- Differentiated Skill Levels ideal for your students -- Can be used for Scaffolded Lessons Beginner Bohr Models of Isotopes Practice: -- Worksheets 1A, 1B, & 1C -- 6 Exercises per worksheet
This free chemistry worksheet is designed to help students show their understanding of isotopes. Each question has a pair of atoms and students decide whether each pair are atoms of different elements or different isotopes of the same element. Then, students write the chemical symbol below each of
Practice makes perfect & this is the perfect short & sweet practice for your students! This Discovery Doodles Worksheet can be used reinforce concepts of the differences between atoms before moving on to tougher topics. The worksheet is organized in a way that will truly test your students
Help your students solidify their understanding of Chemistry concepts with this revision worksheet bundle (see breakdown below). Underpinned by Explicit Instruction pedagogy, this revision pack assists students in developing their mastery of critical content surrounding atoms, elements, the periodic
Great tool to help students practice and apply their knowledge of the periodic table and isotopes. This worksheet is not overly high level, so it can work for middle school through early high school - whenever you want to introduce the topic.
~Essential Skills Worksheet #10~ Organize sets of work with questions related to:Structure of an Atom, Subatomic Particles, Electrons, Protons, Neutrons, Nucleons, Atomic number, Atomic Mass Calculations.With this worksheet you can test, assess and strengthen your chemistry students’ knowledge and a
This is a interactive way to introduce the topic isotope. It includes an opener, interactive notes, and worksheet. They all come with answers key. It is editable!. Here are some topics covered: Isotope definition Isotope notation and symbol Compare and contrast isotope Atomic mass Atomic number
Isotopes and Elements Reading PassageIncluded in the resource:A reading passageA student question sheetAn answer keyReading Passage:Included is an informative, introductory passage. The passage has key information around the subject and explains key concepts.Question Sheet:Tiered as recall, explai
Teacher Notes:This worksheet serves as formative assessment and practice after introducing isotopes.This handout can also be uploaded on Google Classroom as a google doc for each student.It can also serve as:Differentiation opportunities:· Individual work: a) advanced students: the red lined portion
Students work with ions, isotopes, and atoms. Students use the periodic table and information on the worksheet to determine the number of protons, neutrons, and electrons for each one. They also must determine if the atom is an ion, isotope, or neutral atom. Optional hands-on component included
The answer key to the worksheet is also included.
Exciting and engaging worksheets to enhance student understanding and confident. Tons of organized short and multiple choice question sets to practice in class or assign for homework. This product and many of my chemistry products follow New York State Chemistry Regents standards, but are perfect fo
Easy and fun worksheet that can be given in class or homework as an introductory assignment or informal review/assessment. 1. Students read the Term and Definition2. Students design their own T-shirt3. Students paraphrase the definition4. Students use the Term in (2) Sentences5. Students explain th
Students first complete a Lab that helps them understand the concept of Isotopes by using samples of different size candies. The Lab paper has notes for the teacher on how to set this up. After the Lab, students practice calculating with Isotopes. Students will need a Periodic Table to complete t
Students are given the term and the definition1. Paraphrase or write the definition in their own words2. Use the term in 2 sentences3. Illustrate the term4. (Optional Page 2) What have you Learned about the Term Summary* great fro homework or classwork
This K-W-L-S worksheet can be used with articles, videos or as a small research/ Web quest online. Students are asked to:1. Write what they know2. Write what they want to know3. Write what they learned4. Write what they still want to know5. Summarize the subject

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