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200 Most Commonly Misspelled and Misused Words List by Pam D'Alessandro This is an accepted list of 200 of the most commonly misspelled and misused words. I have my upper elementary students glue this list in their Spelling Journals. They have to look up the words in the dictionary, try and find an
Grammar Banners: Homophones! Use these decorative banners to display homophones and commonly misused words in your classroom while writing, before tests, or all year long. These full-page bunting shaped banner / poster sheets are great for those small but useful spaces above windows or bulletin boar
Homophones: Commonly Misused Vocabulary Words - A 69 page homophones download! This includes six short vocabulary lists that cover 32 of the of the most commonly misused words our students struggle with. Have your students ever written a sentence like this? “Its all you’re fault!” Or maybe this on
This presentation Lesson Plan has 17 slides on the following topics: Drug Use, Misuse, and Abuse, Why do Drugs Work?, Types of Drugs, Taking Drugs, Misusing and Abusing Drugs, Addiction, Cocaine, Amphetamines, Marijuana, Opiates / Narcotics, Hallucinogens, Dissociative drugs, Designer Drugs, Inhala
With this resource, students learn how to correct commonly misused words and phrases.Students sometimes hear others use words or phrases that are unfamiliar to them but are appropriate for the situation, and later they use those same words or phrases in their work.A problem often occurs, however, if
70 single-page, 8-1/2"x11" posters of Homophones and Commonly Misspelled/Misused Words. So easy to print, laminate, and post on the walls to help students decipher the differences between all these similar words. Sometimes English spelling and vocabulary can be so difficult to learn, but these are
This worksheet reviews many commonly misused words. It is geared towards freshman or junior students (grades 9-11) and is a great diagnositc for both students and teachers. I always use this the first week of school and remind students to refer to it throughout the semester. Also included is the a
Drugs: Use, Misuse, and Abuse is a complete health unit designed for middle years students. It will teach them the science behind drugs and why some are beneficial while others are not. Students will learn the different categories of drugs, why it’s important to follow the doctor’s instructions, the
This 12 page packet is designed to help students in grades 3 through 6 identify and master some of the most frequently confused, misspelled, and misused words in the English language: lose - loose then - than accept - except it's - its your - you're effect - affect there - their - they're past - pa
**Misspelled and Misused Words Matchup Posters**Are your students constantly misspelling or misusing common words in their writing? It is frustrating for most teachers, and I think I have solved your problem and frustration! *In this product, you will receive 24 vibrant, neon posters (in ten differe
This 5 page notes outline Lesson Plan has blanks for student to fill in as the students watch the "Drug Use, Misuse and Abuse PowerPoint Presentation" and as the teacher covers the following topics: Drug Use, Misuse, and Abuse, Why do Drugs Work?, Types of Drugs, Taking Drugs, Misusing and Abusing
The misuse of the possessive apostrophe is on almost every list of the most common errors in writing. This lesson has instruction on how to avoid the misuse of the possessive apostrophe. It gives examples of the greengrocer's apostrophe, a common error that can be found every day in markets and sto
This interactive PowerPoint can be used to help students review homophones that are commonly misused. The following homophone sets are reviewed: your & you're to, two, & two their, they're, there its & it's then & than All of my products are free within the first 24 hours of posting
This Homework assignment has one page of critical thinking questions on the topic of Drug use, misuse, and abuse. A free product preview of the entire homework assignment is available below. A PowerPoint Presentation and Notes Outline on this topic can be purchased separately. Drug Use Misuse an
Commonly Misused Words Game A fun way to help students learn about commonly misused words that can puzzle all of us at times. See below for a complete word list. 30 sentence cards, definitions/tips/tricks sheet, instruction/title cards, answer key, and a game board Words covered in this game: 1.
This is a lesson plan, teacher key, student worksheet and smart-board or projector game. It covers the commonly misused words (to, too, two, there, their, they're).
Master commonly confused words with the skill of a ninja! 3 different games choices are included, with instructions for each. This unit covers 24 commonly misused words. Activities include: *Basic task cards to use at any literacy center or small group. *Matching game: math the word with the s
This packet contains a list of commonly misused verbs and their exact meanings, complete with examples and a practice worksheet.
Here's your very own class "Cementerio" to deter students from misusing those same expressions (i.e. tener divertido, un otro, una día) that we hear over and over again! This document includes 20 slides that you can print out and display along with directions on how to implement the "Cementerio" in
This Smartboard Notebook presentation Lesson Plan has 17 slides on the following topics: Drug Use, Misuse, and Abuse, Why do Drugs Work?, Types of Drugs, Taking Drugs, Misusing and Abusing Drugs, Addiction, Cocaine, Amphetamines, Marijuana, Opiates / Narcotics, Hallucinogens, Dissociative drugs, De
This bundle of worksheets is meant to be used as practice for students who are learning how to properly use commas, semicolons, and a selection of commonly misused words (including there/they're/their, affect/effect, it's/its, and others). I have found that repetitive practice is the only way to get
Handout for parents, teachers, family, and friends. Information on the onset symptoms and outcomes from vocal misuse and abuse. Great information for students or teachers who are straining their voices and what to do about it.
Two challenging sheets for middle-school ELA practice. Sheet 1: Grammar Challenge: Students read a 350-word narrative and find the 25 grammatical errors within. They circle the errors, then write the correct word.Sheet 2: Frequently Misused Words: 18 sentencesDirections: Choose the word that correc
This includes 8 questions on mean, median, mode and range with the answers. Also included are sampling questions and misuse of Central Tendency. This can be used as notes or an assignment.

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