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This is a 2-day simulation activity that involves students planning their costs as settlers from Virginia Company in Jamestown. Students will budget their costs, make choices for their crops as well as animals, find out their yearly income based on circumstances that are revealed to them, invest the
What was it like to live during the creation of the original colonies in the United States?This Early Original Colony Challenge allows students to work in small groups for approx. 5-7 minutes each day to meet and make decisions as a colony, and the goal is to have the greatest population, happiness,
This activity includes steps for teachers and student directions for a short, simplified simulation of a joint stock company. If you want an engaging way for students to understand the investment and return process of a joint stock company, this resource is for you! Simulation covers: joint stock co
This is a pair-pack of our popular Jamestown Simulation and The New World Movie Guide. These resources pair well together for students learning about the Jamestown settlement. In the Jamestown activity, students engage in a 2-day simulation that involves students planning their costs as settlers fro
This is a handout I designed to help students make connections between their decisions and historical realities. This simulation is also really good for helping students understand the trials that were faced by the early colonists.
Here's another great freebie to add to your Jamestown unit! I don't usually have the time or right timing to use the computer lab to allow students to participate in this online simulation of Jamestown. I count this activity as a homework grade. All they have to do to get credit is print the sum
This Jamestown activity is meant to provide students with the perspective of the colonists. I want them to dig into the planning and risk taking it took to settle a new land. This will be a two day activity. Day 1: Class discussion that provides students with a brief background about Europe. You can
Bring the settlement of Jamestown, John Smith and Pocahontas to life with this whole class reader’s theater based on 4th grade Ohio Social Studies standards! Students will gain a deeper understanding of the events, people, places, and effects of this important piece of our country’s history in an en
Jamestown Colony and the New World Primary Source Play With Worksheet This fantastic, amusing worksheet includes a short scene from a play called "Eastward Hoe" that was performed in England in 1604. In the scene, a captain tells them all sorts of outlandish lies to entice two men to move to Virgin
Your students will enjoy this online simulation activity to see if they can make the Jamestown settlement a success for King James I. This activity includes a four-page (25 question) web quest guide with the website link and a teacher's answer key included in the bundle. *Flash7 is required on compu
4th - 12th
If you have been looking for a way to spice up your Jamestown unit, this is the product for you! Use it as an introduction or a review for Jamestown. This product contains everything you need to have a successful Jamestown Classroom Transformation in color and B&W! Aligns with the SOL VS.3 and C
At some point I think all of us teachers wished that we were Indiana Jones. With this fun and engaging activity all of your students can dig up the past at Jamestown through QR code clues. Each QR is linked to an actual item or quote revealing the story of Jamestown. This fun and engaging activit
This is a complete set of instructions with facts that tie into the curriculum, for a virtual Field Trip to Jamestown Virginia. With this lesson you will log into Google maps and simulate the feeling of being there. There is a 3D 360 degree view that really does make you feel like you are there! Jam
Give your students a gamified experience of history! Put them in the role of colonist, frontiersman, general, inventor, and patriot in this fun and engaging simulation game series. In SURVIVE HISTORY! The Game: Jamestown Edition, your students will be put into the role of colonist with the goal of s
Build strong content knowledge, while also cultivating critical thinking skills, with this exciting, interactive activity about the Jamestown Colony. Take your students through the dramatic ups and downs of the first British colony on the East Coast of America while they trade shares as investors i
This bundle is a terrific source for all things Plymouth and Pilgrims. Whether you replace the textbook and teach in a more constructivist approach, or you just want to supplement your curriculum with some hands-on, active learning, this bundle will help in authentic, fun ways.Included:Students wil
Poster only ! Please look in our store for the Virtual Field Trip Packages, Thank you
This activity takes about 15 minutes to play but I found it very beneficial to introduce the business mindset behind the Jamestown colony.A few teaching tips:1. Explain to the class that the Virginia Company of London controlled the community. I gave an imaginary scenario of some of the local busin
Students become archaeologists in Jamestown in this constructivist investigation! What are these old artifacts and what do they reveal to us about the people and the settlement? How does archaeology help us to better understand history? Tune in to find out with this perfect hook to your Jamestown
50 reading passages cover the Lost Colony of Roanoke, Jamestown Settlements, John Rolfe, Pocahontas, the Powhatan, the Mayflower, the Mayflower Compact, the Plymouth Pilgrims, Squanto, Puritans in the Colonies, the Salem Witch Trials, the Court of Oyer and Terminer, Cotton Mather, Merchants and Shop
Great way to learn about the struggles of the early Jamestown settlers and their voyage across the Atlantic Ocean. Encourages students to think like a historian. This activity works great in the classroom and for distance learning (it's very adaptable). The files are compatible for simply printing o
This product is an activity that has the students role playing. The students are divided up between two English colonies (Jamestown and Plymouth) and the Native American tribes they interacted with (Powhatan and the Wampanoag) . The lesson comes with a scenario that gives background on each group a
Playing computer and arcade games are fun for kids of all ages, even adults. Here is a fun way to get students to learn about American History from an Arcade but an educational arcade.Each machine is linked to a different simulation or game about American History.Room is editable so you can add in d
5th - 9th, Staff
Check out this bundle of my favorite activities from my American History course—from pre-colonization through the 1980s! Get students active and engaged with these student-centered ACTIVITIES ranging from the 1600s-1980s!This bundle INCLUDES...Worksheets/Reading Activities Native Americans and Ameri

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