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19 page Columbian Exchange resource bundle is an excellent tool to use when learning about the impact of Christopher Columbus or the Age of Exploration! The bundle centers on a "Jigsaw" Reading Activity and includes a total of 5 different activities for use! As well, the bundle includes a detailed
This 2-day activity helps students learn more about the context of the setting and culture in Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. On the first day, students are split into 5 different groups to research different aspects of the 1930s, including sharecropping, Jim Crow laws, and others. Websites and ques
The following five worksheets enable students to study more closely the foreshadowing, situational irony, indirect characterization, symbolism, and themes in Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery." The worksheets can be used by themselves, but as an interactive lesson that empowers students to work togethe
This Early Humans and Hominids reading activity for PDF + Google Drive is a great way to teach your students about who these hominids were and what they accomplished in prehistoric times. This resource includes reading passages about five different hominids, a jigsaw activity to use with your studen
Use this activity to help students discover what America was like before the arrival of Europeans in the 1400s. This activity is particularly great for helping students understand the complexity and diversity of Native American groups before exploration and colonization. Product comes with group rea
My middle school science students really enjoyed this week-long Moldy Bread Experiment. All that's required is four kinds of bread, some sandwich baggies, tap water, cups and eye droppers. As an added benefit, fun lab can "run in the background" while the class pursues other state-required science
This low-intermediate biography of dictator Rafael Trujillo goes well with "In the Time of the Butterflies" or the novel "Felipe Alou". It is written in basic past tense (s/he form, mixture of basic preterite and imperfect) with an emphasis on high frequency words. Uncommon words are given English
Celebrate Christmas holidays by learning about different countries or do a "Christmas Around the World" theme with your grade or teme. This bundle includes a powerpoint describing Christmas customs, foods, and traditions of France. It also includes vocabulary cards that double as a jigsaw activity,
This 2-day activity helps students learn more about the context of the setting and culture in Julius Caesar. On the first day, students are split into 5 different groups to research different aspects of ancient Roman life, including government, Julius Caesar's life, and others. Websites and questi
Sentence work - Children work on reading, sentence formation, punctuation, spelling and letter formation skills as they use the jigsaw pieces in this literacy center to create sentences. In this pack you will find: - 9 six word sentences on different colored jigsaw pieces - 3 pages of extra word
This GROWING BUNDLE of Reading Skills Digital Jigsaws currently includes 4 digital puzzles and will have a total of 9 digital resources when complete. These digital jigsaw puzzles are made for Google Forms™.Lock in early for special savings while the bundle is growing. Once complete, the resources i
The Cyrus Cylinder is a document issued by Cyrus the Great in 539 BCE when he conquered the Neo-Babylonian Empire. I use this document in my 6th grade Ancient History classes when we study Ancient Mesopotamian empires. It is clearly propaganda, as are most proclamations commissioned by ancient (and
Jigsaw is a cooperative learning activity.  It is used to break down large learning material into smaller, more manageable information. Students are placed into groups and become "experts" on a specific topic. Expert groups are separated into groups with others who are experts on different topics. T
This activity is a fun way to help students understand more about what life on the Mayflower was like for the pilgrims. Each student becomes and "expert" on one section of the reading and then teaches the rest of their group. Students can take notes or color the pictures along with the reading. I
This lesson provides a jigsaw of readings about some of the major Interest Groups (the AMA, Sierra Club, AARP, etc.) There are 8 groups total, with a reading for each group plus a graphic organizer for students to analyze the purpose of each group. This lesson serves as a springboard for discussi
WOW your students, admin, parents, and colleagues with your ability to integrate 21st Century Learning (Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking) with these simple and easy Jigsaw Method Slides INSTANTLY! Distance and Hybrid-Blended Learning using the 4 C's is critical this school
These passages are meant to be used for a jigsaw activity, where students get together in “expert” groups or pairs to read the passage (e.g. all of the students reading the ‘Reduce’ passage get together or partners with the same passage partner read together) then a “jigsaw” group is formed, with on
Teach essential content while reaching all learning levels with this jigsaw activity on Industrial Revolution Reform Movements!This resource includes a graphic organizer and three differentiated readings that cover the Women's Suffrage Movement, the Child Labor Movement, and Unions! The graphic or
Four different readings for a cooperative jigsaw reading with scaffolded questions, followed by a DI drawing/analysis table for analysis of the rise and fall of the Mughal Empire.
This guided reading plan is for the mystery fiction story Jigsaw Jones: The Case of the Bicycle Bandit! This book is a part of the Jigsaw Jones mystery series. In this particular story, Jigsaw's friend Ralphie has his bike Old Rusty stolen! Jigsaw Jones must find clues and solve the mystery to disc
Included are 24 simple chapter-by-chapter review questions for The Case of Hermie the Missing Hamster, the first book in the Jigsaw Jones series by James Preller.Questions are in short answer format and come with an answer key. They're particularly helpful for students reading independently who str
There are many allusions in Lois Lowry's "Son" to Dante's Inferno and other literary works. In order to prepare students to pick out these allusions from the text, students conduct their own reach on one of four different topics/troupes before reading "Son". Each student is provided with a helpful r
This resource is designed to provide your students with a three-hour period of independent learning about life in the cities of Ancient Rome.,A jigsaw is a cooperative learning strategy that enables each student of a "home" group to specialize in one aspect of a topic (for example, one group studies
Need to prepare students to access the nuances of the narrative in Who Will Tell My Brother? Need students to see the greater issues the novel provokes in America today? This straightforward one page document assigns students to do a multimedia group research presentation where they can either prese

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