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The Justinian & Theodora simulation immerses students in the issues facing the Byzantine Empire through the eyes of one of the most famous co-ruling couples in history. This is in essence, a guided notes activity which fosters student debate and collaboration as a class to evaluate and make decisions for each turn of the simulation. This activity engages students with the course content and puts them in the driver's seat to make decisions regarding the situations and events which Justinian &
6th - 12th, Higher Education
The Article and Power Point demonstrate Theodora's influence on many of Justinian's decisions and accomplishments during his rule of the Byzantine Empire in the sixth century.. Activities, and DBQ Assessments included.Lesson includes: - 5-Page Illustrated Article - 31-Slide Power Point Presentation - Multiple Choice Assessment + Answer Key - Scaffolded Paragraph Writing Activity + Scoring Rubric - Document-Based Question Assessment + Answer Key- DBQ Scoring Rubric (allows students t
*This package contains a handout (in four formats: Apple Pages, Word, PDF, and Google Doc) and a PowerPoint (also available as an Apple Keynote). *You may edit the Word Doc to meet your students’ needs.*You may copy+paste and/or adapt the following information into your lesson plans.GLOBAL 9, UNIT 3THE MIDDLE AGESLESSON 5AIM: How did Justinian and Theodora rule the Byzantine Empire?✅ ACTIVITY 1 — DO NOW — CHART ACTIVITY: Students will complete a chart recalling how former civilizations and/or ru
An informative presentation rich with pictures. It covers key geography, people and achievements of the Byzantine emipre. Recently short youtuble clips of the NIka Riot and the Hagia Sophia were added. Standard 7.1.3. This also has a graphic organizer posted. It's a great way to keep students on track while you present the information. Check out the Theodora tweet assignment. Students act like they are Theodora tweeting about her life and Justinian's accomplishments. It goes perfectly with this
These are short video guides created for students to take notes on from the Extra History! videos about Justinian and Theodora. The video guides cover episodes 1-5, and include a key. The episodes are 10 minutes max, and they keep students very engaged.
This mini-DBQ has multiple classroom uses. It can serve as an assessment for unit dealing with the Byzantine Empire, an introduction to DBQs and DBQ writing, or a class activity to help teach the significance and legacy of Justinian and Theodora. A major emphasis of this mini-DBQ is evaluating leadership based on his accomplishments but also his/her impact on the people they rule.The assignment contains a brief historical context the Byzantine Empire and Justinian and Theodora. It revolves aroun
This is a ready to go bell ringer over Empress Theodora and Justinian of the Byzantine Empire. This includes a key as well! These are really effective ways to dive deeper into content for your class! Let me take away the pain of reading and writing questions over articles! This will also improve the vocabulary and content remembrance by your students! Please see my store for more simple bell ringers over other World History topics!
A brief introduction / overview of Justinian, Theodora, and the Byzantine Empire. Four fact boxes, some pictures, fact check questions, and bigger discussion questions are all included.
This student tested and approved interactive notebook flip book for the Byzantine Empire is a fun way for students to explore and assess students understanding of Theodora and Justinian I.Included in this resource:Theodora Flip bookJustinian I Flip bookQuestions? Leave your questions in the Q & A tab, and I will get back to you within 24 hours.This purchase is for one teacher only. This resource is not to be shared with colleagues or used by an entire grade level, school, or district without
Who were the successors to Rome? How did they continue its legacy and what influence did they have in Eastern Europe?
7th - 10th

Also included in: Byzantium and Eastern Europe

This is an easy, short little play about Emperor Justinian of the Byzantine Empire and his wife Theodora.
4th - 7th
Global History Ninth Grade Common Core Aligned Danielson NYC New York City Rigor Effective Highly Primary Sources Maps student engagement Connected with notes found on This is the 2nd lesson in the third unit of Global history. This download contains the guided notes, activity AND exit slip assessment. This requires students to be in small groups in order to discuss. This lesson is great for an upcoming observation. Lesson Plan
A fun activity that compares Justinian and Theodora's accomplishments. Easy to figure out guided notes
Who were the successors to Rome? How did they continue its legacy and what influence did they have in Eastern Europe?
Who were the successors to Rome? How did they continue its legacy and what influence did they have in Eastern Europe?
This is an article that covers the reign of Justinian & Theodora, along with how Theodora played an important part in the Byzantine Empire.
6th - 7th
NOW WITH LINKS TO A GOOGLE CLASSROOM PRODUCT FOR CLASSROOM SUBMISSIONS!This one page reading plus one page of questions gives an overview of the life of Theodora, wife of Justinian. It chronicles her early years as a "performer", her marriage to Justinian, and how she truly was the strong woman behind the man. It is designed for middle school or high school students. The reading is visually appealing and broken into chunks. It can be used for classwork, homework, research or as a platform for pr
Your students will enjoy reviewing the G.R.A.P.E.S. (6 themes of civilization) of the Byzantine Empire with this engaging maze activity.This resource includes 2 mazes; low-medium and medium-high difficulty. A G.R.A.P.E.S. reference page (color & B&W) is included. Answer keys and resource links are also included.DIGITAL VERSION INCLUDED (GOOGLE SLIDES)Vocabulary included: Autocrat, Bureaucracy, Constantine, Cyrillic Alphabet, Eastern Orthodox, Hagia Sophia, Hippodrome, Icons, Justinian, J
5th - 7th
Learn about the Justinian I during the Byzantine Empire through a concise, vivid presentation. Works great as an introductory lesson to the unit! Topics covered: - His history- Empress Theodora- Rebellions after Races- Rebuilding the City- Reforming the LawItems included: - 7 slide PPT Presentation - 1 page PDF guided notes
This Byzantine Empire Choice Board resource provides students with fun and engaging projects to demonstrate their learning about the Byzantine Empire. Providing students with choices in the classroom is a sure way to excite them and capture their attention about the topics at hand.  This comprehensive resource includes six low-prep and interactive projects for students to choose from, with all topics centered on the Byzantine Empire. Each project is explained on printables that are broken down
In this activity, students will investigate whether Justinian I had a positive or negative legacy by reading four passages and answering questions. Questions use common core skills such as inferencing, identifying the central idea or theme, citing evidence and evaluating  claims. At the end of the activity, students select evidence that supports Justinian I having a positive or negative legacy then vote using a Google Poll. This activity takes between 1 - 3 days.Legacy Investigations make sure t
Included in Unit 7 (Chapter 10 The Byzantine Empire and the Rise of Russia) for Global History. Topics Included are: The Byzantine Empire Geography The Age of Justinian Code of Laws Theodora Byzantine Christianity/Schism Collapse of the Empire Rise of Russia The Vikings Mongol Conquest Ivan the Great and Terrible Shaping Eastern Europe Included with this unit is: -PowerPoint presentation for Chapters 10 -Fill-in notes for Power Point -Study Guide/homework packets for chapter 10 (2 of them
Please see my PowerPoint that coincides with these Guided Notes:W11.1 - Byzantium Becomes the New Rome - PowerPoint NotesThese are the Guided Notes (Blank and Filled-In) for my PowerPoint: "Byzantium Becomes the New Rome"...which includes the following major topics: Power Transition from Rome to Byzantine, Constantine, Bosphorus Strait, Theodosian Walls, Justinian, Theodora, Belisarius, Justinian's Code, Nika Rebellion/Riot, Hagia Sophia, Conflicts with Pope & Rome, Icons, Iconoclasm, Great
Empress Theodora helped her husband Justinian lead the Byzantine Empire to greatness. This reader looks at her life before becoming royalty, her work as empress, and her legacy.
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