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The self-checking feature of the Make, Take & Teach ck or k spelling for the final /k/ sound makes it an ideal activity for independent centers. This activity is super simple to assemble - just print, laminate and cut the scoops and cones along the dotted line. Using a dry erase marker, students
1st - 3rd
The self-checking feature of the Make, Take & Teach ck or k spelling for the final /k/ sound makes it an ideal activity for independent centers. This activity is super simple to assemble - just print, laminate and cut the kernels along the dotted line. Using a dry erase marker, students write th
1st - 3rd
Help your students elicit more trials in a fun engaging way using this K and G Boom Cards Articulation Game. Follow the Pattern Boom Card deck will motivate your students to say the target speech sounds in the initial and the final positions of the word.What does it include?The resource target K an
Have you ever struggled to find appropriate homework for your phonology students? Are you feeling frustrated at the slow progress that your speech students are making, and want simple, SLP, and parent-friendly print-and-go sheets? Or do you just want more variety of home practice sheets because you
This newly revised document is now 80 pages long. It is a fun pre-k level document that includes a large variety of interactive activities that target pre-k concepts and also final sounds in words. The sounds that are targeted in the carefully chosen age appropriate words include: /B/,/D/,/G/,/K/,/
Your students will love learning words that end the final /k/ sound! ck versus -k - and a little bit of final c added in if you need to teach that rule too! **9/26/14 This file has been updated with more activities as well as word family cards for -ack, -ick, -ock, -uck without initial blends or di
Included in this pack are three activities for practicing final /k/ spelling. The activities are aligned with CCSS.ELA-Literacy1RF3: Know and apply grade-level phonics and word analysis skills in decoding words. 1. Final /k/ Word Sort: 1-Final /k/ rule card, 1-Sorting Mat, 24 word cards, direction
This unit emphasizes choosing c or k in the initial consonant position and choosing ck or ke at the end of a word. Students will gain a better understanding using the included rhyme and practice activities. Enjoy! Lisbeth Radcliff
Final consonant deletion, FCD, k, g, f, v, s, z, syllables, words, sentence, later sounds, picture cards, homework, parent letter, interactive, Velcro This resource contains more final consonant deletion cards! These cards are color and black and white including; 12 /k/ cards, 12/g/ cards, 12 /f/
Help your students master word endings for /k/ (-CK, -KE, -K), /ch/ (-CH, -TCH), and /J/ (-DGE, -GE) with these digital phonics activities! This resource is also a part of the complete second grade digital phonics bundle.These activities will help you…- Save tons of prep time (the games are all read
La unidad de lectura de comprensión contiene 20 hojas reproducibles. Cada hoja contiene una historia y tres ilustraciones. La unidad se puede usar en grupos pequeños para verificar las habilidades de comprensión del estudiante.Lea la historia con el grupo de estudiantes. El estudiante después corta
K BOOM Cards™ - Search & Find Articulation Game - Do you have students on your speech-language caseload working on /k/??! Search & Find is an awesome activity to practice articulation of /k/ words in a fun, engaging, and interactive way. Students will search picture scenes to find the pictu
********************************************************************************* Cycles Approach for Final Consonant Deletion /-p, -t, -k/ ********************************************************************************* 51 pages of EVERYTHING you need for this process - Detailed Cycles Approach
PreK - 2nd
*Final K Sound* FOUR WAYS TO PLAY!Determining which final /k/ spelling to use at the end of words can be tricky for students. These apple themed games are a great way for students to practice figuring out whether a word ends with a -ck, -k, or -ke. Use the blank cards to add new words. Goes great w
A fun open-ended board game filled with cute ducks in the pond-you can work on the included Final /k/ Cards, or any skill you choose- phonological awareness, phonics or rhyming practice. Bonus cards for playing other games such as Old Maid are included. For a full unit of final /k/ with tons of ac
PreK - 2nd
Your students will have fun trying to hook a big one while they read words with a final K sound. All words end in the final K sound and are spelled with -ck, -ke, -or ook patterns. There are 66 word cards, 12 special cards, a blank page for you to add your own words, and a recording sheet for afte
1st - 3rd
This game is an exciting, engaging opportunity for practice and repetition when students are exploring the short vowel rule patterns for when to use -ck versus -k versus -c to spell the "k" sound at the end of a word. Detailed directions are included, but this game is an adaptation of the classic Go
These worksheets are designed to help your students consolidate their knowledge on the final /k/ sound (k, ck, ke). These worksheets include a sorting activity, find the correct /k/ spelling colouring activity, sounding out words to match word boxes and a scavenger hunt. I have also included an acti
This is a Powerpoint of K and G final minimal pairs (i.e. back and bag; pick and pig). It's perfect for children who devoice final /g/---> you want to show them that the devoicing changes the meaning of thee word. You can also use these minimal pairs (along with other final consonant minimal pair
PreK - 1st
**Printable & Digital versions for Google™ Slides included**These "Clip-It" task cards focus on the spelling of /k/ at the end of a closed syllable word. The cards are intended for students who need extra practice with the final k/ck rule in Orton Gillingham (or the "Milk Truck" rule in the Bart
Spelling Feature: Final /k/ Spelled -ck, -ke, -kWords Their Way is a program designed to teach students phonics, spelling, and vocabulary. Each set of slides covers one sort, or set of spelling features, in the Words Their Way curriculum. These slides are easy to assign virtually, and will allow stu
I created this product; Spelling Rules for Final (k) Mini-Lesson as a supplemental activity to my Reading Intervention for struggling readers and students with Dyslexia in Elementary School. It is recommended that these mini lessons be taught AFTER the Initial/Medial rules.Printable Spelling Rule fo
PreK - 5th
Hello! I created these cards + visuals to help my students who struggle with producing final sounds in words. The specially designed visuals help students cue themselves, rather than relying on support for me. When they begin to rely less on SLP support, they can begin to make more progress towards
PreK - 2nd
Students will explore how patterns work in words. Each day they will practice applying the patterns in a different way. By the end of the week, students should be comfortable with spelling words using the -ke, -ck, -k pattern. This ‘within word’ word study packet serves as a great resource for who

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