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Teen Number practice pages. Includes many different practice pages for kindergarten students to practice teen numbers with various levels of support. Students will be exposed to composing and decomposing teen numbers into tens and ones through: sorts, number bonds, missing addends, drawing picture
This set includes -a ten frame matching game -ten frame building mats to use with Valentine heart candies or erasers -blackline versions of the mats that can be used with bingo daubers, stamps, stickers, or as seat work -3 worksheets for independent practice or assessment Please look at the previ
What great differentiated common core resource to use to teach place value! This scoot game includes 3 leveled games to meet the needs of your students in your classroom. The games are aligned with the Common Core Standards for grades K-2. Students may play as a teacher directed whole group scoot a
This product includes a pre-test for standard K.NBT.1 and 3 mini-assessments. Each page consists of 5 questions for easy grading, and 1 higher level thinking question to evaluate above grade level proficiency. Page 6 is the data folder graphing page that can be used for graphing classroom progress
Looking for a fun interactive teaching idea for decomposing numbers using place value? Well look no further as Decomposing Numbers 0-19 Place Value Game Puzzles, for CCSS K.NBT.1, will serve as an exciting lesson plan for kindergarten or 1st grade elementary school classrooms. This is a great resour
Easy to use worksheet. Students are able compose and decompose numbers using manipulatives, drawings, and equations. This is the worksheet you have been looking for! This file contains two printables. The first one you place manipulative then draw then on the third column. The next worksheet you
Is your class practicing decomposing numbers 11-19? Do you need a simple game to help them practice? These simple puzzles are perfect for you! This pack includes: 1 set of colored puzzles 11-19 1 set of black and white puzzles 11-19 Each puzzle includes number, words, and base 10 blocks Print i
Interactive journals are a FUN and ENGAGING way to teach math. The best part is students will always have their work in ONE PLACE!! No more loose papers or worksheets!! Click HERE to grab a huge freebie of my interactive math journals to try them out before you purchase! This pack includes 13 int
This activity was designed to help my littles improve their ability to count up to 20 objects as well as write the numerals to represent a set of objects from 11-19. They are working on recognizing that teen numbers are 'ten and some more' and this Write the Room activity helps them to do that. Th
If you're a Kinder Teacher, it may seem a bit overwhelming to undertake the newest rage of Interactive Notebooks with your little kiddos...All the fine motor skills needed for the detailed cutting, gluing little hills, not mountains, copying all the information when they can barely write their names
This is a set of 20 number practice worksheets. There is a worksheet that focuses on each number 1-20. Each worksheet includes: The numeral and the number word. Tally it. Put it on a ten-frame. Trace/write it. Draw it. Circle it.
This unit is full of ready to use math journal prompts. These prompts are designed to practice base ten understanding using base ten block graphics and ten frames. This set of prompts are to be used to practice the common core standard k.cc.4, k.cc.5 and knbt.1. The children use one to one correspo
Buster's Blocks is a mathematics learning center which gives your learners practice with decomposing numbers 11 to 19 using small blocks/cubes and the recording sheet. Your learners choose a bag of blocks and use them to fill the ten frame and place the additional ones under "Some Ones". They cou
Kindergarten and 1st Grade students use clothespins to work with numbers 11-19 to gain foundations for place value with this activity (K.NBT.1). To help differentiate color coded practice cards for numbers greater than 19 and less than 11 are also included with this file. This file also include
Bugs in A Jar is a fun way to practice beginning place value. There are 2 different workmats to practice number 1-20. Check out the preview for the ways to use this pack!
Students enjoy doing these activities because they get to “feed” pairs of animals. What they learn by doing this is that the numbers from 11 to 19 are made up of 1 ten and some additional ones. This activity is for students who cannot yet immediately answer the following question: “If you have 18 ca
This spring your students can work with numbers 1 - 30 to gain foundations for place value. Students will find a spring themed Base 10 card displayed throughout the room. They will identify the number represented with Base 10 blocks on the card and write the numeral on a recording sheet.
This is a math center activity for an Active Board. It can also be used as a center on a computer. It is to practice composing and decomposing numbers 11-19 using ten frames. It aligns with the Common Core (K.NBT.1). Why create when it's already done for you. Look for my matching Bubbles, Bubbles, B
These assessments provide demonstration of 1 to 10 by drawing counters. Beginning numbers 11 to 20 are shown by drawing counters. Middle numbers 11 to 20 are shown by drawing counters and completing an equation of 10 plus more. End numbers 11 to 20 are shown by drawing counters from ten and writing
This is a packet of sheets for students to work on K.NBT.1, decomposing teen numbers, 11-19. These can be used as independent worksheets or laminated and used in a center. This will give students an opportunity to work with decomposing. They will fill in the 10's frame and record how many are on and
This is an engaging and fun activity for students known as "zip around" or I Have, Who Has. It relates to standards K.NBT.1 and K.NBT.2. Each student gets a card and the class sees how quickly they can get through the cards. Just as we use dot cards and ten frames to represent numbers, the ten to
This is a four page document which is aligned to the Math Common Core State Standard K.NBT.1 "Compose and decompose numbers from 11 to 19 into ten ones and some further ones, e.g., by using objects or drawings, and record each composition or decomposition by a drawing or equation (e.g., 18 = 10 + 8)
5 days of activities to build student's understanding of teen numbers and their place value. These activities use tens frames and expanded form as well as mental math and problem solving.
These is a worksheets for students to work on K.NBT.1 decomposing teen numbers 11-19. These cute worksheets will give students an opportunity to work on how many numbers go on the 10's frame and how many are off of the 10's frame. As well as, write a number sentence. These can be used as classwork,

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