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Finally a NO PRINT, fully digital way to make learning fun! No more printing, laminating, cutting, gluing or prepping. Simply pull up the product and get ready to teach! To use Boom Cards, you must be connected to the Internet. Boom Cards play on modern browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge).
NO PRINT * NO PREP * GREAT FOR ELEARNINGThis online activity is great for students who are targeting articulation of L sounds. Students are required move the jewels/coins into the treasure box to uncover their speech words. Each card contains 6 targets with sounds in initial, medial, and final posit
Included in this packet are a total of 297 cards including: 72 initial cards 72 medial cards; 72 final cards; 81 blend cards; 18 treasure cards and one game board! You might want to check out the following related products: A Pirate's Life for Me! Digital eBook and Companion Activities A Pirate
DescriptionSpeech Therapy Articulation activities “drag and drop” with Boom Cards™. These 12 task cards cover:F INITIAL – FINALL INITIAL-MEDIAL- FINALL-BLENDS Directions: Drag a coin to the treasure chest and drop it in. Listen to the sound the coin makes. After you drop the coin, say the word that
Looking for a fun activity you can use with a pirate unit or anytime? Sound Treasure is an articulation game that uses gold coins/gems/mini erasers/game pieces. This download also includes a stack mat. Low prep activity you can just print and put into a binder or pull up the PDF and allow kids to cr
NO PRINT * NO PREP * GREAT FOR ELEARNINGThis online activity is great for students who are targeting articulation of L blends. Students are required move the jewels/coins into the treasure box to uncover their speech words. Each card contains 6 targets with a variety of L blends. Click here to see t
Help the pirate find his treasure with this articulation game! Use game pieces from any game and a dice! Roll the dice, go the number of spaces and say the word pictured. To get more responses, say the word the number of times that you rolled. For example, if I rolled a 4, I would go 4 spaces and sa
This no prep, print and go packet is a quick, easy to use packet for getting lots of repetitions of the targeted sounds. This pirate packet is the perfect themed activity for your /l/ kiddos with no-prep!! :-) This packet includes worksheets targeting: *Initial /L/ - 5 worksheets *Medial /L/ - 5 wo
Have you ever wanted black and white articulation worksheets that are easy to print for carryover activities? This is a pirate themed medial /l/ worksheet that is cute and fun for the kids to work on at home! It includes 10 medial /l/ target words within maps and an opportunity to create a sentence
Ahoy, Matey! If yer lookin’ fer a pirate themed speech therapy activity - look no further! These maps are NO-PREP! Just print and go! All black and white so ye wonât waste yer color ink!This is part of my Pirate Speech and Language Bundle and my Ultimate No Prep Bundle! Check them out to save some $
A companion to Pirate Language Activites!, this pack is all about articulation skills! Included in the download: *Pirate Pow: A card game to target any speech skill! Students accumulate points to win, but watch out for ARRGH! cards! 52 cards in all. *Pirate Hat R’s: A game to work on vocalic
Do your students love pirates as much as mine? I originally created this activity as a game companion for Pop Up Pirate! But once I started using it, I found so many other ways to use this. Below are some ideas! -Game companion for Pop Up Pirate: Print and laminate the mats. Have a target sound mat
This deck of BOOM CARDS™ contains 41 cards targeting articulation while building a pirate scene using the drag and drop feature of Boom Cards™. Each of the 39 cards has 14 different components of the scene (i.e. a pirate ship, pirates, treasure chest, parrot, etc.) to drag and drop onto the blank sc
PIRATES NO PREP speech therapy activities! This engaging activity is ideal for mixed groups and is no prep! Print and go fun for articulation and language goals.Boy Pirate and Girl Pirate options - The perfect activities for Talk Like A Pirate Day!*This is part of the discounted BUILD-A-FACE BUNDLEW
Practice initial articulation sounds in Speech therapy using these Pirate Treasure Chest Articulation Boom Learning Cards. It targets initial K, G, F, V, Sh, Ch, Th, R, S, L and initial blends. The students practice the picture at the top. They drag the gems away until they match the picture. Cli
This NO PREP Npacket for all ages (including non-readers) includes open ended and sound specific pages made especially for your pirate themed articulation therapy. It's perfect for "Talk Like A Pirate Day!" ✱ Absolutely no prep! Just print and use! The 55 page download includes: ► 2 OPEN ENDED DOT A
Your students will love filling the treasure chest with gold coins while practicing articulation. Perfect for pirate week!NEW Easy Cut Version included for free! There are two files in this download (regular and easy cut). I added the easy cut version for my younger students (it has a cutting guide
Pirates Go To School Speech and Language Quick Prep Book Companion. Pirates go to school too, only a bit different. Bring this fun thematic book by Corinne Demas, Pirates Go To School, into yor speech room using this packet for practice targeting the following skills.This packet includes: I CAN sta
Feed the Pirate using 390 different words with pictures that contain both early and later developing articulation sounds on:•full color coins with articulation pictures•black and white coins with articulation pictures•full color fish wilth articuation picturesThe following sounds are included in ini
Speech teletherapy materials are here! Your speech therapy students will love these fun and interactive articulation pirate games - perfect for National Pirate Month (August), Talk Like a Pirate Day, and year around! The object of the game is to collect all of the treasure! These games are designed
This deck of pirate themed digital Boom Cards includes interactive articulation task cards for 20 different sounds. Students can drag and drop the pirate faces to cover the treasure maps and hear what they have to say as they practice their target sounds.Included Sounds:Initial l blends, r blends,
Quick-Play Articulation games for Speech Therapy! 65 pages in color and black/white format + 10 pirate themed game "players," progress monitoring page, and blank page to add your own targets. DOWNLOAD THE PREVIEW ABOVE FOR FREE PAGES & FULL CONTENTS LISTINGThis resource is also included in the d
**Please read carefully as this articulation packet is different from my other No Prep Articulation Packs Contents: There are 30 worksheets included in this product. Three worksheets are included for each of these phonemes, one for each word position (initial, medial and final): K G, R, L, CH, SH
Pirate Articulation BUNDLE for Early & Later Developing SoundsEarly Developing Sounds found HERE.Later Developing Sounds found HERE.This 140 page pack includes activities targeting the following sounds:Initial: P, B, T, D, H, W, M, N, K, G, F, V, S, Z, R, L, CH, TH, SH, J, Y, S-Blends, L-Blend

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