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L Blends Worksheets and Activities
L Blends Worksheets and Activities NO PREP pack! Save A TON by buying this pack in the Phonics No Prep Massive MEGA Bundle!! You can also get this in the Beginning Blends Ultimate Bundle! Worksheets, cut and pastes, literacy stations, creative writing - everything you need to just print and go
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Blends (THE Bundle) NO PREP R-Blends, L-Blends S-Blends, Ending Blends
The BIG MEGA BUNDLE of BLENDS! This MASSIVE Blend packet will help introduce, teach and master blends! As students work through these packets, they will become more confident readers and spellers! This bundle is loaded with all you need to fully master blends! Included in THE BUNDLE: R-BLENDS: (br,
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L Blends Worksheets Pack
L blends worksheets pack: L blends fun with SEVEN L blends worksheets and activities to help your kids practice L-blends! - 3 cut and paste picture sorts (CL or FL, FL or PL, SL or BL) - 1 Look at the picture/write the word with simple L-blend words - 1 Look at the picture/write the word with long
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Blends L blends, R blends, S blends: Beginning Blends Phonics Friends BUNDLE
Are you looking for a resource to make your phonics instruction engaging for your students? If so, then Phonics Friends are for you! What are Phonics Friends? Each week your students meet a new Phonics Friend that help them learn the weekly sound through engaging games, activities, and LOTS of han
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Blends Clipart Mega Bundle: S blends, R blends, and L blends  - 437 images!
This bundle of clipart contains 437 images! (230 color & 207 black and white). The images included in this set are: R-Blends: Br: brown, bridge, broccoli, bread, branch, brick, brush, broom, brain and braid. Cr: crown, crab, crayons, crack, crow, cricket, credit card, crust, cross, and croc
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Blends BUNDLE L Blends, R Blends, S Blends, Triple Blends
This is a bundled pack of 4 blends units. Buy this bundle and SAVE! The units included in this bundle are L Blends ~Activity Pack, R Blends ~ Activity Pack, S Blends ~ Activity Pack, and Triple Blends ~ Activity Pack. Here are the product descriptions for each unit included in this bundle: L Bl
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L Blends Activities for Pocket Chart Centers
L Blends: L blends pocket chart materials for lots of great center opportunities! Want these for ALL the phonics sounds?? Get this in the Phonics Pocket Chart Centers BUNDLE to save a ton and be set all year!! You can also get this in the Beginning Blends Ultimate Bundle! Click here to read about
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L Blend Words Clip Art Mega Bundle {Educlips Clipart}
This set contains all of the images shown: L Blend Words beginning with BL, CL, FL, GL, PL and SL. The words in each set are: BL: blackboard, blades, blanket, bleach, blue, blindfold, Glenda, blossom, blueberries, blood, blow, blocks, letter art. SL: slammed, slope, sleeve, flag, flyers, slippers
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L Blends Activity Pack
Great for word work and centers! This pack focuses on L blends(L clusters): bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, and sl. Here is what’s included: *Read/Write the Room -for a center activity or whole group activity *I Have Who Has- a whole group game *Word Sort - 2 - bl, cl, fl and gl, pl, sl. *Flowers and Plums- B

Also included in: Blends BUNDLE L Blends, R Blends, S Blends, Triple Blends

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L-Blends Sort {Phonemic Awareness Sorting Series, Set #4}
This download includes student think-sheets for practicing and sorting the beginning L-blend {bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, sl} in each image. Students will cut, sort, and glue each image to the correct side of the think-sheet. {Because this is an exercise in phonemic awareness, images have been used in the p
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L-Blends Mega Bundle {Creative Clips Digital Clipart}
This HUGE 122-image set has six sets of L-Blends clipart! Included are 65 vibrant, colored images and 57 black and white versions. Bundle includes: BL-Blends: blueberries, blocks, blanket, blindfold, blooms, blow, blimp, blue CL-Blends: clock, clam, clover, cliff, clown, cloud, clip, clean PL-Bl
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L Blends
This L Blend Packet includes 5 different interactive activities to help your students master L blends. These are great for your literacy stations or word work! Each activity involves some sort of "fun" interaction from your students so you can rest assured that you are giving them hands on pract
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Word Work with Blends {l blends, r blends & s blends}
Word Work with Blends (l blends, r blends & s blends) This word work packet is perfect for practicing with blends. In this packet you will find the following activities for l blends, r blends, and s blends. Read the Room Activity Color and Write Roll, Find, and Highlight Spin and Color Color

Also included in: Word Work (The Ultimate Bundle)

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L-Blends NO PREP Packet
L-Blends NO PREP Packet! SAVE BIG WITH THE MEAGA BUNDLEBlends The GROWING BUNDLE***Download the PREVIEW to see what included in the 139 page R-Blend Packet t! Included in the R-Blend Packet: *Bl Blend Trace and Write *Cl Blend Trace and Write *Fl Blend Trace and Write *Gl Blend Trace and Write *Pl

Also included in: Blends (THE Bundle) NO PREP R-Blends, L-Blends S-Blends, Ending Blends

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L Blends Game for Smartboards, Tablets, Interactive Whiteboards and Computers
An internet connection is required to play this game. Practice L Blends with this fun and engaging phonics game for all interactive whiteboards (SMARTBoard, Promethean, Mimio), tablets and computer stations. A perfect game to use as a literacy center or for a whole class collaboration activity. Stud
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Blends with Friends {L Blends}
Blend up phonics fun in your classroom by teaching the L blends using this easy prep activity kit! The variety of activities and printables included will provide excellent practice for the following blends: bl, sl, cl, gl, fl, pl. Here is a list of what is in the kit: *Mini blend cards for small
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L Blends Clip Art Big Bundle - Volume One
This bundle includes all L blends that begin with BL, CL, FL, GL, PL, and SL clip art sets. This L Blends clip art contains 72 image files, which includes 36 color images and 36 black & white images in png format. All clipart images are 300dpi for better scaling and printing. * Buy the bundle a
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Clip Art Word Families: L Blends Value Pack - Personal or Commercial Use
Clip Art Word Families: L Blends - This is a huge value packed collection of 36 unique ‘L’ blend phonics clip art designs. The possibilities are endless for what you can create with these clipart images! This product is a bundled set of our 6 ‘L’ Blends Word Families Clipart Sets. The designs are
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L Blends: sl, cl, pl, gl, fl, bl
This beginning l blends resource includes four hands-on activities to help your students practice spelling and segmenting words with beginning l blends sl, cl, pl, gl, fl, and bl. All the activities focus primarily on phonetically spelled CCVC and CCVCe words and work well as center activities for

Also included in: Blends Word Work

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Whack A Sound L, L Blends, S Blends: Self Checking Articulation Game
My preschool caseload is heavily phonology and articulation this year in a few classes. The kids and I are already looking for new ways to practice our sounds. I know it's been a lot of drill when they whine about iPad flashcards! I made an activity called 'Whack A Sound' using this adorable Whac-A
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L Blends: Centers & Activities
This L Blends pack contains a wide variety of centers & activities to teach L blends to your students ~ bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, and sl. In this pack you will find: *Snip, Mix & Spell: Pocket Chart Activity to Introduce L Blends *L Blends Anchor Charts *L Blends Picture Sort & Record *L
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Blending Cards for L Blends & Clusters & tw, the, qu
Blending Cards for Blending Cards for L Blends & Clusters & tw, the, qu include words common for Kindergarten and first grade reading. The cards can be used for instruction for Kindergarten and first grade and RtI for second grade. The cards are set up so that students: 1. Say the sounds •

Also included in: Blending Cards BUNDLE

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Cut & paste mini books: s, r, & l blends - Speech therapy / articulation BUNDLE
Make these fun little cut and paste blend books with your students. Make 20 fun books using this ink saving set! Includes data sheets and picture sheets for RTI data / progress monitoring. Great for Regular Ed or Speech Therapy. Includes 100 different blend images in the initial position of words. (
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Match It Quick - /l/ and /l/ Blends Game for Speech Therapy
This game has 8 /l/ or /l/ blend words per card. There are 57 different /l/ and/l/ blend words (in all positions) and 55 cards in this game. Have students race each other to SPOT and correctly SAY the one and only matching word that appears on any two cards. The student who correctly spots and says
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