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This deck of BOOM CARDS™ is a speech game that provides a motivating way for your students to practice their articulation targets. There are two boxes on each card, each box containing 9 images with the target sound. One image in each box is the same, and it's a race to find and call out the duplica
100+ cards for articulation therapy. Move through word, phrase, sentence and sound loaded sentences all on one articulation card with a target picture on each! initial, middle, final positions of each sound of L and J- 12 cards each! +6 cards for each blend (GL, CL, PL, FL, SL, BL) and ending L Blen
Blending Cards for Blending Cards for L Blends & Clusters & tw, the, qu include words common for Kindergarten and first grade reading. The cards can be used for instruction for Kindergarten and first grade and RtI for second grade.#DistanceLearningTpT Components Include:► Google Slides™️ wit
Are you looking for purposeful, paperless practice for building Beginning Consonant L Blends CCVC words. This product is for you! This Boom Cards™ deck provides students with practice of phonics and spelling skills. In this deck, students will practice building and spelling 31 Different Beginning C
Grupos Consonánticos Sílabas Trabadas con l Tarjetas de trabajo Spanish l Blends Task Cards Este producto consiste en 32 tarjetas de trabajo. El estudiante observa el dibujo y escribe las letras que faltan. This is a set of 32 task cards for Spanish l blends. Task cards can be used in many different
Looking for a way to help students practice blends? This deck is designed for students needing additional support for learning how to break apart and blend sounds to form words. Help your students master l blends with this fun set of 75 interactive BOOM Cards.Set Includes:• 75 Self-Checking Task C
K - 2nd
Beginning L Blends | BOOM Cards™ Phonics Games and Centers-Simplify your word work centers and distance learning activities with BOOM Cards! Whether using them as a word work center or for a distance learning activity, Students will love putting their detective skills to work applying grade-level ph
With this deck, students will look at the picture clue, then decide which blend completes the word. This is a drag and drop activity. Please READ BELOW to understand how Boom Cards work! This purchase will give you a PDF that will lead you to the Boom Learning platform.Words Covered:bl: black, b
Speech Therapy Articulation Cards "Click and Say" with BOOM CARDS™: 98 interactive Digital Task Cards. These will motivate your students to get more repetitions! This is available in a discounted bundle.WHAT'S INCLUDED:INITIAL L - 10 cardsMEDIAL L - 10 cardsFINAL L - 10 cardsInitial blends:FL - 10 c
**You can SAVE more with the Boom Learning exclusive BUNDLE.** This product contains a link to download Boom Cards*. It requires a Boom Learning account and an Internet connection. You can play a demo for final /l/ by clicking the link in the Preview. There is no physical print out for this product
Not Grade Specific
This product listing is for BOOM LEARNING cards. I have included 24 L Blend Cards PL SL GL. Please note:This boom card ending deck covers L Blends PL SL GL. There words that are not short vowel, but the student does not have to spell or read them. They are picture cards to identify the L Blend.This
Need articulation Boom Cards for online Speech Therapy this year? My popular Find It Fast game has been updated and now includes BOTH printable cards and digital Boom Cards for distance learning. Originally designed to target speech sounds but expanded to include pages for language (ex. wh questions
Do you have students who delete the 'l' when trying to say L Blends? Does 'blue' sound like 'boo', and 'clap' sound like 'cap'? Minimal pairs therapy is an evidence-based therapy approach that can be great for targeting this speech pattern.Use this therapy approach more confidently with this engagin
PreK - 1st
"Sliced PB&J with Grape Spread" | NO PRINT, NO PREP! S, L, and R blends are fresh from the oven! Great for working on goals for cluster reduction and blend production.Cooking up Artic is a FUN way to target your articulation or language goals with individual or group therapy! Follow a step-by-
Are you looking for purposeful, paperless practice for Beginning Consonant L Blend CCVC words. This product is for you! These Boom Cards™ decks provide students with practice of phonics and spelling skills. There are 6 Decks in this bundle. The Skills include finding the word, building the word, wr
Help your students practice beginning L blends {bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, sl} in a fun, interactive way. Audio directions AND audio picture names are included for this activity. These digital task cards are great for learning at home or at school. Use them as reinforcement during distance learning or at
Your students will be able to sort pictures into the correct "L Blend" category. 36 Sorting cards are included. Also included are bl, sl, fl, cl, gl, pl header cards. 6 blend pictures are included for the following blends: BL, SL, FL, CL, GL, PL
Your students will love these interactive articulation games. Speech therapy Boom Cards are so fun and easy to use! Each turn students need to guess which ball is the lucky one that will advance their runner to the next base. They keep practicing their target word as their runner rounds the bases an
Articulation Cards on BOOM Learning™️ for the L Blends sound. These cards can stand alone or are a great companion for "The Old Lady Who Swallowed" books! Perfect for teletherapy or distance learning for speech and language. "There was an Old Lady who swallowed..." Book Companion Articulation Cards f
Are you looking for a fun way to target articulation blends at the reading level in speech therapy? If so, this no print resource is for you! Your students will love reading these original stories, as they practice their targeted sound and move the images into place. Your face-to-face and telethe
These 24 digital task cards on the BOOM Learning website allow students to practice the R and L Blends. Students just LOVE BOOM Cards because they are fun and self-correcting. These digital task cards work on a laptop, desktop, Chromebook, tablet, or any other mobile device that can access the int
1 set in Color and 1 set in Black & White, 1 cut and paste activity for each l blend. ld- bald, build, cold, old, told, fold lf - elf, half, shelf, wolf, self, golf lk - milk, chalk, talk, yolk, walk, cornstalk lt - bolt, adult, salt, belt, quilt, melt lp - gulp, help, scalp ======just 3 for lp
Are you looking for purposeful, paperless practice for Beginning Consonant L Blends CCVC words. This product is for you! This Boom Cards™ deck provides students with practice of phonics and spelling skills. In this deck, students will reading and finding 31 Different Beginning Consonant L Blends CC
This program is EVERYTHING you need to implement articulation therapy for the speech sound /G/ as well as stay organized and systematic in your therapy approach. It includes: 90 full color, engaging articulation cards for the /l/ blends /bl, kl, gl, fl, pl, sl/ 16 pages of homework at the word, phra

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