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Use this Lab Equipment Scavenger Hunt and Practice worksheets to give your students a chance to identify common laboratory equipment in an engaging format! Attach the provided numbers to the common lab equipment around your classroom. If you don't have some of the pieces of equipment, No Worries! --picture cards are provided that you could use instead!As an inquiry activity, send your students on their way to do the scavenger hunt as best they can before giving them the names of everything. They
7th - 10th

Also included in: Nature of Science Bundle

Introduce or help your students review Science Lab Tools and Equipment with this PowerPoint presentation. This resource includes a 17 slide PowerPoint presentation and 2 versions of the student notes pages - full size and interactive notebook format (modified notes also included). This resource is perfect to use at the beginning of a new unit of study. Save 30% by purchasing the Science PowerPoint and Notes Bundle. ALL text is 100% EDITABLE! Lab tools and equipment clipart is secured and NO
Students will enjoy learning about Lab Equipment with Seek & Find Science Doodles. Includes lab equipment for measuring, dissecting, and safety equipment. Great for student engagement and retention. Your students will love searching for science and will have a fun coloring sheet when they are done! This is a No Prep Activity! Perfect to use in interactive notebooks- just print and go- or use TpT's digital overlay and assign to your students in Google Classroom. Suggestions for Seek & Fi
In this activity, students will answer 15 questions regarding identifying science tools. Once finished, they will use the answers to color the corresponding parts of a fun flask coloring page. And best of all, the questions are editable! You can change the wording or create different questions to match your needs.⭐ Distance Learning Notice ⭐Please note that this color-by-number is intended as a printable resource. Color-by-numbers are great to use for distance learning as in-class independent wo
Introduction to Chemistry Laboratory Bundle - Equipment check-in, writing lab reports, Introduction to chemistry lab activitiesThis bundle combines a perfect set of resources for chemistry teachers that are introducing their students to laboratory work. It includes all the necessary components to start up (and organize!) the laboratory portion of your classroom. It also includes three engaging experiments that address major introductory chemistry topics, including:•Density•Significant figures•M
7th - 12th, Higher Education
These 17 laboratory stations will ensure that your students have mastered the essential skills they need to be successful in any science class. Students will work together to solve a problem, complete a task, and /or carry out a small experiment at each of the 17 stations. This chat activity covers the VERY important topic of “Science Skills.” There are so many skills that we use on a daily basis in our science classes. These skills include the use of metric measurements, the use of basic pieces
9th - 12th
Our students need to be able to recognize the structure and function of various pieces of lab equipment and tools used in science. They need to be able to recognize a beaker and explain its purpose. They need to do the same for a graduated cylinder, pipette, microscope, and so much more. In addition, they need to understand how to use various lab tools safely. Using the resources in this bundle will allow your students to explore, investigate, and learn about lab equipment and safety. Do yo
Chemistry Lab Equipment Clip Art: Create exciting resources for your science lessons with this fun set of science clipart. Teach your students about types of chemical reactions. Design posters to illustrate states of matter and chemical changes. Create classroom materials focused on volume, density, acids, solutions, and weight/mass using this chemistry clipart. Each graphic is very detailed and designed to look just like its real world counterparts.WHAT IS CLIP ART?Clip art (or "clipart") are d
As teachers, we need to to know what our students understand or don't understand. We can use assessment to gather this important information. This worksheet is an assessment that you can use to gather information about your students' understanding of the structure and function of various pieces of lab equipment and tools. Use the resource and the answer key for student self-assessment or peer review. You can even assign it for homework, a quiz, or another type of formative or summative asses
Great classroom or small group activity to engage learners while focusing on unit vocabulary focused on Life Science in the cellular world. Set to US Science standard for vocabulary. Works for middle and high school courses.Click here to save 30% on this bingo game with our Mega Bingo Bundle.Perfect for review activity, fun Fridays, or an emergency lessons filler.Designed for grades, 6 to 12, our In the Lab - Science Equipment Bingo game includes:36 non-repeating student bingo boards54 calling c
These stations will keep your students MOVING! Designed to fit in one class period, your students will build on what they have been taught in the classroom concerning lab safety. This is a great way to reinforce material in your science classroom. You can opt to use these activities as stations and simply use them as labs or activities to enhance what you already have planned in the classroom.This bundle includes:--A bell ringer warm-up (creative writing assignment)--Teacher Instructions and Tip
4th - 9th
Science Lab Equipment clip art set contains 109 image files, which includes 57 color images and 52 black & white images in png. includes: Lab (background) • Analytical balance • Balance scale • Beaker • Bunsen burner (flame) • Centrifuge bottles1 • Centrifuge bottles2 • Centrifuge bottles3 • Centrifuge tube • Centrifuge tube2 • Centrifuge tube3 • Corks • Condenser • Clamp stand • Crucible • Dropper bottle • Filter funnel • Florence flask • Gloves • Graduated pipette • Lab spoon and spatula
Not Grade Specific
This is a 2-class period lab which provides students with 7 different stations to practice their knowledge of the metric system, lab equipment, measuring liquids, solids, and displacement values.
Help your students review science tools and their uses with this fun word search PLUS puzzle worksheet. Instead of just finding a list of words, puzzlers must first come up with the list themselves. A definition is given along with the first letter of the vocabulary words. Students are required to fill in the vocabulary word and then search for it in the grid. Alternatively, if they get stuck they can first look in the grid for an appropriate word.The words are hidden in all directions and there
Our students need something to do to be engaged into a lesson. As they learn about some basic lab equipment and tools, students can cut, match, and define to show their understanding. Pre-cut and laminate to use as a manipulative. Add to a station activity. Use as interactive or traditional notes. Or simply use as an assessment or review. Choose from small cards, large cards, or templates. Do you need a resource for helping your students obtain information or assess their understanding of
57 high quality graphics for personal and commercial use! -each image comes in png and jpeg format-ALL blacklines are includedThis huge set of science clipart is perfect for those lab lessons! I've included....-beaker-graduated cylinder-graduated flask-flask-test tube with lines-test tube without lines-test tube rack (holding 5 tubes)-funnel-microscope-scale-thermometer-tuning fork-Bunsen burner-stand-tweezers-graduated syringe-dropper-goggles-clipboard-pencil-2 magnifying glasses-yard stick-
PreK - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Staff
QUICK AND EASY lab activity designed to introduce middle school students to common lab equipment and how to follow directions in a lab. Perfect for the first day or the first week of school! The activity is quite safe for young science students because the only substances used are water, food coloring, yeast, vinegar, and baking soda.The objectives of this activity are for students to be able to:Follow step-by-step directions in a lab Identify common lab supplies and their usesCooperate with g
This Lab Safety, Equipment and Measurement Bundle will make a great addition to your process skills unit. This bundle contains my popular Science Seek & Find, Board Games, Escape Room, CSI Science, Measurement activities and project.Products included in this bundleLab Safety and Equipment Escape RoomLab Safety Seek & Find Doodle PageSafety and Equipment Science Board Game ReviewSafety Project Choice BoardLab Equipment Seek & Find Doodle PageLab Equipment CSI ScienceMeasurement CSI Sc
Chemistry Lab Equipment Clip Art: Create exciting resources for your science lessons with this fun set of science clipart. Design posters to illustrate states of matter and chemical changes. Teach your students about types of chemical reactions. Create classroom materials focused on volume, density, acids, solutions, and weight/mass. Each graphic is very detailed and designed to look just like its real world counterparts.WHAT IS CLIP ART?Clip art (or "clipart") are digital images that can be imp
Not Grade Specific
This puzzle helps students identify and review the names of scientific lab equipment. This activity comes with 2 options:1. PRINT OPTION: You will cut up the triangles and students will have to arrange them in order based on matching pairs. For example, one triangle will show a picture of a microscope and the matching triangle will have the word microscope written out. 2. DIGITAL OPTION: Students will complete the digital version in Google Slides.You might also be interested in:Lab Equipment Bin
8th - 11th
This fun activity is designed for middle school or introduction high school foods courses to familiarize students with different utensils and equipment in the kitchen. The PDF activity is scrambled so each group has a different list to locate in the kitchen. Included in the download are instructions for implementing this activity into your curriculum.
Chemistry Clip Art: Create exciting resources for your science lessons with this fun set of lab equipment clipart. Teach your students about types of chemical reactions. Design posters to illustrate states of matter and chemical changes using this chemistry clipart. Celebrate Halloween with some fun potions in glitter beakers, flasks, and petri dishes. The best part is that all the elements match, from the scrapbook papers and frames to the science clipart. WHAT IS CLIP ART?Clip art (or "clipart
Not Grade Specific
Looking for something different for the first week of chemistry? This activity was created as an interactive way for students to be introduced to some general vocabulary and procedures that will be important as they begin their studies in chemistry. This 2-3 day activity (plus time for class discussion) guides students through a safe first chemistry lab, with no toxic substances, while they learn vocabulary, basic chemistry concepts, and general lab equipment use. At the same time, they make
This set of guided notes with biology doodles can be little anchor charts for your student to keep in their notebook! Using these pages, students can color, doodle, and make connections within the material as they takes notes in class. These pages help students identify common lab equipment and measuring tools like the digital scale, graduated cylinder, and thermometer. There is one page that is meant as a reference page with names of equipment and one page has the measuring tools plus usage
9th - 12th
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