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This foldable provides an introduction to greatest common factors & least common multiples. Inside the foldable, students will write the definitions for factor, greatest common factor, multiple, least common multiple, then complete 4 practice problems. This foldable is PERFECT for interactive
Students will be constructing a foldable on the least common multiple and greatest common factor. The foldable has three layers: (1) Title, (2) LCM, and (3) GCF. There are many options on how you can have students construct the foldable. Three options include (1) blank template, (2) fill-in blanks t
This time-saving, interactive tri-foldable is perfect for student’s interactive math journal! 16 Task Cards and Answer Keys are included. Students will want to tape, not glue this resource into their IRB, as there are examples on every page! Concepts Included: A clear goal is established through
Use this printable foldable to teach or review finding GCF and LCM of two numbers using the ladder diagram method. Completed version included. Also includes practice problems. Don't forget to rate me to earn your TPT credits and follow me to be the first to see my new products and discounts. Contac
LCM & GCF Math interactive Notes FoldableThis excellent foldable is guided notes for Least Common Multiple (LCM) and Greatest Common Factor (GCF). Answer key is provided. Students will be given key phrases and key words to help determine if the word problem is asking for LCM or GCF. This is ali
Help your students understand when to use GCF or LCM with this interactive foldable. Key words for each are listed on each flap. Under each flap, there is a word problem with the key word(s) highlighted. It is a great tool for students to use as a reference throughout the year. Enjoy!
This is a great way to introduce least common multiples and greatest common factor side by side, so students can see how they differ. I use factor rainbows to find the GCF, but you could also use other techniques on the foldable. I use this as an introduction into fractions because we use these meth
This foldable is a tool to engage students in learning different methods on how to find the gcf and lcm. This foldable is great for the interactive notebook. **Answer Key included
3rd - 7th
This foldable is great for interactive notebooks. It details the steps to finding GCF and LCM using factor trees and Venn diagrams. Each page creates two foldables. They are easy to assemble and a great resource for students to use. You can copy them in black and white or print a couple in color
5th - 8th
This foldable will help students remember how to find the least common multiple and greatest common factor using prime factorization.
4th - 9th
Your purchase comes with the interactive notebook foldable shown above, and a picture to use as an exemplar.
Use this Venn diagram foldable to chart and display the relationship between GCF & LCM
This is a foldable that when printed front to back, contains an explanation about how to find LCM and GCF using the listing method as well as the Upside-down Division Box or Ladder Method. One side contains both strategies for LCM and the other side contains both strategies for GCF. Each section a
Us this foldable to help kids learn the process and key phrases to solve GCF and LCM word problems. Be sure to print pages exactly as they are ordered/arranged in the file. Each page has two foldables. Copy and make double sided in the order/orientation also. I hope this is as helpful to your studen
5th - 7th
This is a great resource to introduce or review a couple of methods to find the greatest common factor (GCF) and least common multiple (LCM). These notes fold together and can easily be glued into an interactive notebook for students' reference! Included in the notes are definitions or how numbers
PowerPoint presentation on LCM and GCF with sample foldable
This packet contains: 1) A foldable for Interactive Notebooks with vocabulary (prime, composite, LCM, GCF, First Eight Prime Numbers) **** DIFFERENTIATED for Writing and 2 styles 2) Interactive Lesson for finding Prime Numbers to 100.. ***including Mentor Text and Video suggestions**** 3) Le
#distancelearning #distancelearningtpt This 16- question self-grading, digital assignment for use with Google Forms and Google Classroom provides teachers a way to assess students on the following skills:Determine whether a list of numbers represents the factors or multples of a given numberList fac
Here is a GREAT addition to your lessons on Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Multiples. This brochure fits perfectly into an interactive notebook! It is a great introduction to your lesson, or even as an end of the year review. This foldable covers how to break numbers into their prime fa
This is a great flippable/foldable for any interactive math journal. As easy as GCF and LCM are, students struggle with remembering the differences and when to find each. This foldable will simplify the process and ensure that they are LCM and GCF professionals in no time at all. This great foldable
#distancelearning #distancelearningtpt This bundle includes the following 6th Grade Math Google Forms assignments and assessments:Identify Integers + Their OppositesCompare + Order IntegersAbsolute ValueQUIZ#1: IntegersGreatest Common Factor (GCF)Least Common Multiple (LCM)QUIZ #2: GCF and LCM Shar
Having a solid grasp on divisibility rules helps students with so many other math concepts including equivalent fractions, reducing fractions, adding and subtracting fractions, GCF/LCM to name a few. Have fun creating this foldable for interactive notebooks and enable your students to have a refere
This 20-question star- shaped puzzle provides students with practice finding the greatest common factor (GCF) or least common multiple (LCM) of two numbers. NEW!!! SECOND OPTION INCLUDES LCM ONLY! You will receive: • 3 pages of puzzle pieces • student recording sheet • answer key • direction
This awesome bundle has everything in it to make teaching the common core standard of 6.NS.4 a breeze. It includes 2 different foldables (flippables) for a math journal and several real life word problem sorting and matching tasks that require students to synthesize all that they have learned. It s

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