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Futur simple - Les Notes
Écrire les notes au tableau pour chaque classe que vous enseignez est fatigant! Voici 7 pages de notes que vous pouvez montrer ou donner aux élèves pour introduire le futur simple. Il y a des notes et des exemples pour tous les groupes et les exceptions communs. Si ça vous intéresse, j'ai aussi

Also included in: *BUNDLE* - Paquet de Verbes: 5 temps de verbes

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Would you like to learn how to use to use the future tense and the conditional tense when you speak in French? If so, don’t look elsewhere. I make the explanation very simple so that you can understand easily as I include several examples for each case and all reinforced by 4 exercises along with th
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French future tenses with QUAND and other conjunctions - Lesson Plan
French future tenses with QUAND and other conjunctions - Lesson PlanThis is an upper-intermediate comprehensive French grammar lesson on how to use seven different conjunctions and conjunctive phrases in the correct tense. This lesson focuses on quand, lorsque, dès que, aussitôt que, pendant que, ta

Also included in: Advanced French Curriculum Bundle: Ça y est, je parle français!

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Le cycle des roches - présentation PP, guide pédagogique et feuille de travail
****Cette leçon fait maintenant partie d'une unité d’enseignement complète sur les roches et les minéraux!**** Voici une leçon engageante, amusante et simple! Elle inclue 30 diapositives dans Power Point sur le cycle des roches et les différents types de roches. Pendant votre présentation, les él
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French Verb Tense Reference Guide Booklet
Looking for a simple resource for students to access the tenses you cover during the year? This is a small reference guide that students can keep their notes on various tenses, including: (1) le présent, (2) l’impératif, (3) le futur proche, (4) le passé composé, (5) l’imparfait, (6) le futur, (7)
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Futur Proche: Les Planetes Rubric
This is a 1 page editable Word Document. This is a Rubric to guide students to 'colonize their own planets' using simple French Location and Activity Vocabulary. (Example vocabulary: faire de la natation à la piscine). The students add the information as outlined by the rubric and 'create their p
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FRENCH Les verbes
This document includes different verbs in different tenses. The verbs in the document are:être, avoir, savoir, devoir, courir, aller, faire, connaître, vouloir, pouvoir, mettre, boire.Each verbs are presented in different tense that are in the present, past and future. You can also find how and when
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Practice French using pronouns in context - Intermediate level activity
Practice French using pronouns in context - Intermediate level activityThis is a three part French lesson for intermediate level students that will assess three different skills: listening, reading, and choosing grammatically correct pronouns in a given context. It is a good idea to wait and have st

Also included in: French 3 Curriculum Bundle: Ça y est, je parle français!

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Equilibrium and Solutions Chemistry Homework Page Unit Bundle
These high school chemistry worksheets are full of pictures, diagrams, and deeper questions covering all aspects of solutions and equilibrium! This unit is meant to cover the basics of solvents, solutes, saturation, solubility, more-in-depth with precipitation reactions, Keq, Kp, Ksp, molar solubil
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8th Grade Activities - a Whole Year of Engaging Activities MEGA BUNDLE
Looking for activities for the whole year with your 8th grade ESL students ? Look no further: this amazing bundle contains 4 complete lessons that will help your students review the main grammar facts: simple present , simple past , present perfect and future. You will also get everything you need t
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Carnaval de Québec - Reading Comprehension + Activities
This is a reading comprehension package focused on Le Carnaval de Québec/the Quebec Winter Carnival. This package works very well with the Ontario Core French Curriculum (culture) for grade 5, but could be used in any French classroom to learn about the festival of Carnaval. Included in this package
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