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Social Media Safety Classroom Guidance Lesson for School Counseling
Social Media Safety: This classroom guidance lesson gives students the opportunity to evaluate 30 social media posts & scenarios to determine if they are safe or unsafe through a scoot activity. Students discuss their ideas and review guidelines for safely using social media apps and websites. T

Also included in: Classroom Guidance Lesson Bundle for Upper Elementary School Counseling

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Summer Safety Classroom Guidance Lesson for Elementary School Counseling
This classroom guidance lesson introduces students to 6 simple ways to keep themselves safe and healthy during the summer. Discuss staying hydrated, using sunscreen, staying away from areas with bugs, knowing where to find a First Aid kit, swimming only when adults are closely, and knowing the name

Also included in: End of the Year Counseling Activities: May Counseling Resource Bundle

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Personal Safety Classroom Guidance Lesson for Safe or Unsafe Touches
This elementary school counseling classroom guidance lesson reviews safe and unsafe touches. Student group sorts body contact cards into 3 categories (safe, unsafe, or unsure). Students practice Safety Superhero Skills to get away from unsafe situations! What's included: ⭐detailed, easy to use less

Also included in: Superhero Themed School Counseling Classroom Guidance Lesson Bundle

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Halloween Safety Classroom Guidance Lesson - Elementary School Counseling
This classroom guidance lesson is perfect for teaching Halloween safety skills to elementary school students! Begin the lesson by completing a card sort of safe and unsafe scenario. Students then complete either a safe scenario coloring activity (early elementary) or a safety planning activity (uppe

Also included in: October Elementary School Counseling Resource Bundle

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Discrete Trial Lessons for Safety Signs
Discrete Trials are an Evidence Based Practice for Autism. These lessons are perfect for the special education classroom. Included in this lesson is everything you need to teach students to identify 34 different safety signs. Also included are daily data collection sheets as well as data summary p
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Personal Safety Classroom Guidance Lesson Review Healthy Choices
This elementary school counseling classroom guidance lesson is for Kindergarten or early learners. Students distinguish between safe/healthy and unsafe/unhealthy behaviors/actions! Includes: lesson plan (objectives, outline, materials list, ASCA standards alignment), healthy/unhealthy behaviors/acti

Also included in: Kindergarten School Counseling Classroom Guidance Lesson Unit Bundle

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Personal Safety Centers: Safety Classroom Guidance Lesson
In this classroom guidance lesson, students rotate through 5 personal safety centers (I'm in charge of my body, no secrets, trust your gut, to help or not to help, and keep parents informed). At each center, students complete an individual or group activity and collect personal safety tiles to recor
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Personal Safety Classroom Guidance Lesson for Pre-K and Kindergarten Counseling
This classroom guidance lesson is for early learners. Students listen to a story about safety at the circus and then participate in a safe vs. unsafe group sorting activity! Students may also individually distinguish between safe vs. unsafe items in a coloring activity. Includes printable story, PPT

Also included in: Pre-K and Kindergarten Classroom Guidance Lesson Bundle for School Counseling

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Personal Safety Classroom Guidance Lesson for Elementary School Counseling
This classroom guidance lesson introduces students to safe and unsafe secrets. Discuss how safe secrets leave no one hurt, physically or emotionally, and do not leave anyone feeling unsafe or uneasy. In a movement-based activity, students will take turns sorting secret scenarios into safe or unsafe

Also included in: Safari Classroom Guidance Lessons for Early Elementary School Counseling

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Internet/Technology Safety Classroom Guidance Lesson (Upper Elementary)
This classroom guidance lesson introduces students to 4 guidelines for safely communicating online. Students work in small groups to determine whether given scenarios are safe or unsafe. Note: This lesson content is very similar to my third grade Internet safety lesson. The graphics are changed in t
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Classroom Guidance Lesson: Safety Skills - Safety STARS!
Use this classroom guidance lesson to introduce students to basic steps for taking action when faced with a potentially unsafe situation. Students demonstrate skills with skits in response to safety scenario cards. Includes lesson plan, visual aid, 8 safety scenario cards, 4 blank safety scenario ca
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Science Lab Safety and Classroom Management:  Bulletin Board and Lesson Plans
Introduce your students to Good Laboratory Practices. This packet contains everything you need to instruct your students in learning laboratory safety. It also helps manage a hands-on science classroom. Great for STEM. Easy preparation. Teachers will love seeing the students take control of the
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The SCOOP on Personal Safety Classroom Guidance Lesson on Stranger Danger
This is a companion lesson to be used with Julia Cook’s book, Smarter than the SCOOPERS. This lesson includes a fun, interactive power point presentation reinforcing the SCOOP acronym for personal safety. Following a discussion about the book, students practice as a class identifying safe and unsafe
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Technology Lesson Plans and Activities Grades K-5 Bundle
Over 200 lessons and activities for grades K-5 that will make a great addition to your technology curriculum. These lesson plans and activities will save you so much time coming up with what to do during your computer lab time. Ideal for a technology teacher or grade level teachers with mandatory la
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Health Lessons for High School 9-12: #1 Best-Selling Full Sem/Year Curriculum
★★★★-HIGH SCHOOL HEALTH LESSONS: This resource includes 183 Health lesson plans! It includes a 90-lesson, 18-unit set curriculum for one complete semester of Health, or add the additional 93 lessons included and teach this program as a FULL-YEAR HEALTH PROGRAM.-This curriculum is the #1 Best-Sellin
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Middle School Health Lessons 6th-9th Grade-#1 Best-Selling Middle School Program
Middle School Health Lessons - ★★★★This is TPT's #1 best-selling 6-9th Health curriculum! Get 212 lessons in this #1 Best-Selling Middle School Health curriculum. The lessons are divided into many different “Ready-to-Teach” programs; meeting your teaching needs whether you have 6th – 9th graders,
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ULTIMATE Elementary School Counseling Classroom Guidance Lesson Curriculum
This is the ULTIMATE classroom guidance lesson bundle! Make classroom guidance lessons a breeze ans give your school counseling program a boost with these engaging, interactive activities.Cover topics such as SMART goals, feelings, responsibility, career education, self-esteem, friendship and more w
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MegaBundle for Microsoft Office 2016, 2013 Lessons-Word PowerPoint Excel Outlook
THIS IS IT! Great for teachers tasked with teaching an entire Microsoft Office module, especially if part of a course with Certiport MOS Specialist Exam Certification requirements!Complete 4 course bundle of lesson plans for Microsoft Office 2016 & 2013 Applications: 35 Word lessons35 PowerPoin
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All Our Health Bundle- Lessons, Activities & Assessments for Grades 3-6
This bundle contains everything we've developed for expected and unexpected behaviors, managing feelings, bullying, drugs, tobacco abuse, vaccinations, goal setting, listening skills, cyberbullying, cooperation, jobs, volunteering, life changes, communication, teamwork, self-esteem, conflict resolut
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5th Grade Health Made Easy!: #1 BEST-SELLING Full Year 5th Grade Health Lessons
5th Grade Elementary Health Curriculum for Teachers on the Go! - ★★★★I am so excited for fifth grade teachers to see this unique "5th Grade Health Lessons" program! This is the #1 BEST-SELLING Full Year 5th Grade Health Curriculum on all of TPT! The whole year standards-based Heath curriculum is
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Drug Lessons: Get 15 Drug Lesson Plans in this BEST SELLING Drug Unit
Drug Unit-★★★★Get 15 Drug Lesson Plans in this BEST SELLING Drug Unit! Drugs can be a difficult subject to present to teens! This "Drug Unit" is one I taught to my own students and these health lessons are powerful! ***************************************************************** ★ These Health
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Year Long Classroom Guidance Lesson Unit School Counseling Interactive Notebook
60-Lesson Comprehensive Classroom Guidance Lesson Unit: This elementary school counseling classroom guidance lesson interactive notebook bundle contains classroom guidance lessons in the academic, career, & health (mental, emotional, social & physical) domains for 3 years' worth of lessons (
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Fire Safety Week Printables
Fire Safety: Fire Safety Week - Printables for First and Second Graders Fire Safety Week is almost here. Fire Safety Week (USA) 2017, is held from Sunday, October 8th to Saturday, October 14th. Updated to include 2017 dates. This file will be updated each year to included the current dates.
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Sex Ed. Lessons: This 4-Week Sexual Education Unit is a BEST SELLER!
Sex Ed. Lessons-★★★★Get the #1 best-selling "Sex Education Unit" on the whole TeachersPayTeachers website!! Make teaching "Sex Ed." easy! My 9th graders always tell me this is their favorite unit!! This Common Core aligned 4-week Sex Ed. Unit will help you present an engaging, medically-based, r
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