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The cards are written using the same font as used by Jolly Phonics. Each card shows upper case and lower case letters and also the Jolly Phonics picture to remind children how to say the sounds.The seven units have been colour coded to make it easy to quickly sort through them to find the sounds tha
These phonogram playdough mats allow for students to engage in a hands-on and fun activity that will assist them to learn the single letter Spalding phonograms (and qu) and the sound(s) they make. Students first roll the playdough out and construct the phonogram, following the outline provided. Th
Lets your students have fun playing memory while also reinforcing phonics skills! Each set contains a letter or digraph card and a corresponding picture for each letter. 2 sets of each type, one with a small hint box telling the corresponding card, one without.This set supports the Fundations Phonic
Clip Art - /K/ Sound Spelled /QU/: This set contains all of the images shown - 32 images (16 in color, 16 in a light line black and white, and 16 in a dark line black and white). Use the lighter line black and white image for larger images and the darker line for images that will be reduced. The ima
These sound wheels make it quick and easy for you to provide fun, hands-on phonogram activities for your students to work on their letter-sound correspondence by matching phonogram sounds to pictures. This engaging phonics activity is ideal for literacy centers and a great worksheet alternative. Stu
A full set of resources to teach The Jolly Phonics sounds - including the alternative sounds that are taught after the main sounds. This set includes:1. Jolly Phonics Picture and Letter Sounds Poster - LARGE2. Jolly Phonics Picture and Letter Flashcards - 42 sounds3. Jolly Phonics Letter and Digraph
This is a fun and engaging way to teach the sound of q and to help children remember that there is always a u after the q! Included in this pack is: -An original story written by me -Details of the wedding -The wedding script -Invitation to students -Parent letter -qu and /k/ pocket chart sort -qu
Reading research has confirmed how important it is for students to learn explicit phonetic skills. This classroom resource is worth the wall space! There are so many options here you can hang what your specific program or sequence needs. Options span from basic kindergarten phonics skills, to adv
This alphabet clip art set includes letters A to Z. There are 8 images per letter, however, E and U include 10 images per letter. A, I, and O include 4 initial short vowel images and 4 initial long vowel images. U includes 5 short vowel and 5 long vowel. E includes 6 short vowel and 4 long vowel. Wi
Beginning Sounds worksheets that are so fun because they have cute pictures and involve cutting and pasting FUN! 8 engaging letter sounds sort activities included. Students cut and paste the pictures in the boxes next to the letter/sound the word starts with. Simple yet effective!These are awesome p
Do you find yourself spending precious time, week after week, searching for Orton-Gillingham, concept-specific words and sentences for dictation? Re-creating differentiated practice worksheets and/or assessments with OG visual cues? Do you feel like prepping your OG Word & Sentence Dictation s
These sound cards are perfect for multisensory reading instruction as children greatly benefit from having pictures to associate with letter sounds. Use as a quick drill with students by having them say the name of the letter (or group of letters), the keyword picture, and the sound it makes (Ex: a-
If you are using the Fundations pacing calendar, this resource will cover the first 12 weeks of materials you will need for distance learning. Audio recordings are also included in this resource so students can listen to the sound and match the letter. Week 1: t,b,fWeek 2: n,m Week 3: i, uWeek 4 c,
This HUGE value bundle contains over 150 phonics posters! They feature high quality graphics and there are four poster designs to choose from.Four Designs To Choose From:* Rainbow borders with color font* 2 x Rainbow borders with black font * Primary color borders (red, blue, green, orange and yello
Check out this AMAZING Phonics BUNDLE created by a Jolly Phonics Trainer and co-author of the Jolly Songs! Included: letters and sounds charts, phonics activities, games & manipulatives, handwriting practice, phoneme blending and segmentation activities and more! {Kindergarten, Grade One, ESL} P
These worksheets are a fun, hands-on way for students to practice letter-sound correspondence. Students cut, sort, and glue the pictures onto the appropriate letter column as well as trace/write the letters. The sheets include all beginning consonants and short vowels as well as some beginning ble
This is Pack 1 of my Interactive Phonics Packs and it focuses on introducing the sounds: /s/, /a/ as in apple, /t/, /p/, /I/ as in igloo, /n/. There are 3 other packs that come after this one also available on my TPT store. Pack 2: /m/, /k/ as in cat, /g/, /o/ as in octopus, /b/, /f/Pack 3: /d/, /e/
This is the PowerPoint edition of this product.These interactive Slides are aligned to IMSE O-G Kindergarten through 3rd grade. These Slides are very colorful, interactive, and stay true to the curriculum. This is C-Qu of the Recipe only.With these slides, you will not need to shuffle through cards
These phonogram cards are perfect for multisensory reading instruction as children greatly benefit from having pictures to associate with letter sounds. Use as a quick drill with students by having them say the name of the letter (or group of letters), the keyword picture, and the sound it makes (Ex
Looking for a DAILY activity to introduce and reinforce the letters of the alphabet? Here it is! This exciting SMARTboard (.notebook) file is fun and easy to to use. No more scrounging around for a new lesson because this has a lesson for EACH day of the week... and for EACH letter of the alphabe
Everything you need for a Q and U Wedding! Q and U Wedding invitations, vows, activities, and crowns.....and so much more! Now included... Distance learning activities for the letter Q! Have fun teaching the Qu sound by having a Qu wedding in your classroom! This Qu wedding activity pack has ever
If you have taught even one child to read and write, or have strived to help a struggling student decode and spell, you have spent time dealing with all the different letter combinations that make each English phoneme (sound). Did you know that the English language has 1,100 different ways to spell
This is a poster for the wall that contains all seven units of Jolly Phonics. Each unit is on a separate line for easy and quick revision.The poster is written using the same font as used by Jolly Phonics. The poster includes both upper case and lower case letters and it also features a picture to h
Included in this product are worksheets for the single letter phonograms used in the Spalding Reading Program. They can be used with any child practicing phonics, phonograms, handwriting and spelling. Phonograms included are: a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n, o, p, r, s, t, u, v, w, x, y an

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