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levels of classification

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levels of classification

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Learning the Levels of Classification through a colorful activity! This activity will help students learn the eight levels of classification of living things. The levels included are: *Domain *Kingdom *Phylum *Class *Order *Family *Genus *Species Included in this file is a completed col
5th - 8th
This product addresses the 7 levels of classification and provides students with an opportunity to sort "cards" of living organisms in order to identify some or all of the 7 levels of classification of living things: KingdomPhylumClassOrderFamilyGenusSpeciesAccess to TpT Digital Activities Now Avail
Introductory graphic organizer activity to get students started learning about the taxonomy of living things. Great for beginning a unit on classifying organisms!Digital Module Available HERE.Grades: 6-10 | Key Concepts: scientific classification, taxa, taxonomyOverview:Students will create a mnemo
This product includes a short PowerPoint Presentation that addresses the Seven Levels and Five Kingdoms of Classification of Living Things and a corresponding one-page "Doodle Dat Notes" Page. What a fun way to have students take notes as you study and discuss the topic using the PowerPoint Presenta
This foldable is designed to introduce or reinforce the eight levels of classification. The template can be used for students to take notes in or as a reflective assignment. On the inside of each flap, I have my students write a short description of the level and an example. **********************
This is a great lesson for students to research their favorite animal and find out the classification based on the 8 levels of classification. I have directions where students scan a QR code and use the iPad's to explore the different animals or I also included directions that take the students dir
5th - 9th
Save when you purchase both levels of classification products together! This bundle includes the following products... Let's Build: Levels of Classification - Student Version Let's Build: Levels of Classification Anchor Chart Click on product pages above for full previews. Learning the Levels o
4th - 7th
The Wright Ladies present the perfect introduction notes for Levels of Classification. Covers the eight basic levels and binomial nomenclature. Included in this download are editable and PDF versions of the following: -student copy of notes & mnemonic page -composition notebook version of stud
This product is to introduce how animals are classified. It was made for use with an interactive board but can just as well be used on the computer and serve as an interactive lesson. The lesson includes practicing classifying fish based on physical attributes and where they live. Then it breaks
Build an anchor chart with your students! This anchor chart will help students visualize the eight levels of classification of living things. The levels included are: *Domain *Kingdom *Phylum *Class *Order *Family *Genus *Species Included in this file is a color version and a black and
5th - 8th
This product is a GOOGLE SLIDES version of my popular product (7 Levels and 5 Kingdoms of Classification of Living Things) which includes a short PowerPoint Presentation that addresses the Seven Levels and Five Kingdoms of Classification of Living Things and a corresponding one-page "Doodle Dat Note
Looking for a digital activity that will engage your biology or life science students as they learn about levels of classification and taxonomy? I've created a quick activity that can be used at any point during your unit to assess student understanding of the levels of biological classification. T
9th - 12th
This product includes a set of Cornell notes, a mnemonic, fold-able activity, a 34 slide presentation (PDF and not editable), and a mini quiz built into the presentation on classification. This product is included in my Classification Complete Interactive Notebook!This lesson covers the following to
This project is perfect for digital or distance learners. Students learn detail about each level of biological classification in an engaging and fun format. There are links to multiple free manipulatives and resources. Students are guided through a three-dimensional experience, which increases engag
How do scientists keep track of so many millions of kinds of animals and plants? They use taxonomy, and in this unit, students discover the basics behind classification in both the animal and plant kingdoms, starting at the domain level and following through to the species. Scientific names, what it
In this google draw, students will arrange the levels of classification in order using a bull's eye diagram. In addition, they will practice writing a scientific name using the correct format. This activity is designed to take less than ten minutes for all students to complete. Some students can fin
6th - 10th
This product contains an INB page for the levels of classification (not including domain). I have my students color-code the levels and then add notes in varying detail (depends on which grade we're using it in).The file is a PDF but if you purchase and would like the editable Word document, I'd be
This is a great study tool for anyone learning the 7 levels and the 5 chordata Mnemonic device for remembering the following: 7 LEVELS OF CLASSIFICATION KINGDOM PHYLUM CLASS ORDER FAMILY GENUS SPECIES 5 CLASSES OF CHORDATA AGNATHA AVES MAMMALS CHODRICHTHYES OSTIEICHTYES AMPHIBIAN REPTILE
5th - 10th
1) You will make a comparison table and write a paragraph comparing the levels of classification for two animals. 2) This assignment will include a graphic (table/chart) and a paragraph. 3) What you need to include: a. In your GRAPHIC – Details included in product. b. In your PARAGRAPH: - De
3rd - 12th
2 color and doodle pages covering levels of classification, taxonomyExample: Homo sapiensblack and white + colored versionsCredits: Icons designed by Freepik from Flaticon Terms of Use: Purchase of this product is for single classroom use by the purchaser only. It is a violation for individuals, sch
5th - 8th
Students will create a mnemonic phrase and illustration to help remember the order of the levels of classification. (Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species)
5th - 9th
The activity is meant to help students create and use a mnemonic memory trick in order to memorize the eight levels of classification. Most students have learned a memory trick for the planets, so they’re usually familiar with the idea of the strategy.The fill-in page is meant to be copied for the s
5th - 8th
Give your students all the practice they need using this levels of classification sort. Just print all the copies you need (2/page), cut, and organize into sandwich bags. Easy for those early finishers to grab, or students that need that extra practice. Contains: Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Famil
7th - 9th
These flashcards can be printed front to back and then cut out giving you flashcards to use with your students when studying the different levels of data (nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio).
9th - 12th

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