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As seen on my Twitter! In this document you will receive a Georgia License Plate template created in Google Drawings (made to actual license plate size) and also a rubric to use for this project! The rubric is designed to fit the Georgia Standards of Excellence standard for grade 3.In this download
License 2 B U: A Creativity Project LICENSE 2 B U is a creativity project from Destination: Imagination via Creative Thinking, Vol 2. This FREE product allows you to try Vol 2 before you buy it! Build your students' understanding of vanity plates, car license plates that convey a personalized messag
Using their knowledge about Elements on the Periodic Table, students will make custom license plates. They will be creating a word using the symbols of various elements. This project took three days (in class). Day 1 was for research, Day 2 was the rough draft, and Day 3 was the final draft however
Plate Tectonics STEM Challenges The perfect challenges for students who are studying Plate Tectonics and Earth Science! This resource has science, technology, engineering, and measurement activities to do with your upper elementary kids that will really enhance their learning! There are 2 Plate
Plate Tectonics Projects for Google Classroom! 2 digital projects for your students! Earth Science Series This product contains 2 digital projects that students can complete using Google Slides! This resource has a brochure project and an info-graphic / poster project. Each student-centered p
This activity is an easy way to get to know your kids on the first day of school, and it also makes a great hallway decoration. Included is an editable powerpoint (you simply add text boxes and shapes to the PNGs) with full instructions, projectable step-by-step instructions for your class, a works
Looking for a creative and fun way for your students to research and learn about the 50 States? Look no further! This is a great at-school or at-home project in which students create a paper mobile of an assigned state. Students will be proud to show off their hard work and the mobiles make a lovely
Project Overview: Students will design a three- dimensional eukaryotic cell model which includes representations of the major organelles.Digital Cell Lab Available HERE.Grade Level: 6th-10th | Duration: 90 minutes (each) | Content: Life Science – Animal Cells, Organelles, EukaryotesAcademic Vocabula
This is a mini-project in which students will use the elements of the periodic table to create a personalized "license plate". In doing this, students will be introduced to the chemical symbols of the Periodic Table of Elements. They will be able to recognize that capital letters denote new/separat
This product is an earth model project. It comes with written directions and a rubric. Students will engage in creating a model of the earth to include the layers of the earth, sea-floor spreading, the three types of plate boundaries, and demonstrate convection currents. This product is part of my P
This tri-fold brochure is an innovative, fun, and versatile way to solidify your students learning of Plate Tectonics while applying a real-world application. . Below are some possible ideas:-Can be used in a multi-discipline area such as Science and Social Studies -Promotes higher levels of thinkin
LEARNING MADE FUN! Students will create a state license plate using information they have learned learned in class. A great way to review the geography, symbols, parks, regions of their state, etc. These will look great on display in your classroom! Students of all ages love to see their work ha
This is a research project for any one of the fifty United States. Students will conduct research, fill out the questionnaire, and teacher will grade the project using the included rubric. Questions students will answer include: the state's population, where the state is located, what the state's fl
The Alberta government is calling for submissions for ideas for a new provincial license plate. They would like the plates to represent the role the provincial government plays in citizen’s lives. You will need to submit a drawn plate design and one paragraph explanation of how the symbols you have
This is a member of about 55 other activity templates that are based on the Multiple Intelligence Theory. This template uses the following multiple intelligences: linguistic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and spatial. This template was designed as a mixed ability level cooperative learning activity
These ten creative Math projects will change the way Math is delivered and perceived in the school by crossing curriculum boundaries and forming a link with the real world at the same time. The projects allow and motivate the students to explore their Math selves in a variety of ways, get them thin
This is a step-by-step state project to help your students research and learn all about a state of their choice. Includes the following information: state symbols (flower/bird/tree/animal), state basics (population/date of statehood/motto/capital), climate, governor, license plate, flag, tourist att
Alphabet Clip Art Alphabet and Numbers // Classroom Decor SetGive your classroom some spice with this unique and versatile license plate clip art set! Each letter and number has two options to choose from. Perfect for digital use, bulletins boards, or making your own TpT products! Important: This is
*NEWLY ADDED LABELS!* These license plate labels are perfect for a travel theme! They are great for a daily calendar on the side of your whiteboard/chalkboard for your students to know what their daily schedule is going to be. Works best if you laminate and add magnets to the back so that they are
*This project can be completed digitally or with traditional supplies. The sample provided was done digitallyDigital skills and techniques can include cut and paste, masking, typography and fonts, filters, selection tools, etc. It is up to the teacher and the skills being taught and the skill level
I use this assignment as a way to involve families in their children's mathematical education. This project, involves hands on learning experiences that make math relevant and fun! My students love to present their final reports! This cross-curricular project incorporates student choice and is ready
Plate Tectonics Research Brochure Project - this project fits on ONE PAGE! Perfect if you need to cover this topic, but need a condensed lesson unit! Use this as a guide for your own lesson or as an independent Internet research project.This resource has been developed as a crossover lesson of langu
50 States Activities BundleThis is a fun activity for Elementary, Middle, and ESL students to learn about our states and be creative! These assignments are great for classroom decor and fun way to do projects and class presentations!!! 3 Fun Activities:State Trading Cards- Your students can create
Explore Canada with these provincial and territorial license plates! There is a license plate for each of the 10 provinces and 3 territories as well as a Canadian "symbol" plate, a front cover, a map of Canada, and 2 blank license plates for you to use however you wish. Each license plate has:- pro

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