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life after people

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life after people

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History Channel's original video Life After People shows students what will happen if humans disappeared from the planet. The video worksheet is to act as a viewing guide to keep students on task and watching the video. The questions go in order with the video.
9th - 12th
This is a set of prediction questions for the documentary movie "Life After People" (NOT the TV program). I used these questions for middle years science as enrichment but it could also work in a middle years English class. The students answer the questions before watching the documentary then check
Student Loans and DebtInvesting Wisely in Your Education Student debt has become a serious problem in American. The average student that graduates from college has over $37,500 in student debt. After graduating college, many people struggle to find good paying careers and make their student loan pay
Students read 3 brief paragraphs on 9/11 and the memories of a high school senior on 9/11. They then answer 5 discussion questions and determine from 15 statements/scenarios which refer to life before 9/11 and which represent life after 9/11 (the answers are included). For the discussion questions
Music has accompanied every major social movement of the 20th and 21st centuries in America. Power to the People is designed to help students unpack the construction, meaning, and influence of protest and social justice music. This NO PREP handbook includes: -9 detailed lessons -Reproducible s
Learn about the immigrants that came to Canada during the Third Wave (1890s-1910s). Students learn about traveling to Canada, timelines, and how immigrants lived in early Canada. The activities include writing, reading, drawing, presenting, collaborating in groups, and working individually, with onl
This file contains questions for all 21 chapters of Susan Beth Pfeffer's Life As We Knew It. Each activity begins by setting a purpose for reading. Students are then asked to answer three questions per chapter and then choose one of the two extension activities to complete. In my experience this is
6th - 9th
Take your students on a fun and exciting journey of developing their own original character through this 2 week active unit! Students will build their own original character from scratch through a variety of activities slowly developing the physical attributes of their character along with a rich ch
This lesson helps students think about the many options after high school, We want them all to be college and career ready, but many students are often confused by the many options available to them after High School Graduation. In this lesson: • Students will be able to identify how much basic n
Help you students understand that evolution happens all the time, all around them, and affects their lives! In this activity students will think about antibiotics, how often they are prescribed, and how often people finish all of their antibiotics. After a discussion, students will watch a PBS Evolu
7th - 12th
Send your students on web scavenger hunt to discover how people of the American Revolution lived. Navigating through Colonial Williamsburg's educational and interactive website, students will explore the world's largest living history museum. They will browse through primary source text, online obje
6th - 12th
Discover the truth about Christopher Columbus, with this close reading passage and comprehension question resource. Students record their schema about Christopher Columbus prior to reading. After reading about the life, rule, and treatment of Indigenous people under Columbus, students answer questi
This is a bundle of 2 highly animated, power point presentation on the Life of Jesus and the Events Leading up to His Crucifixion. The total number of slides in the presentations is 72. Each of the slides are editable so you can modify the slides if you need to. Jesus, the Christ was born circa 6 B.
6th - 12th, Adult Education, Staff
This lesson introduces students to the Egyptian beliefs of Ka (a person's life force/soul) and Ba (a person's personality). Students will then be able to explore the Egyptian ideas of the Afterworld, or what happens to a person after their physical body dies. In addition, students will be able to se
Civil War: African American Life in the South Before and After the Civil War Venn Diagram - Compare and Contrast - King Virtue's Classroom Students will love practicing what you've taught them about the Civil War and the lives of the African American people living in the South! Using a Venn Diagram
4th - 5th
Students must think of a survey question that can be answered numerically. Then, they must go out into their community or school and ask at least 15 people their question. After collecting their data, they must find the minimum, maximum, range, mean, median, and mode. Also, they must graph their
4th - 8th
This bundle contains two popular products:1) US President Sorting Mats: This fun, hands on activity will allow students to review their knowledge of US presidents. These sorting mats will challenge students to recall the information they have studied and use their critical thinking skills to fill
My personal world The representation of the location of places and their features on maps and a globe (ACHGK001) The places people live in and belong to, their familiar features and why they are important to people (ACHGK002) The Countries/Places that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island
Students need to learn about a variety of jobs in order to prepare them for life after high school. In this Career Study, students will explore the job of a Stock Person. This product includes the following materials:Adapted book: You can either print these, laminate, and assembled into a book and u
"Nevertheless," which tells of a burglar who oddly enough reaches regeneration through two children and a dictionary. But the very whimsicality of the play is its true charm. Whether one likes "Nevertheless" depends entirely upon one's point of view. If one looks at it in the cold gray light of mi
This Person Centered Planning Profile allows students to visually outline their vision towards transitioning into life after high school. This transition assessment is divided into the following categories: About MeStrengthsGoalsWhat WorksWhat Doesn't A completed profile would be great to share du
Students choose a famous person from the list (page 2) or one they are interested in and not on the list. Then, use the template to describe the person's life journey in stages or categories. Simple but impactful lesson recipe and plan. After, students can present their famous person to the class o
Life After Loss: Contemporary Grief Counseling and TherapyThe process of grief does not change a person as much as it reveals another part of the self.Life After Loss: Contemporary Grief Counseling and Therapy is a reader friendly book with tools, techniques, and compass points to help others with t
Not Grade Specific
Aligns with SIPPS Intervention Extension Lesson 6.There are 3 different activities in this SLIDES presentation for students to practice their sight words: after, large, every 1-Students find the sight words in a paragraph.2-students fill in the blank sentences using Sight Words3-Students match the s

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