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light investigations

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Includes both PDF and Easel Activities for Google Classroom distance learning, and in-person STEM learning.Teach Students About Groundhog Day in a Hands-on Way with STEM!Engage students in a Groundhog Day exploration where they investigate how groundhogs see their shadows. Students learn about how l
Sound and Light Light and Sound The following unit was designed out of a need (for me) to understand, learn and bring to my first grade classroom the Next Generation Science Standards for light and sound. Included in this Unit: A Table of Contents including hyperlinks to the locations as well as
Your students will have lots of fun with this science! This resource aligns to the NGSS: 1-PS4-3 standard about testing different materials to see if light passes through them. There are colorful posters defining the words and giving examples. Directions are given for the investigation. Students
Students will love investigating light energy with these simple stations. Each of these mini investigations will take about 4 minutes. Students will be prompted to answer a simple question and/or draw what they see.Instructions and material lists are included. This is a great companion to my Energ
"An absolute must for the study of light!" Looking for Simple Science Labs that turn complicated Physical Science Standards into kid-friendly concepts? Before I begin teaching a Science Unit to my students I look at the standards I’m meant to cover and break them down into “Big Ideas” that the stu
A light energy lab where students test to see if the light transmits, reflects, absorbs, or refracts. Directions for setup are included. FL-SC.5.P.10.1 FL-SC.4.P.10.1 FL-SC.3.P.10.3 FL-SC.3.P.10.4
A complete science inquiry project about shadows, including Alberta curriculum outcomes and a simple kid-friendly rubric.
2nd - 5th
Waves: Sound & Light is a comprehensive Grade 1 NGSS Unit with engaging hands-on investigations for students. Additionally, this unit includes complete lessons that follow the 5E’s protocol (Engage, Explain, Explore, Elaborate, Evaluate) for each investigation. Furthermore, supporting resources
Have you seen the preview? This activity made teaching the Domain and Range tangible for my students. It is a matter of pretending to hold a Flash Light and figuring out where the shadow falls on the x-axis and the y-axis A visual representation on how to use the flash light is included in this a
7th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Children will participate in a science investigation where they have to use mirrors to reflect light around corners in a maze. We used this project as an alternative to making periscopes.Learning intentions are planned alongside the 2014 National Curriculum of England, but NGSS standards from the Un
Not Grade Specific
This product contains 5 investigations to help your students learn all about light. The first two pages are the recording sheets for students to fill out as they rotate through the science centers. The last 5 pages are the center cards that explain the directions for each investigation. For each cen
When you purchase and download this resource, you will receive an 18 page booklet. It includes all you need to achieve success in exploring light within your classroom.This project is aimed at developing both skills in STEM/SCIENCE learning alongside team work skills, problem solving, cooperation an
This is a short science investigation. It is a simple inquiry investigation, taking around 30-45 minutes to complete. Students will be asked to observe light traveling from a flashlight. They will be asked to make predictions, observations, and to make a conclusion--based on any new learning.
The Light Energy: Reflection Investigations packet from Beaker & Book can be used as a whole-class lesson or can be used in Science Stations. It includes: • 12 Reflection Investigations Task Cards • Teacher Background Information These Tasks Cards are aligned to TEKS student expectations teste
Fair Test Investigation: Plant Growth Conditions // effects of lightScience Inquiry Skills | Elements of A Fair Test //Plant Growth InvestigationThis Fair Test Investigation Pack is a fun way to explicitly teach children about the elements of a fair test. This pack has been designed to align with th
Light and shadows are easy to take for granted, but when you look closely you will notice amazing qualities. Shadows change shape and grow. Lights become dimmer and brighter. They affect our mood. In this multi-day lesson plan, students will engage in a scientific investigation: exploring the qualit
The is a great lab to teach transfer of light/heat energy. Students will investigate on which piece of paper the ice cube will melt the quickest (white, black, green, red, purple, or yellow). This investigation can be done outside (sun - light/heat energy) or indoors using a desk lamp. This lab repo
This Spangler Phenomenon lesson about analog and digital signals is crafted to include a video created by Steve Spangler exclusively for Kesler Science. The interactive investigation will keep your students on the edge of their seats and engage their analytical skills with this Really Big Question:
The Light Energy: Refraction Investigations packet from Beaker & Book contains 8 Task Cards that can be presented in whole-class instruction or in Science Stations. This packet includes: • Teacher Background Information • 8 Refraction Investigations Task Cards • Student Recording Sheets • Patte
The long-term cost of different bulb types is explored in this investigation. Making a decision between LED, Incandescent or Fluorescent bulbs involves using tables and graphs to make an informed selection. Get your students involved in discovering how their understanding of rates and ratios can hel
5th - 7th
I created this lesson during distance learning. I adapted our Science investigations with mirrors and light beams to make them at home friendly. This lesson includes 3 separate investigations with mirrors and light beams including: How can we redirect a light beam?; Investigating light outside; and
K - 3rd
A fun way to explore how light behaves with certain objects. This meets the 4th grade Common Core Standards for light energy. Included is a quick vocabulary check, a lab sheet that includes predictions and actual results. Students then reflect on the investigation by answering a reflection questions
A Day in History – Investigation Station is a series of fun sleuthing research and writing activities based on a single event on a specific day in history! This resource focuses on the day that Thomas Edison invented a practical electric light for home use!Students will learn about an event and
2 science investigations on the topic of light Lesson 1 - Investigating how the size of a shadow changes as the distance of an object from a light sources changes Lesson 2 - Investigating how the angle of a shadow changes as the angle of a light source changes There is a zipped folder containing a

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