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This set of Graph Task Cards will help students read and interpret line plots, bar graphs, and pictographs. There are 60 unique cards covering Common Core Standards covering measurement and data for three types of graphs.I have them laminated in a basket for students to use during math center time.
Help your students develop proficiency reading and understanding line plots with these 40 MATH TASK CARDS! Each printable page includes 2 large task cards making it easy for students to analyze each line plot. Use these task cards to teach/practice the fundamental skill or prep for test day! THIS PR
These task cards meet common core state standard CCSS Math Content F-IF.7a Graph linear functions and show intercepts. These task cards can be used to determine the x and y intercepts from lines in standard form and also to use the intercepts to graph the lines. The task cards come as two sets wi
This is a set of 40 Line Graph Task Cards. You can use them in a math station, for early finishers, or a gallery walk where students record their answers. A recording sheet and answer sheet have been provided.
Twenty-four task cards are provided covering a mix of vertical bar graphs, horizontal bar graphs, pictographs, and line plots. Twelve different graphs are used. Each graph has two questions about its data. Each task card has a multiple choice word problem about the graph’s data. Word problems includ
This graphing bundle includes a total of 96 task cards and four graph quizzes. Your purchase will included four separate sets of task cards with 24 task cards in each set. Each task card has a multiple choice word problem about the graph’s data. Word problems include addition, subtraction, multi-ste
Great for visual learners. Students analyze a Linear Graph to determine the equation using Slope and Intercepts. This activity is perfect for Algebra 1 or 2. Student determine the equation of a line in Slope Intercept Form from a graph. Great Intuitive activity, especially for visual learners. I
Slope. Students will identify the slope of 16 graphs in this task cards resource. Each graph requires students to carefully analyze the increments on the x- and y- axes. Great practice for reviewing "Rise over Run." This resource was designed as task cards but its format can easily be made into an
These task cards align with Virginia Math SOL 4.14: Students will interpret information from bar and line graphs. A total of 20 graphs are included, 10 bar graphs and 10 line graphs. Students analyze a new graph with each task card. Most task cards include 2 questions for each graph for a total of
Have you spent some time teaching graphing? Are students making the same mistakes over and over? Have them catch the mistakes with this task card activity.This product consists of 8 task cards; each with a set of data and a line graph that is graphed incorrectly (with at least 2 mistakes). Student
Your students will get lots of practice finding the slope of a line from a graph with this Google® Slides resource, an interactive NO PREP, Paperless activity designed to reinforce your students skills with the graphs of linear functions. Included PDF with links to the product. You do not need to
Grab these 32 Graphs & Line Plots Task Cards to help your students review graphing. These are perfect for review, Scoot game, math center, assessment tool, or test prep! ⭐Save BIG with BUNDLES!!! This product is also avaliable in a MEGA BUNDLE of math task cards found here: Math Centers and Rev
This printable includes 4 sets of task cards of task cards that relate to reading and interpreting graphs. With this bundle you will have task cards on how to read: line graphs, bar graphs, circle graphs and a mixed graph set.Each set has 4 graphs, and each graph has 8 questions that relate to it-
This set of task cards gives students the opportunity to practice the skills they need to become proficient when working with integers. The task cards are broken down into the following categories: Writing Integers Writing Expressions Based Upon Integers Identifying Points on a Number Line Identify
Graphs : bar graphs : frequency tables : tally tables : picture graphs : line plots. This resource goes perfect with any math graphing unit, but is a great accompaniment to 3rd Grade Go Math Chapter 2 or as a review for standardized testing. This spring graphing pack reviews tally charts, frequenc
40 Task Cards. Teach your students how to read and interpret a line graph, bar graph, or pie chart from a word problem or given data. Challenge your students to think more critically and become better mathematicians. Start your students on their way to becoming better problem graphic interpre
Print, Cut/Copy, Go!I created this set of task cards to solidify and verify my students’ knowledge of graphing inequalities on a number line. I have this set with both the equation and the completed number line. This set could be used for as a whole group activity or a small group lesson or for a st
These task cards give students practice with the following concepts:•Collecting, organizing, and representing data in bar graphs and line graphs•Interpreting data represented in bar graphs and line graphs•Comparing two different representations of the same data (chart and bar graph, chart and line g
This set includes a variety of Stem and Leaf Plot and Line Graph problems. Students will have the opportunity to interpret and create Stem and Leaf Plots. Students will also be able to interpret line graphs. There are 4 TASK cards per page and there are a total of 52 TASK cards so that your student
Great practice identifying EQUATION OF LINES using SLPOE-INTERCEPT FORM! Students choose the equation that matches the line on each coordinate plane (grid).Please remember to review all purchases so you can earn TpT credits to be used on future products.You can find FREE PRODUCTS for my store at: F
This is great resource for practicing or reviewing how to write and graph equations of parallel and perpendicular lines in slope-intercept form. Additionally, students will practice how to convert from standard form to slope-intercept form! This activity includes 9 task cards that can be handed ou
Set of 64 total task cards / matching cards. These cards have been designed to be used to review a unit on graphing linear functions from standard form.Students are given an equation in standard form. They will match this card to the equation in slope-intercept form. Then students will identify t
This printable includes 32 total task cards that relate to reading and interpreting LINE graphs.There are 4 graphs (all are line graphs). Each graph has 8 questions that relate to it, and task cards are clearly labeled for what graph they go to. This activity can be used in many ways to support your
These are a set of 6 free line graph task cards. My students have a hard time getting all the information they need in graphs, so I made these to help them practice. T.I.C.A.L.S. is the acronym I use to teacher them all the parts of a graph they need to remember to include to communicate their info

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