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linear equation foldable

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linear equation foldable

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This foldable walks students through 8 examples. They will learn how to write an equation in slope-intercept form, given:1. The slope & the y-intercept2. A graph3. A point & the slope4. Two points that the line passes throughPre-requisite knowledge: finding slope (given a graph or two point
7th - 10th
This foldable is designed for interactive math notebooks.This foldable walks students through substitution scenarios in which:1. One equation is set equal to a variable 2. No equation is set equal to a variable3. Both equations are set equal to a variableEach tab shows the first step process, wh
This foldable is organized into 3 tabs: *One Solution *No Solution *Infinitely Many Solutions Under each tab, students will work out two problems. The first will ask students to transform the equations into slope-intercept form and graph them on the coordinate plan provided. The second question
This bundle includes 23 foldables related to linear equations PERFECT for interactive notebooks! I use these for guided instruction.All files include an answer key! You may also be interested in some of my mega foldable bundles: ★ The Ultimate Foldable & Activity Bundle for 5TH GRADE MATH★ The
7th - 10th
This writing linear equations from word problems foldable includes practice with writing linear equations from various types of scenarios, and then applying that equation to solve for a piece of information from a real word scenario. Emphasized in this product is the case where we are creating an eq
Option 1:This foldable is organized into 3 tabs: 1. What is Standard Form (also includes transforming equations from slope-intercept and point-slope to standard) 2. Writing equations given a point and the slope 3. Writing equations given two points Option 2: 1. What is Standard Form 2. Writing
8th - 10th
Systems of Equations. This resource provides students with one example of each of the three methods for solving systems of equations: Graphing Method, Elimination Method and Substitution Method. Also includes a blank version for student created notes. Perfect for Interactive Notebooks...Easy to f
7th - 11th

Also included in: Algebra 1 Activities Bundle

This foldable is seperated into three tabs: -Slope-Intercept Form -Point-Slope Form -Standard Form Under each tab, students will write the form of the line and what information can be pulled out of that particular equation (slope, intercept, point, etc). It will then ask students to graph an equa
8th - 10th
These foldables are designed for interactive math notebooks.First foldable:This foldable is designed to walk the students though 2 examples of each scenario when graphing systems of equations.1. Two examples of one solution (consistent & independent)2. Two examples of infinitely many solutions
This PDF can serve as a graphic organizer to reinforce understanding of Linear Equations/Equations of Lines OR it can be folded and cut into a great interactive notebook foldable. The document explains Standard Form, Slope, Slope Intercept & Point Slope Forms of equations by showing the formula/
6th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
This is an interactive page on writing linear equations from a graph. Students will follow the steps given to determine the equations of 2 lines that are shown on a graph included in the foldable page. Photographic instructions are included! Interactive Notebooks are a great way to share informat
Linear Equation Solutions Cheat Sheet - Foldable Intersecting, parallel, and identical lines are featured with clear examples. One Solution, No solution, and Infinitely Many Solutions are shown via graph, linear equations, and worked out solutions to their system of equations. Discussion of sl
7th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
This foldable provides students with an organized set of practice problems on the following skills: • Slope • Slope- Intercept Form • Point- Slope Form • Standard Form • Parallel & Perpendicular Lines Each tab includes a variety of questions such as graphing, writing equations from graphs, wri
This file contains (2) single page PDF documents that explains the process of writing linear equations when given certain information: points, a graph or points and slope. The file includes (2) different forms of the same document: (1) is partially completed with room for students to complete an e
6th - 12th, Adult Education
This is a revised version of my other Determining Linear Equations foldable. My other version is great, but this one I found to be so helpful in my classroom.There is a spot to teach the basic about Standard form, and then 3 example of linear equations and 3 examples that are not linear.Each exampl
This foldable organizes the process and 4 examples for solving linear and quadratic equations using substitution and graphing. An answer key is included! You may also be interested in some of my foldable bundles: The Ultimate 7th GRADE MATH Foldable & Activity BundleThe Ultimate PRE-ALGEBRA F
8th - 10th
This foldable organizes the steps to graph linear equations. It is a great addition to an interactive notebook or just as a stand alone foldable in your student's notes.There are three flaps in the foldable. The flaps are for organizing standard form, slope-intercept form, and vertical and horizon
Linear Equations Slope Intercept Graphs Foldable Graphic Organizer Interactive Notebook This is a 2 page PDF foldable that pertains to Writing, Solving, Converting and Graphing Linear Equations in Slope Intercept Form and Standard Form. This PDF can be printed (double-sided) for use in an interac
6th - 12th, Adult Education
This is a foldable designed for interactive math notebooks. It guides students through 3 scenarios in which students must find the zero, explain what the zero represents, and graph the equation to find the zero that way.Each word problem incorporates a real-world problem that students can relate to
This foldable provides a great introduction to graphing linear inequalties. It is broken up into the following tabs: *Example 1: Determine whether an ordered pair lies on the graph of an equation *Example 2: Solve equations for y. *Example 3: Graph linear equations (using a function table) *Examp
7th - 9th
Directions: Print out this foldable two sided, flipped on the short edge. Fold in to the center line and then cut on the dotted lines, removing the top rectangles to keep the title exposed. Use to teach or review how to graph linear equations written in standard form by solving for the x and y inter

Also included in: 8th Grade Math Bundle

Complete lesson, start to finish at your finger tips. The lesson introduces writing linear equations in point-slope form. The foldable is a great guided practice, the interactive notebook is a great way for students to collaborate and create and manipulate, the practice sheet can be used to reinforc
This bundle includes all of my foldables and activities/ resources associated with Systems of Linear Equations taught in Common Core 8th Grade Math/ Pre-Algebra.Includes the following products:Graphing Linear Systems (Foldable)Graphing Linear Systems-option 2 (Foldable)Graphing Linear Systems (Pract
Complete lesson, start to finish at your finger tips. The lesson introduces writing linear equations in standard form. The foldable is a great guided practice, the interactive notebook is a great way for students to collaborate and create and manipulate, the practice sheet can be used to reinforce,

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