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Rapid Research Presentation Package - Elements
This product allows a student to have a framework for gathering research information regarding a specific topic. This information can then be compiled and presented to the class in an efficient manner. The Rapid Research Presentation Package includes: 1. a planning sheet to be printed and/or atta
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My Ideal Vacation NGSS Climate/Natural Hazards (Project-Based Learning)
This project-based learning assignment guides students through an inquiry process to determine their ideal summer vacation spot. Students research the climate and weather and graph the data (3-ESS2-1), discover natural landforms and hazards (3-ESS2-2), and learn about their region's attractions in o

Also included in: All PBL, Research, and Writing Units! (Benchmark Advance)

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Volcano Project (Making Model Volcanoes)
This is a project that involves researching and making model volcanoes. Students were divided into groups and each group was assigned a specific volcano to research. They were to create a model volcano that resembled the volcano they researched. Then they presented their findings to the class and
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Planets - Project Based Learning Unit
This is a complete Project Based Learning (PBL) unit on the 8 major planets in our Solar System. This 4-5 week unit is aligned to both Common Core Standards for writing, speaking and listening, and Arizona State Standards for science and planets. Through this PBL, students will work to select a plan
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Wild Weather Task Cards and Project
Have fun teaching students about wild weather! Students will create PowerPoint presentations based on research guided through task cards. This research will be the foundation of information in their self created PowerPoints. Save money when you purchase the Water Cycle Bundle Each student will be g

Also included in: Weather Unit Bundle | Water Cycle 2nd Grade

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Earth's Changing Surface - Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition
This unique lesson plan contains three VERY engaging lesson plans that focus on forces that change Earth's surface. Students interact with text to become experts on a specific force within weathering, erosion, or deposition. In groups, students create a presentation to teach classmates how forces c
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Drawing Science: Earth Sciences
This book is for students with reading and listening comprehension deficits. It is ideal for visual and kinesthetic learners, particularly those who love to draw, but it can be beneficial for students with other learning preferences and interests as well. It covers the California Science standar
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Food Chain-- Wanted! Icky, Stinky, Dead Stuff. Scavengers Got to Eat Too.
Activities fit into an ecosystem unit and focus on what scavengers are. Don’t look inside this book if you get sick at your stomach easily! Why? Because this book contains photos of creatures eating slimy, rotten, gross stuff. What would eat that? You have to read the book to find out. What will
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