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Montessori LIVING and NON-LIVING Category Sorting Cards Contains 12 Living and 12 Non-living picture cards and 2 Category Label Each picture card is 3 x 3" Sort the picture cards into the categories living and nonliving by placing below category label
Animals, Living and Nonliving Things VocabularyThis set includes 10 pages of vocabulary picture cards (40 cards in all).Animals: grow, move, offspring, parent, shelter, food, water, air, animals, amphibians, birds, fish, invertebrates, mammals, reptiles, eat, hatch, run, hop, fly, swim, slither, fl
These living and nonliving vocabulary sheets are perfect for preschoolers or ESL students! This set includes de following vocabulary words: people animals plants grow move reproduce need energy breathe react to things nonliving things car toy clock pencil chair table fire water robot cell phone lam
Small Packet including descriptions for living and non living, vocab picture cards for living and non living and a picture sort worksheet!
These vocabulary word cards include pictures and are great for your science word wall! Words Included: living, non-living, animals, plants, life cycles, needs, egg, tadpole, frog, caterpillar, chrysalis, butterfly, chick, chicken, seed, roots, leaf, stem, petals, soil, flower, tree If you like th
Are you looking for an activity to develop the vocabulary of your students? These types of living and non-living things differentiated templates support the vocabulary development of the students in your class! Choose the template that best meets the individual learning needs of your students. Use t
QR Code Living and Non-Living Vocabulary Center links to 12 different videos to engage students in an independent center activity. Students learn about key science vocabulary words by watching short engaging videos about each vocabulary word. 2 QR codes are included for each of these vocabulary wo
Check out these vocabulary cards, made for interactive science notebooks, within an NGSS-aligned curriculum at http://betterlesson.com/lesson/613830/scientists-sort-categorize-living-or-non-living
Do you know the many uses of science word wall vocabulary words? This vocabulary word set for your Living and Nonliving Unit is PERFECT for second-language students and anyone learning new vocabulary. This is a great addition to a science word wall or as use in a science center. This set has the vo
Science Vocabulary Coloring Pages focus on specific science vocabulary and provide illustrations to help students visualize the meaning of the word(s). These pages are designed to allow teacher flexibility in directions, such as ♥ free coloring, ♥ coloring only specific objects, or using ♥ specific
This is a Science Activity Lesson based on the Science Standard about Living and Nonliving Things. It also ties in with Math Standards regarding creating and reading bar graphs and number lines. While that standard pertains to 3rd grade many other grades need to review and reteach it to help student
Introduce your students to Living and Nonliving vocabulary with these Beach Theme flashcards. Included: 15 Living cards 15 Nonliving cards 2 Pocket chart toppers 2 book covers to make vocabulary books Check out the matching mini readers for the vocabulary cards. Spanish Living Nonliving Mini Reade
This packet contains vocabulary cards to teach the 1st Grade essential science standards. The packet has over 150 vocabulary word cards containing definitions and most with pictures in kid friendly terms! Be sure to check out the preview! Words included: organism, space, piedmont, coastal, plain,
Teach your students about the needs and characteristics of living things using this printable worksheet and digital remote learning activity. Students will read to learn about the characteristics and needs of living things and complete check in and comprehension questions to assess learning. In addi
Teach your students all about natural resources with low-prep, engaging lessons! Informational mini-book and lessons help students identify natural resources (living, nonliving, renewable, and nonrenewable), learn how natural resources are used, how to conserve natural resources, identify renewable
The vocabulary word wall includes a Science Vocabulary Word Wall for Grades 3-4 for the entire year with over 200 terms. The following words are included:Science Tools & Nature of Sciencedatasciencescientisttheorylawobservationinvestigationrecordscientific methodexperimenthypothesisquestioninfe
Science Vocabulary Cards This pack includes 89 pages of vocabulary word wall cards. For ease of reference I have included the entire set as one file and each file separately. Download whichever works better for you! The topics included are: nature of science, 5 senses, matter, magnets, gravity,
SPRING UNIT | Butterflies and caterpillars - Living Things and Life CyclesThis non-fiction unit on butterflies includes everything you need to teach your class about butterflies; features, habitats, food, facts and butterfly life cycles.It includes:✔ Color Class Non-Fiction Book which outlines life
Science JournalVolume 7 of 9You can get the growing bundle of all 9 science journal volumes hereThe bundle of all 9 Science Journals can be found hereThese science journal activities have different daily interactive independent activities that promote critical thinking, problem solving, STEM/STEAM/S
You are receiving two posters for comparing living and non living things. Great for classroom discussion and to facilitate talks. One poster is titled "LIVING" One poster is titled "NON LIVING" Enlarge as a poster or just print 8 1/2 X 11. Thank you for stopping by...
Are you ready to explore living and non living things? Your students will love comparing the differences between living and non living things with this informational pack. Your students will go on a scavenger hunt, learn important vocabulary & so much more!THIS PRODUCT IS INCLUDED IN A LARGER BU
This comprehensive Environmental Science packet is aligned with the 1st and 2nd Grade National Science Education Standards (NSES) and common core. Students will engage in activities related to the topics of: land environments, water environments, living, non-living, needs, shelter, change, discover,
These climate vocabulary cards and posters will help your students to understand what the major climate zones in Australia are. They came with 3 options: vocabulary cards for your word wall (with image and student-friendly definition), large poster with image, and large poster you can turn into eith
Identify living and non-living objects, with a phonics focus. Cut and paste graphics into appropriate box(es). Combine phonics and science review in one lesson. Differentiated for phonics instruction (CVC, consonant blends, digraphs, vowel combinations).RELATED PRODUCTSSeasons Sort Cut & PasteF

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