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Ragnarok - Norse Mythology & Gods Card Game
-----Ragnarok: The Card Game----- There are countless tales of the Norse gods. But all of them begin with the understanding that eventually it will all end. That all the gods will die and the nine worlds will burn. They called it Ragnarok. The end of everything is where your game begins. The Game
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How To Train Your Dragon - Character Book
Use this book to create descriptions and individualized drawings of characters and commonly mentioned figures from Norse mythology. Pages are included for Hiccup, Fishlegs, Snotlout, Dogsbreath, Stoik the Vast, Valhallarama, Old Wrinkley, Toothless, and Horrorcow as well as Odin, Thor, Loki, and Va
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World Civilizations: The Vikings Crossword Puzzle
The Vikings Crossword Puzzle contains three versions of the puzzle for differentiation. One version has a word bank, one version does not, and the other version scrambles the letters of the words in the word bank. The answer key is also included. It is a very professional-looking puzzle that provid
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Greek/Roman & Norse Mythological Gods Booklet
Greek, Roman, and Norse cultures have all had an enormous impact on our own culture. If your students in Sci-Fi, English, or History are learning about these cultures and their gods, this booklet is for you. The booklet consists of 4 sections: --Greek Gods (Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Aphrodite,
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Celebrity Edit/Revise Passages STAAR PREP Bundle
This bundle includes 5 edit/revise passages. The passages are questions are written the way students will see on Standardized testing. These passages can be used for assessments, whole group practice, or homework. Ed SheeranPassage contains 8 questions.Adding a concluding sentenceCombining sentences
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Survivor: Volcano Eruption Game
Mount Loki might erupt! But how can you tell? Take on the role of a geologist and see what eruption clues Mt. Loki has been giving.  Make a decision about what kind of evacuation to order. The fate of the community is in your hands.Groups: 3 students works best, but can be done with 1-2 students.St
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