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Results for louise nevelson

64+ results

Louise Nevelson Assemblage Sculpture

Created by
KC's Classroom
In this lesson, students study the artwork of Louise Nevelson and learn/review some basic terms (assemblage, monochromatic, etc.) I made this lesson for grades 1-12—I know this is a very wide age range! I did this project first with high school students using wood. Later on, when I taught elementary art, I did this with first and second graders using corrugated cardboard. This bundle includes a lesson plan with National Art Standards and detailed directions, an assignment sheet/rubric for both t

Louise Nevelson Inspired Assemblage Sculptures

Slideshow featuring biographical information and images of work created by Louise Nevelson. Appropriate for use in grades 7-12.Discussion points - Assemblage, the development of her work and her impact on the art world as both an artist and a woman. Project prompt - requirements for students to create their own Nevelson inspired assemblage. You will need assorted wood scraps and materials to construct an assemblage. Prompt requires students to incorporate found objects. Works cited page.

Clay Relief Sculpture Art Lesson Inspired by Louise Nevelson - Women's History

Created by
Art With Trista
This lesson is a perfect clay art lesson to introduce your middle and high school students to hand-building techniques and relief sculptures. In this hand-building clay art lesson, students will create a slab relief sculpture following clay procedures and techniques. Students will use creative problem solving to create a unique non-utilitarian clay tile with tactile texture while applying craftsmanship to create and finish their pottery. The slides can be shown as a reminder of the steps and ti

Assemblage Project Inspired by Louise Nevelson

What does this lesson INCLUDE? (I did this lesson with Elementary, middle and High School students)This lesson is going to highlight Assemblage artist Louise Nevelson and other artists!! I have used this lesson for elementary, middle and high school students. Basic Understanding for the LessonAssemblage is a form of sculpture comprised of "found" objects arranged in such a way that they create a piece. These objects can be anything organic or man-made.For the students to understand the differenc

Louise Nevelson Assemblage Art Project Famous Artist Elementary Art Lessons K-2

Introduce children to famous artworks and details about Louise Nevelson in this series of four elementary art lessons. Use the done-for-you digital storybook to look at her famous artworks and introduce students to a brief history of Louise Nevelson and monochromatic sculptures. Then use the digital presentation with step-by-step art project directions to guide young artists as they work with found objects and create a Nevelson-inspired assemblage studio art project.Inside the unit you'll find a

Louise Nevelson Abstract Assemblage Lesson

This bundle includes the project slideshow, planning form and grading rubric for the Nevelson inspired abstract assemblage project. 15 slides including biographical information about Nevelson, examples of her work and discussion points. Also includes a video prompt along with the written project prompt. You will need assemblage materials.

Louise Nevelson artist study research and analysis worksheet

Created by
A four-page printable worksheet on the sculptor Louise Nevelson.A great way to introduce the artist. The resource can be used as a sub lesson during a relevant project (sculpture, monochrome, assemblage, abstraction), an extension activity, or as a whole class task.Students are asked to read the information about the artist then answer questions then show their understanding through tonal studies and then by making a collage and drawing composition.Designed to be easy to deploy and requires no s

How to make Found Object Sculpture: Louise Nevelson

This project is perfect if you have a limited supply budget, because it made from ALL found objects. Includes: - background info on Louise Nevelson - Project objectives - Essential Questions - Step by Step instructions - rubric - 3 image sets to help students identify the work of Louise Nevelson Perfect for in the classroom or to use at home.

Louise Nevelson Power Point (Assemblage Art and Sculpture)

This PowerPoint presentation is an excellent summation of Louise Nevelson's life and art (specifically her work with Assemblage Sculpture). This presentation incorporates inspirational quotes from Nevelson, picture samples and descriptions of her artwork, as well as links to videos pertaining to her art. This PowerPoint is the perfect balance of text, images, and videos that will engage the viewer for the entire duration of the presentation. ***GET MORE FOR YOUR MONEY**** Check out the Women in

Louise Nevelson, American Sculptor, Word Search

Word searches are a fun way to reinforce important vocabulary words and topic-specific terms. Words having to do with the art and and life of Louise Nevelson are on this list! Perfect for art class! Answer key is included.Louise Nevelson, born 1899 in Russia (what is now Ukraine), was an American Artist who worked primarily in the medium of assemblage. She is best known for her wood sculptures, though she also worked with other materials.Perfect for Women's History Month!

Louise Nevelson Assemblage Art

Created by
K-12 Art Studio
Learn about the Artist, Louise Nevelson and her Assemblage Art! This presentation teaches you about her life and Art. It also gives step-by-step directions on how to create your own Nevelson Assemblage.

Recycling and Louise Nevelson STEM STEAM lesson

This integrated art unit is created to complement recycling standards. Perfect for STEM/STEAM schools. It integrates American Artist Louise Nevelson and leads up to a project made of recycled products. The project will give students a new way to think about recycling, as well as a familiarity with an American artist and her sculpted work. Plus, it's fun!

Intervention & Test Prep with "Sky Cathedral" by Louise Nevelson

Louise Nevelson was an American artist. Students will evaluate this piece using text dependent questions, writing prompt, and art extension activity

Cardboard Relief Sculptures Inspired by Louise Nevelson

Created by
Bailey Bruce
Relief sculpture project using cardboard where students are inspired by sculpture artist Louise Nevelson

Louise Nevelson Assemblage Sculpture Project

Created by
The Art Factory
The perfect lesson for an art teacher who has a lot of unused reclaimed objects and "junk" just waiting for a project! This lesson will teach your students all the most important concepts of great design and composition while also improving their assembly skills and craftsmanship. Includes: Complete lesson plan with standards

Louise Nevelson Sculpture Project: Observe & Discuss

This worksheet goes along with the FREE Louise Nevelson Sculpture Project Powerpoint lesson. The students observe the sculptures in the presentation and answer questions about them. This gets the kiddos to think about art critically and be able to put into words what they see and have an opinion about what the artist was trying to convey, etc.Enjoy! :)

Art History: Louise Nevelson

Thinking about creating a piece inspired by Louise Nevelson? Start with the 3 activities contained within this lesson: Understanding Louise Nevelson: Activity #1- Find-a-Fact Game Students conduct research in cooperative groups, competing against one another. Each source they use is worth a certain amount of points. Students teach each other about Louise Nevelson, her artwork, background, and interesting facts in Activity #1. Activity #2- Sketch-It-Out! Students analyze and re-draw a piece

Louise Nevelson Assemblage Sculpture Project Powerpoint

Created by
The Art Factory
The perfect lesson for an art teacher who has a lot of unused reclaimed objects and "junk" just waiting for a project! This lesson will teach your students all the most important concepts of great design and composition while also improving their assembly skills and craftsmanship. Includes: Lesson Powerpoint

Artist Info Poster: Louise Nevelson

Created by
Arty Smarty
This is a visual of Louise Nevelson and her artwork.

Louise Nevelson Sculpture Project

This presentation includes information about Louise Nevelson, images of her work and instructions for the project. :) Make sure to look for the supplemental paper that goes with this presentation in my store. Enjoy and have a wonderful time creating!

Louise Nevelson Inspired Cardboard Sculptures Power Point Presentation

Power Point Presentation for Louise Nevelson Inspired Cardboard Sculptures.Check out my page for lesson plan info & more resources:

Louise Nevelson Reading Packet Questions

Questions to accompany Louise Nevelson biography from bio.com out my page for lesson plan info & more resources:

Visual Literacy: Kindergarten Visual Arts Lesson, Louise Nevelson Assemblage

Visual Arts Kindergarten Lesson and Activity on Louise Nevelson and her artwork.This lesson is one of 31 lessons for the Visual Arts program for Kindergarten. Refer to our curriculum mapping to see how the Essential Standards and projects can be parsed out and be on the lookout for more lessons to be posted for K - 5. I have been an art educator for 15 years and this lesson is art room tested.

CT State Standards-Louise Nevelson Sculptures

Editable CT State Standards for Louise Nevelson Inspired Cardboard sculptures.Check out my page for lesson plan info & more resources:
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