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macbeth vocabulary

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macbeth vocabulary

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Macbeth Unit Contents: Eight (8) quick write/free write journals Two (2) poems, based on readings Act I – V Vocabulary Synonyms, with keys Act I – V Crossword Puzzles, with keys I also have large size vocabulary flashcards I can send in a separate document. Discussion/Analysis Questions (111), w
45 word puzzle. This is a fun method of ensuring that students are familiar with difficult, unusual, or key words from Act 1 of the play by William Shakespeare. Words in the puzzle are.. ambition, assassinate, banquet, beguile, chamber, confess, conflict, consequence, corporal, courage, coward, fo
39 word puzzle. This is a fun method of ensuring that students are familiar with difficult, unusual, or key words from Act 2 of the play by William Shakespeare. Words in the puzzle are.. balm, carouse, consort, counterfeit, dagger, deed, dudgeon, equivocator, fury, gore, guilt, hark, Hecate, husba
This bundle contains worksheets to coincide with William Shakespeare's Macbeth. Each worksheet is divided by act and also scene. Each act contains: vocabulary, fun clipart, thought-provoking activities, and comprehension questions. I created these worksheets for my Special Motivations English classe
8th - 10th
Everything you need for Act I, scenes 1-7. This packet contains 23 vocabulary words found in Act I. It also includes comprehension questions for each scene, read and answer in order. In addtion, there are thirteen Anticipation or Journal Topics. Also, included is a two page quiz, with true/false
9th - 12th
40 word puzzle. Use this resource to ensure that students are familiar with difficult, unusual, or key words from Act 3 of the play by William Shakespeare. Words in the puzzle are.. advice, assailable, augur, avouch, behold, bent, charnel, chide, confess, content, court, dauntless, destiny, disjoi
List of Allusions by act, Glossary for the entire play, and two Vocabulary Lists for Shakespeare's Macbeth. This packet includes two Vocabulary Lists - one list of just the vocabulary words by act, and another list of vocabulary with definitions by act. Also includes a list of Allusions and a Glossa
Bumper vocabulary exercise using 46 words from Act 4 of the Scottish play. Words in the puzzle are.. abjure, anticipate, appease, avaricious, bodements, braggart, cauldron, charm, credulous, cure, curse, demerits, dolour, enchant, entrails, folly, gibbet, grace, hag, hemlock, integrity, intemperanc
This unit bundle includes detailed daily lesson plans with student objectives and expectations as well as quizzes and answer keys and vocabulary for a unit on Macbeth. This unit also includes daily classroom activities ready to project to students, as well as worksheets and answer keys for all acts
This Macbeth handles 44 items out of Act I and II of Macbeth. The clues point to the vocabulary words. This is a pdf file and ready for printing and duplication. It is an excellent way to review vocabulary from the the first two acts of Shakespeare's Macbeth. A KEY is provided.
This 4-page worksheet presents the plot of one of the greatest plays of all time - Macbeth by William Shakespeare. It can be used as an introduction to the play and it is suitable for higher elementary, proficient and advanced native students as well as advanced ESL/EFL learners. The teacher evaluat
Not Grade Specific
This product includes vocabulary word lists and quizzes for all five acts of Shakespeare's play Macbeth. Vocabulary words are pulled from throughout the play and each list includes accompanying definitions. Vocabulary quizzes are varied in format, both from act to act and within the individual qui
Puzzle using 45 words from Act 5 of Macbeth by William Shakespeare. Words in the puzzle are.. abhorred, ague, antidote, bane, bough, censure, coward, earl, epicure, fancies, fie, fiend, flourish, foe, fortify, fret, gash, gentry, grove, harbinger, hew, horror, Kerns, knell, labour, mar, murky, pert
This bundle has approximately 15-20 multiple choice reading comprehension questions, 15-20 vocabulary exercises and 15-20 open-ended response questions for EACH act of William Shakespeare's Macbeth.Additionally there is an after the play review packet with 33 Quotation Identifications, 14 Explicatio
This sheet contains numerous sentences from each act of the play. Within each sentence, specific challenging words are underlined. Students are instructed to define the underlined word(s) within each sentence in order to further their understanding of the play.
For each act:20 vocabulary wordsSlideshow presentation with definitions and illustrated sentencesColor and B/W student handouts for the slideshowWords used in sentences fill in the blank/word bank exercise with keyWords used in sentences multiple choice exercise with keyDefinitions matching exercise
7th - 12th, Higher Education
Macbeth Act 1 Vocabulary Organized by Scenes/ 32 words altogether/3 sheets Sheet 1Act I Scene i 1. hurly-burly-n- 2. ere-preposition- 3. heath-n- 4. anon-adv- Sheet 2 Act I Scene i 1. n-a tract of wasteland, open uncultivated land with 2. adv-at once, immediately, presently
11th - 12th, Higher Education
This Powerpoint is a general introduction and also includes an anticipatory set that asks students to make observations/inferences about Macbeth paintings. I use for Common Core standards having to do with evidence and inference. The Powerpoint is an overview of the background and key features of th
Macbeth Act II & III Vocabulary A complete with each word correctly spelled, with its definition and part of speech provided. A second sheet with just the definitions, and a third sheet with the words correctly spelled with their parts of speech. This can be a quiz, a test, homework, group work
9th - 12th, Higher Education
This packet based on Macbeth by William Shakespeare includes vocabulary from each act of the play. Students are asked to look up each word, write down the definitions, and use each word in a sentence.
9th - 12th
This offering is a pair of puzzles centered about Shakepeare's Macbeth. Both are intended to be "foot off the accelerator but still learn something" puzzles. The word search is a nice puzzle to be given BEFORE starting to read/discuss the play. It can be done individually by both middle school an
7th - 12th, Adult Education
This is a two puzzle bundle which includes a vocabulary crossword puzzle and a Word Search puzzle. A word list is included as well as KEYS for the puzzles. This crossword handles 44 items out of Act I and II of Macbeth. The clues point to the vocabulary words. The word search includes. 52 vocabular
This crossword puzzle is based on 16 vocabulary words from Shakespeare's Macbeth. The puzzle can be used for assessment, cooperative learning activity, extra credit, homework, review, or a time-filler after students have read the play. An answer key is provided. Shi
This packet has 15 multiple choice reading comprehension questions, 16 vocabulary exercises and 19 open-ended response questions for Act II of William Shakespeare's Macbeth.These exercises can be used as review, to teach vocabulary and as reading quizzes. The answer key includes sample responses for

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