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Magna Carta: Students Investigate the Principles then Analyze the Magna Carta!This Magna Carta lesson is included in the larger "Middle Ages Unit" located here: Middle Ages Unit: 16 Engaging Lessons to teach the Middle Ages (Medieval Times)!Buy the bundle and save a bundle!---------------------I
This is a simple reading and worksheet on England's Magna Carta. It includes details on King John, England's barons, and why the Magna Carta was signed. After the reading, students complete a 1 page set of Common Core-aligned reading questions to help gauge their understanding of the reading. An an
Students investigate important and long-lasting achievements of the Magna Carta by reading and analyzing excerpts directly from the primary source document. Then, students compare concepts in the Magna Carta to the U.S. government. An answer key and instructional materials are included. After comple
Middle Ages Interactive Notebook! Feudalism, Charlemagne, Magna Carta, & More!The Middle Ages Interactive Notebook is included in the much larger World History Interactive Notebook Bundle, located here:World History Interactive Notebook Bundle! 10 Fun & Engaging World History Notebooks!----
As part of an overall discussion of the influences upon American government, this resource consists of a graphic organizer that divides excerpts from both the Magna Carta and the English Bill of Rights into sections that students can then paraphrase, either individually or in groups. Doing so makes
New and improved! Now available for distance learning as well through TPT!Are you looking for a way to integrate primary documents into your curriculum? This activity will get your students looking at primary source documents as well as fulfill the requirements of the Common Core. This assignment co
Use this concise power point to give students a foundation for our own Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Utilizing summary points for the 3 documents (original text is NOT included), show how students can make the connection in Civics, US History, and American Government classes. As th
This mini-bundle of resources has everything you need to show how government was formed in Colonial America! It includes rigorous, fun, student driven and teacher directed options. All of the resources are completely interchangeable and Common Core. Here's what yo get:⍟A Colonial America Government
4 page assignment - 2 page reading about the Magna Carta which details the background and details of the Magna Carta and the significance of King John and the 25 barons - 1 page of questions - and 1 page primary source activity where students compare the Magna Carta and the U.S. Constitution. Quest
The Magna Carta Webquest and Video Analysis with Key- this is a 10 page document that contains a webquest and a completed teachers key for easy marking. It contains 30 questions based on a British Museum video and the History.com website. Students will be introduced to the topic of the Magna Carta
This file was recently undated to include a few check for understanding questions. Students learn important facts about how the US "copied" English government. It outlines important documents like the Magna Carta, Colonial Charters, English Bill of Rights and the Mayflower Compact that were guidelin
This is perfect for 7th graders to connect ahead to 8th grade standards, or for 8th grade students to connect to prior 7th grade learning. Students sort out the differences between the Magna Carta, U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights. I show the Magna Carta scene from the 2010 film Robin Hood a
Magna Carta Primary Source Analysis takes students back to the year 1215 when English nobles demanded that their king sign a contract limiting his power. The Magna Carta would change the English monarchy forever, as well as influence the future government of the United States. This can be used in cl
Using worksheets, readings, a fun game, and a brief PowerPoint, students learn about "Bad King John," the circumstances leading to the signing of the Magna Carta in Medieval England, and the larger historical significance of this document. The lesson uses primary source excerpts and analysis and pro
This unit on the Magna Carta contains almost 100 pages of material specifically designed for students with special learning needs, especially autism. This unit addresses the history and importance of the Magna Carta in a simplified but rigorous way for students with diverse learning needs to make m
This is an amusing script for a class play revolving around King John and the signing of the Magna Carta. It is loosely based on actual events and examines grievances many barons had with the King, including habeas corpus, taxation, and wartime duties, among others. The script includes 12 characters
Magna Carta & the Catholic Church 14 slide powerpoint cloze notes sheet two (similar) activities (all items are editable) This product is also available bundled at a discount: WORLD HISTORY POWERPOINT BUNDLE Along with: BYZANTINE EMPIRE: powerpoint, cloze notes sheet, chart, & map CRUS
The Magna Carta Escape Room will take students on a secret mission around the classroom! This escape room has students decode interesting facts about the Magna Carta, King John, nobles/barons, Feudal System and Rule of Law. This Escape Room has students walking around the classroom breaking codes. T
What is the Magna Carta? What is the Westminster System? And what influence do they have on Australian government? Explore these questions and more with this comprehensive Year 6 government mini-unit. With information sheets, a wide range of activities, interactive notebook resources and an assessme
5 reading passages covering the jobs of Medieval Scribes and illuminators, the Magna Carta, Medieval Books, Obtaining the Supplies, and more. Classroom and enrichment activities keep students engaged as they learn. Great for use by substitute teachers, or for homeschooling or co-ops! INCLUDES: 5
Are you teaching middle school students about the Middle Ages and the significance of the Magna Carta and its effects upon democracy? This is YOUR lesson. This lesson includes bell work with a real world connection to students lives, a stated lesson objective, slides with images and facts all about
This download includes PART 4 of the unit described below:Extremely visual, interactive, and activity-rich PPT on Medieval Europe. The unit is broken into lesson described below. The lessons can be taught as a whole unit, or stand-alone lessons. The unit includes word sorts, definitions, visuals,
In this 7 page packet students will explore the foundations of democracy through the Magna Carta. Students will read the Magna Carta, and analyze it's contents. The students are provided with relevant vocabulary and asked varying levels of questions along the revised blooms taxonomic scale about the
This Power Point presentation and skeleton outline provide a short overview of the Magna Carta. It begins by giving a definition of the term Magna Carta and some historical background information. It then looks at the most significant clauses in the Charter. Finally, the presentation wraps up wit

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