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Main Idea PowerPoint: This is a step-by-step PowerPoint designed to introduce main idea and supporting details. This 49-slide PowerPoint was designed to accompany my best selling "main idea ice cream cone craftivity", so be sure to check out that product, too! I hope that by using this ice cream con
MAIN IDEA POWERPOINT: Main Idea is such a hard concept for teachers to get students to understand, but it plays such a huge role in the Common Core Standards, TEKS, and the Language Arts Florida Standards. When students understand what the Main Idea is, it makes a huge difference in their comprehens
A Best Seller! This 20 slide interactive powerpoint covers main idea and supporting details. It also includes an interactive notebook for students to follow along with. Students will love the vibrant pictures and custom animations. It is designed as a lecture, but has several interactive slides inc
Use this main idea PowerPoint to teach or reteach the concepts of main idea and supporting details. Students will be introduced to the ice cream cone graphic organizer. They will also view examples of passages where the main idea can be found directly stated at the beginning or end of the passage, a
One of my best's sellers, this interactive power point highlights for your students how to pick out the main idea from the supporting details. Includes a link to an online game at the end. Created by dijobaker. Main Idea PowerPoint, Main Idea Lesson, Main Idea Activity, Main Idea and Details
Finding the Main Idea and Supporting Details of Nonfiction Text PowerPoint, Notes and Test Prep Teach your students the importance of identifying the main idea and supporting details of a non-fiction paragraph. Students will be taught to look at the beginning and end of paragraphs, as well as find
What's the Main Idea? PowerPoint Lesson and Test Prep Main Idea: Use this PowerPoint lesson which contains short narrative and expository paragraphs to teach or reteach the idea of identifying the main idea. This presentation is designed to aid you with the following Common Core Standard for gra
Finding the main/central idea of nonfiction paragraphs and passages will be easy once your students know exactly what to look for! These resources will also help your students find supporting details and write using text evidence. Students will then complete the collaborative and independent practic
Filled with animations, quizzes, and interactive portions, this highly interactive PowerPoint uses a pizza crust and toppings analogy to teach kids step by step how to find the main idea and details beginning with picking topic words and building up to finding main idea sentences in stories. Your st
This is a 38 page PowerPoint to teach your students about Main Idea! Your students will discuss topic, main idea, supporting details, how to find these things, and many practice passages! There is also a bonus worksheet at the end to use during or after the lesson (see preview). This is designed to
Main Idea and Details | PowerPointIdentify the main idea in reading passages! Here's an engaging PowerPoint that teaches students how to find the main idea and details! Your students will love this interactive lesson!❤ CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW GREEN APPLE LESSONS!
This is a fully-animated PowerPoint presentation designed to introduce students to:-topic-main idea-topic sentence-stated main idea-implied main idea.Warm-Up activities engage student interest and lay the foundation by activating their classification skills.Visual representations of defined terms an
This powerpoint makes learning MAIN IDEA and SUMMARIZING fun and simple! Powerpoint contains: - 22 editable slides - 6 videos (some videos come from youtube, please ensure that your school allows youtube videos prior to purchasing) - classroom game - 2 summary video lessons to do as whole class ins
Finding the central idea of nonfiction paragraphs and passages will be easy once your students know what to look for! These resources will also help your students find supporting details and write using text evidence. The PowerPoint corresponds with the guided notes that come in Cornell AND folding
Updated 2020, you can now edit the text. Teach students about main idea, supporting details, and topic in this PowerPoint presentation. There are slides introducing each of the above and strategies on how to find main idea in a text. In addition, there are practice texts with increasingly difficult
Use this game to enhance your students' ability to find the main idea. *This product requires PowerPoint and is not editable* (Do not use with Google Slides. You may download the PowerPoint viewer for your computer or PowerPoint app for your tablet.) Students will examine the details from the bag
Telling the main idea from the theme of a text can light some kids' hair on fire! Seriously, it can be really confusing. Use this PowerPoint to give lots of practice in a fun and entertaining way. It's full of great clipart and stories that get to the heart of the lesson. ===========================
Your students will be completely engaged when they meet the I Think School Language Arts alien teacher, Rita Booker! This lesson plan package includes: - An Anchor Chart with important information on writing and supporting main ideas. - A Power Point presentation with a professional Voice Over to
Use this PowerPoint presentation to help teach your students what Main Idea means and how to find the Main Idea. The presentation includes a short passage for students to practice with as well as some sound and animation to keep students engaged. Also included are 3 Main Idea worksheets for studen
This interactive power point lesson focuses on identifying the topic and main idea of passages. Students are taught the difference between topic and main idea and they practice finding the sentence in a paragraph that tells what the whole paragraph is about. Download the preview for the first eight
This power point introduces the concept of main idea and supporting details. I used it with my students and it helped them grasp the concept. They also enjoyed the visual effects and interaction. I used it with the story Penguin Chick from the Journey's Edition to teach main idea. My students loved
Identifying the main idea is one of the most important comprehension skills that readers need to develop. This power point presentation teaches students to look for a topic sentence to identify the main idea. It also teaches them how to find the main idea when there is not a specific topic sentenc
The following power point is based on main idea. There are 56 slides that work with helping students learn this skill. The power point provides for an engaging lesson where the students can use white boards to answer the questions. You can change the names of the character to your student names,
Introduction to Main Idea-definition, students look at images, poems, paragraphs, determine main idea

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