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Musical Instrument STEM
Music in Our Schools Activity - Oh no! The band can't play in the parade because the truck carrying their musical instruments is stuck in traffic. Have your students help the band by creating a variety of musical instruments. They must use the available supplies to engineer something that will ma

Also included in: Spring STEM Bundle

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STEAM Challenge - Musical Instrument STEM Activity
Quick STEM Challenge: If you have thought about trying a STEM challenge but weren't sure where to start, this is a great way to dive in! If you already love doing STEM challenges with your students, I know you will enjoy this challenge. This resource has one QUICK STEM challenge you can do with read

Also included in: STEM Challenges BUNDLE - STEM and STEAM Activities

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Musical Instrument STEM Activity
STEM activities should link to things your students are learning about in the classroom. This one sprung out of a unit on force and motion and asks the students to apply what they have learned about vibration to the creation of a music instrument. This power point introduces the activity. It can
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STEM Make a Musical Instrument Design Plan
This STEM student design plan is meant to accompany my Make A Musical Instrument STEM activity also available for free in my tpt store. This plan provides the student with: - background information about instruments - details of the challenge - challenge criteria - materials list - available tool
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Science of Sound: Musical Instrument STEAM Design Challenge (pitch and volume)
In this integrated STEM challenge, students investigate properties of sound, use the engineering design process to build pitched and non-pitched musical instruments, and write, notate, and perform a short musical composition to demonstrate their understanding of pitch, volume, and vibration. A diff
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Musical Instruments: Engineering Challenge Project ~ Great STEM Activity!
Engineering Challenge: Using a variety of found materials, can you design a working musical instrument? Materials Needed: A variety of “found” materials (cardboard boxes, empty paper towel and toilet paper tubes, empty plastic bottles, empty milk cartons and jugs, etc. Glue, tape and scissors Str
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Sound Unit and Instrument STEM
This sound bundle integrates your sound study with literacy and the arts. Students study emergency sounds, high and low pitch, loud and soft volume, integrate informational writing and sensory poetry, and create an instrument through a STEAM and STEM challenge. Many lessons are no-prep, although w
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Making Music: Sound and vibrations STEM Challenge ~ STEMtivity with PREZI
Engineering Challenge: Can you help your classmates create a band by building an instrument that uses vibrations to make sound? This STEMtivity comes with: ~Activity Sign ~Teacher Directions ~Student Challenge Sign ~Challenge Rules Sign ~Design Brief ~K-1 Journal Paper ~2-5 Journal Paper This p
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Musical Instrument Sound STEM Project
This is a design brief to help students demonstrate how sound works. They are required to use materials to make an instrument that can demonstrate pitch, amplitude, and show the vibrations of sounds. Students will brainstorm, plan, and then reflect/evaluate how this project went for them. Great for
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STEM Challenges for the ENTIRE YEAR (16 Sets with Growth Mindset Partner Plays)
These STEM challenges are introduced to students with Fairy Tale Partner Plays. Each partner play incorporates Growth Mindset concepts to equip your students to take risks and embrace mistakes as part of the learning process! There are flip books for both growth mindset concepts and STEM concept
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Growth Mindset STEM BUNDLE 2 - 8 Fairy Tales
These STEM challenges are introduced to students with Fairy Tale Partner Plays. Each partner play incorporates Growth Mindset concepts to equip your students to take risks and embrace mistakes as part of the learning process! There are flipbooks for both growth mindset concepts AND STEM concepts to
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Family STEM  Night All Inclusive Package!
This resource has everything you need for a successful Family STEM Night while meeting the NGSS of Engineering and Design! Purchasing this will save you hours and hours of work! This includes: - a page detailing our experience and tips for holding the event - a STEAM night checklist to ensure th

Also included in: STEM Lab / Maker Space Starter Kit for Elementary grades BUNDLE

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100's Day ~ Hundred's Day STEAM Party!  A New Way to Celebrate!
Try something new this year to celebrate 100's Day! This resource is all about having a STEAM Party for your celebration; there are a variety of challenges that have to do with 100 in some way and are all fun, engaging, and academic. Your students will never forget this Hundred's Day! These chall
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STEM Challenges BUNDLE - STEM and STEAM Activities
20 STEM and STEAM activities you can do with readily available materials with very little prep. If you have STEM Fridays or Maker Mondays, these are ideal STEM challenges to get you started. Because these are not related to holidays, or seasons, these STEM challenges can be done throughout the year.
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First Grade STEM
These challenges are designed specifically for first grade students and align with crosscutting NGSS science and engineering standards! Six challenges are provided, two for each of the major science content areas: Waves: Light and Sound, Structure, Function, and Information Processing, and Space S
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STEM Engineering Challenge Projects ~ TEN PACKS #1- #9
This is an ENORMOUS collection of all 9 of my STEM Engineering Challenge Ten Packs (a total of 90 challenges)! The Engineering Challenges that are included in this file are: TEN PACK #1 Geodesic Domes Bird Nests Straw Rockets House of Cards Marshmallow Catapults Paper Airplanes Sentence Strips Pa
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Storybook STEM {December}
Save BIG and receive 2 full months for FREE with the All Year Growing Bundle! ★STORYBOOK STEM ALL YEAR GROWING BUNDLE Created by Brooke Brown and Katie King, Storybook STEM provides early childhood teachers with weekly all-in-one units to cover essential skills in reading comprehension, vocabulary

Also included in: Storybook STEM {All Year BUNDLE!}

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STEAM and STEM Activities Challenge Bundle
These NGSS aligned challenges motivate, challenge, and provide authentic growth mindset learning. The Year Long ALL STEAM and STEM project activities engage a variety of learners and incorporate the engineering design cycle. LAST UPDATED: 6/12/18 (3 Challenge Updates!) Next Challenge: Endangered
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Whole Class Reward Coupons
***SEE PREVIEW FOR A CLOSE UP*** Whole Class Rewards - 130+ Reward Coupons to Reward a Class for Positive Behavior! (Perfect for PBIS, Classroom Dojo, Whole Brain Teaching, Warm Fuzzies, Responsive Classroom, Table Points, etc. in your classroom!) These reward coupons are to be used for whole grou
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STEM Engineering Challenge Projects ~ TEN PACK #3
STEM Engineering Challenge Projects Included in this TEN PACK: Paper Airplane Catapult Balancing Toy Musical Instrument Pasta Car Newton’s Cradle Puff Mobiles Marshmallow Slingshot Balloon Boats Popsicle Stick Bridge Balloon Race Car These packets contain all the information you need to ma
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50 Weeks of STEM Labs - 250 STEM Project Ideas in 1 book for 50 weeks
FREE PREVIEW AVAILABLE! 50 Weeks of STEM Labs has 250 projects separated into 50 different themes, 1 per week. Unlike the other books in the series (50 STEM Labs, 50 More STEM Labs, and 50 New STEM Labs), this one does not have grading rubrics. It is 5 ideas for each week on a single page. With 2
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NGSS Physical Science: "Sound Wave Cove" STEM Unit |1-PS4-1,-4
Explore Sound Wave Cove and discover the science behind sound using this three-week unit! Three weeks’ worth of lesson plans are aligned to the first-grade Next Generation Science Standards for sound waves and are appropriate for K-3. DEMO View demo (with intro screens only) here. ♫ Lesson One:

Also included in: NGSS First Grade Super Bundle: All 5 STEM Units w/Biomimicry Expansion

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Sound Next Gen Science Unit
Learning about sound waves is a big part of the 1st grade Next Gen Science Standards. This 4 week mini-unit give students hands on activities, STEM challenges and literacy connections to help them understand the big idea, "Sound is made of up of vibrations." See this unit in action including all o

Also included in: Next Gen Science Bundle for 1st Grade

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STEM Activity Challenge Musical Straws 3rd-5th grade
STEM Project for Third, fourth and Fifth grades. Updated August 2018! Working in groups, students will explore sound. They will cut a normal straw and turn it into a musical instrument. They will then cut the straw to different lengths and analyze how the length changes the pitch. In the proces
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