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This Poet Study pennant is all you need to teach and promote amazing poets and their poetry around the world. National Poetry Month is April. The Poet Study pennant is a research activity. There is a biography timeline, quotes, poetry characteristics, style, themes, and student lots of opportunity f
Poetry: Teach your students how to annotate poetry! This Annotating Poetry lesson includes everything you need to teach your middle and high school students how to annotate poetry. There are two different files in the zipped download:- An editable, animated 34 slide PowerPoint- A PDF document with s
Wonderful for the beginning of the year and the back to school season. I'm Gonna Make a Change "Man in the Mirror," Song Lyrics Analysis, Lesson Plan, Video, Poetry, and Analysis Activities. If you wanted to use this spring activity in your poetry unit you can focus on the lyrics and the acrostic po
POETRY JOURNAL | SENSORY POEMS MADE EASYThis document provides a Poetry Journal that can be used to teach students how to write multiple poems using their five senses.____________________________________________________________________DIRECTIONSPrint a journal for each learner (use the girl or boy c
The best way to begin British Literature is with the Anglo Saxon time period, and "The Seafarer" is one of the most popular poems from this time period. This PDF file contains the poem with boxes for students to annotate the poem as they read. Each box is labeled with a letter, and the three readi
Use songs as a bridge to analyzing traditional poetry. Start with the bonus figurative language activities, then teach the 8 Steps for Annotating Songs as Poems, and finally move to analyzing 5 full songs as poems.This product includes:(1) Bonus Resources for Teaching Literary Devices and Figurative
Poetry Made Easy is a refreshing way to instill "poetic" confidence in young writers! Students often panic when they approach poetry, as readers as well as writers. However, they can all write simple prose sentences! When students realize that there is a close relationship between prose and poetry,
Students can have fun making inferences with this poetry! Read the poetry and put together background knowledge and text clues to determine what each poem is about. **These poems are not an original This Little Teacher creation. They were provided by: http://www.angelfire.com/md/byme/guesswhat/gue
The Poetry Made Easy method provides an easy and fun way for students to write poetry! Save $1.50 by purchasing the bundled units. ***This bundle includes the original Poetry Made Easy unit, as well as Photograph Poetry Made Easy.*** All students can write simple prose sentences and
This download contains 18 poetry templates. Some of them I created, some of them I found online but as they are "generic" templates, there is no specific author. The types of templates includes: concrete poetry, imagery poetry, limericks, diamonte poems, haiku, metaphors, odes, biopoems, I Am poe
This lesson uses Urban poetry to help students make inferences using clues from the text. For this lesson you will need the book "My Man Blue" by Nikki Grimes. My students loved this book as they could relate to the main characters struggles in a single parent home, in a rough neighborhood and the a
Celebrate the Māori New Year with this writing/art activity. Write a haiku poem on the feather template. Add colour and cut it out. Join the class feathers together to make a korowai (Māori cloak). Included: ♦ Haiku framework chart ♦ Example poem ♦ Feather template – with lin
Students are to create their own Halloween Poem.What makes this assignment great is that it not only gives examples of rhyming, but it also includes a word bank of Halloween themed words to optionally use.Another feature is that it uses the symbols A A B B etc.. to show rhyming both in the example a
This 49 page packet contains 23 sets of poems that children illustrate and keep in individual poetry folders along with instructions for how the children illustrate and use the poems. Each set has a colored version that can be used by the teacher to make a class book of poems and a black and white v
Here is 3-page reading activity requiring the use of inference skills for analysis of 10 higher-level comprehension questions. Use instructionally in a whole-class, small-group, or individual setting. Use as independent work. Use as an assessment. EXCELLENT PREPARATION FOR COMMON CORE TESTING. ANSW
*For more great writing and literature ideas, visit the Wordplay Workshop blog at http://wordplay-workshop.com/blog-streampage/ What a perfect poem for spring! William Wordsworth's The Daffodils (or I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud) is one of the world's most popular poems. In this analysis guide, you
I was asked by the fourth-grade teachers at my school to do a lesson in music class on Meter and Rhythm in Poetry, because the concept wasn't "sinking in" with the students. After many trials and errors, I finally came up with a lesson that is effective, simple and, most importantly, FUN! This lesso
April is Poetry Month! Celebrate with the little ones by having a poem a day response journal! Encourage Kindergarten to Grade 2 students to make “Text to Text, Text to Self and Text to World “ connections through poetry. There are 24 poems posters to display in your class or have at the writing
Using the poem "The Rose that Grew from Concrete" by Tupac Shakur to make inferences and analyze poetry. The poem and bio are not included for copyright purposes. Both can be found online.
Using the "Poetry Made Easy" method with personal photographs produces amazing results! Students will create meaningful and insightful poems that will make you proud. In fact, my students have written award winning poetry using this method! Photograph Poetry Made Easy is an easy and refreshing way
This collection of resources was created to supplement Lucy Calkins If Then Making Meaning of Poems and Poetic Craft in Literature for 3rd grade, 4th grade, or 5th grade. The pages can be added to your students' Reader's Notebooks, allowing students to easily follow along with the learning activitie
Teaching American poetry can be taxing. I have found a way to make it a bit easier. After reading Marianne Moore's poem "Poetry" to the class and teaching it, I assign each student his/her own poet, ask them to provide information about this poet, choose a poem from the poet's collection, note lit
Contains 20 mix and match sets! This poetry pack is designed for students in middle school to high school. It's a great way to start a poetry unit! With this kit, each page should be laminated and cut up and put in a plastic bag. Bags are distributed amongst students and each student makes a poe
This handout shows students how to make their writing look and sound like poetry. This is a great resource if you have students who run all of their thoughts together or sound like they are writing prose when they try to create a poem. The sheet shows students how to get rid of extra words, how t

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