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According to the principles of verbal behavior (and the VB-MAPP), the most functional skill we can teach our students with autism is to mand (or request). Most of our students can mand for preferred activities and tangibles (computer, snack, break, etc.), but where do we go next? These visual cue ca
This resource is designed to provide you with materials to assist in teaching your students to ask questions to gain information/mand for information. This material is ADVANCED. It is for students who can already ask simple questions to gain information or use simple mands for information but may n
4 Behavior Protocols This form shows proper protocols for the following behaviors: 1 - Student is engaging in inappropriate behavior to get something they CAN HAVE (count and mand) 2 - Student engages in inappropriate behavior in response to a demand. (escape distinction) 3
Mands should be recorded and analyzed for next steps of teaching. When reviewing the data, you want to be looking for: 1. variety 2. independence (fading towards independence) 3. frequency of mands in the course of a time frame Think about how often you are requesting throughout your day. "Can I h
In this download, you will find 26 different examples of items to use to assess the Mand 6 milestone in the VB-MAPP! *Many examples require physical items that are NOT inlcuded with this download (e.g. paper, crayons, juice box, puzzle, etc.) This assessment was created to be interactive and fun f
In this download, you will find all the materials you need to assess the Mand LEVEL 2 in the VB-MAPP! Mand 6 contains 26 different examples of items to use. *Many examples require physical items that are NOT inlcuded with this download (e.g. paper, crayons, juice box, puzzle, etc.). Mand 7-8 cont
Tracking prompted versus independent manding is vital to developing language in young learners. This Google Sheet template provides you a user-friendly system to input frequency of prompted versus independent mands. Track your learner's progress systematically over time! The graph will automatically
Studies show that when a child or individual can ask for they want, they are less likely to engage in problem or challenging behaviors in the classroom and at home. Use this data sheet to track the number of spontaneous requests your students makes (e.g., breaks when work is difficult, assistance w
Choose from five different mand data sheets for mand training with your client.
This is a weekly data sheet that was created to help teachers effectively track student mand targets that correlate to the VB-MAPP assessment. This particular data sheet helps track student mands when they use prepositions, adjectives, and adverbs, as well as colors and shapes. It's very easy to use
Includes:ABC Data Sheets (editable and .pdf)Mand Data Sheets (prompted and unprompted)Skill/Target Data Sheets (trials of 10, horizontal - 5 per sheet)Skill/Target Data Sheets (trials of 10, vertical - 9 per sheet)Manding GraphABC Data Graph (duration and frequency)Skill/Target Graph (with prompt le
A written protocol for ABA staff to follow to teach manding skills. Also valuable for parent education. Provided as a Word document so it is completely customizable.Just one page for quick reference. I have staff keep it on clipboard with a specialized data sheet.
This is a graph template created to track the daily frequency, as well as cumulative frequency of any behavior such as mands. It could also be used for problem behavior tracking or personal use such as professional development or RBT or other training hours.There are formulas in columns C and D so t
This procedure page was written to help other therapists and teachers effectively teach children how to mand/request.
This procedure page was written to teach children to request a break.
This procedure page was written to teach how to contrive situations to teach a child to mand/request missing items for tasks/activities.
Applied Behavior Analysis Autism Early Intervention Curriculum Instructional SD Sheet Requesting (Manding) for Items Level 1
Running cold probe data sheet- Ideal for tracking manding & other verbal behavior- Includes prompt levels- Great for VB-MAPP goals that want a number of responses (ex: Will mand for 20 different missing items without prompts)- Includes an example (the thumbnail) and a blank data sheet.- Fully cu
This is for all 3 levels of the operant of the mand. Data sheets and assessment score all on one data sheet. These data sheets will keep you organized! Just print and assess! This is just for the operant of the mand. Other data sheets for the remaining operants are on their way! These data sheets ar
Picture cards to teach individuals to use appropriate protest phrases and manding in order to replace behaviors you want to decrease, such as, tantrums. Teaching instructions included in pack.
VB-MAPP Parent Handout Mand defines and explains the importance of mands, summarizes milestones in Level 1-3, and provides strategies to support manding based on present skill level.
Use this video to demonstrate to parents how to work with their students on manding (or requesting) during snack time!
Use this video to demonstrate to your parents how to encourage their students to mand for (or request) items that are missing.
Share this video with your parents to demonstrate how they can promote manding (or requesting) with their students in the grocery store!

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