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manifest destiny dbq

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manifest destiny dbq

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Western Expansion DBQ, Manifest Destiny DBQ, Manifest Destiny Writing Activity, American History DBQ, Distance Learning: This Western Expansion DBQ Document Based Question Writing Activity is perfect for Common Core planning in your American History classroom! Students will analyze primary and secon
Want to help your students learn about Manifest Destiny and Westward Expansion? Want to teach your students how to analyze documents and what to look for? This DBQ is the perfect way to do all that AND teach them how to write a good DBQ essay. This packet includes seven documents with analysis boxes
7th - 12th
A prompt over Manifest Destiny and 7 documents are included for students to analyze using the HIPPO method. (HIPPO stands for Historical context, Intended Audience, Purpose, Point of View and Outside Info). Practicing these elements is essential for the APUSH DBQ, In addition, students will categori
9th - 12th
History Mini DBQ for US History- DBQ Learning UnitManifest DestinyDocument Based Questioning Document Based Questioning through Language Arts and Reading Strategies SS.8.A.4.1 Examine the causes, course, and consequences of United States westward expansion and its growing diplomatic assertiveness (W
This resource contains 7 primary source documents that students will analyze related to the Westward Expansion/ Manifest Destiny in America! Documents include excerpts from the Louisiana Purchase, Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, pioneer journal entries, and more!Students will then compose an extended r
Students analyze 17 documents, answer 17 historical context questions, complete a sorting chart, and write a DBQ essay to review Westward Expansion and Manifest Destiny (and the accompanying sectionalism vs nationalism, Texas Annexation, Mexican-American War, etc). There are 12 essay prompts for stu
This Manifest Destiny Document Based Question (D.B.Q.) includes the following: Manifest Destiny (D.B.Q.) Essay Prompt9 Primary Sources2 to 3 Guided Questions for Each Primary Source
Manifest Destiny DBQ (Digital)This DBQ is made using Google Slides and can easily be distributed to students. Students can use the notebook to help them analyze primary and secondary sources in order to prepare a written response on the given prompt. This covers California History standards:8.4 Stu
Students use primary and secondary sources to understand US westward expansion and Manifest Destiny
This is a DBQ which includes 7 different documents - primary sources, photographs, time lines and quotes - all related to the concept of Manifest Destiny. The DBQ is printable and all pages have space for answering the appropriate questions. A grading rubric is included as well.
7th - 11th
DBQ Bell Ringers for the Manifest Destiny are a great way to start off each class with students thinking critically. 5 Bell Ringers or buy the entire 8th Grade DBQ Bell Ringers and SAVE!!!!! Through the use of primary and secondary sources students will have a rigorous bell ringer. Great 5-10 minu
DBQ Skill Building Activity. Students do the parts of the a DBQ without writing a DBQ.Contains1. Manifest Destiny DBQ - Causation question formatted to current AP structure2. DBQ Destruction Activity - Breaks down the DBQ step by step
Prompt: Evaluate (judge) the extent to which the nineteenth century belief in “Manifest Destiny” contributed to the growing sectional conflict in the United States. This is the digital version but lines could be added for handwritten work. Each paragraph has its own section and students are prompted
This provides several documents for students to practice writing DBQs. These primary documents also have scaffolding provided to assist students in writing a DBQ.
9th - 12th
DBQ to supplement Westward Expansion unit. Digital link included.
5th - 12th
Two primary sources and a secondary source are combined for students to define and understand the motivations of Manifest Destiny.
8th - 11th
Here are some manifest destiny DBQs that focus on western expansion, including the 5th amendment, Jackson's Indian removal act, the trails west & gold rush. It has been compiled from a few resources to work for our western unit.
8th - 9th
This Westward Expansion and Manifest Destiny Activities Unit includes 13 resources to teach American Westward Expansion and Manifest Destiny! This Westward Expansion Unit can be used in a traditional or Google 1:1 setting which is ideal for distance learning.The Westward Expansion & Manifest De
This is Complete Unit Bundle for AP United States History Period 5 [1844 - 1877] Teach skills & content simultaneously! This unit is designed to supplement all the major APUSH Textbooks. (I used American Pageant but have switched to AMSCO this year) Save hours of planning with this full unit &am
Get your students investigating Native American relocation with this versatile document based questions for Westward Expansion packet. This Common Core resource packet has a mini-DBQ that is designed to be similar to the New York Regents exam (Why?...Because New York has been giving these common cor
155 DBQ Bell Ringers for 8th Grade American History!!!!!Their is no greater way to have your students think like a historian than to have them practice the skill on a daily basis by drawing conclusions, inferences, summarizing, determining meaning through document based investigation. Also supports
Should Andrew Jackson be removed from the $20 bill? In this Document-Based Question (DBQ), students analyze 8 primary sources related to different decisions made by Andrew Jackson to determine if he is worthy of remaining on the $20 bill. Topics for the primary sources include: - Battle of New O
5th - 10th
Westward Expansion Break In to History ActivityIn a Breakout room, people are locked in a room, and need to solve a set of riddles/clues in order to discover the key to leave the room. Since we can't lock students into classrooms in America, we Break IN instead. Solve a set of historical riddles i
7th - 12th
The Manifest Destiny & Intro to Westward Expansion Lesson Plan comes 100% COMPLETELY READY for both ONLINE DISTANCE LEARNING via Google Apps -and- for face-to-face classroom learning!**Receive an even GREATER VALUE and SAVE MORE TIME! This lesson is part of a unit bundle, CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT

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