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These feelings chart can be helpful for children who love Fortnite, gaming and Marvel comics and superheroes. They used as a handy way to self-regulate children and for teachers, parents and counsellors know how to help children. It can be used for various purposes such as - in school counselling, t
Glitter marvel superhero calendar with holiday cards, number cards, month & week cards, and today, yesterday, tomorrow arrows. This product is for classroom use only. It can not be crop or pictures taken from it.
Students LOVE Marvel movies! This worksheet contains 10 compound interest problems and the formula. To engage students, all the problems have a character from the popular Marvel movies. Problem 10 is a "your turn to be the teacher" problem where students make up and solve their own compound interest
Inspirational Quotes for students. Great quotes that can be use for a SUPERHERO theme class.
A Maths Word Wall resource featuring key vocabulary in the areas of Measurement and Geometry, Number and Algebra and Statistics and Probability all themed to fit in with the Marvel Superhero Universe
A collection of Writing Posters on the theme "Show, Don't Tell". Students are encouraged to think of ways to show feelings in their writing, as opposed to just 'telling' the reader what the characters are feeling. These posters give emotion examples (such as happy, sad, angry, cold etc.) as well as
The Writing Process follows 6 Steps to ensure Writer's are following a tried and tested method. From Planning through to Publishing, these steps include ideas of what to do at each stage of the writing process.All Marvel Superhero Themed.
Posters describing the different Parts of Speech.- Nouns- Common Nouns- Proper Nouns- Pronouns- Adjectives- Verbs- Adverbs- Conjunctions- Prepositions- InterjectionsAll Marvel Superhero Themed
Attention!! Attention!! Calling all freshman S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents!! (S.H.I.E.L.D. stands for "Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division,") S.H.I.E.L.D. needs your help!! Please complete the challenge below to provide information to aid the Avengers in their protection of Pla
Display Posters designed around a Learning Process that follows:- Learning Intention- Success Criteria- Evidence- Feedback- Goal Setting- Taking Action
A Writing Resource based on the 6 + 1 Traits of Writing (Presentation, Voice, Organisation, Conventions, Ideas, Word Choice, Sentence Fluency)
A resource based on Newman's Error Analysis for Maths.(Reading & Decoding, Comprehending, Transforming, Processing, Encoding)A great resource to use to assist students with analysing errors/tackling problems in their Maths learning.
Fun Assignment for students at the beginning of the year telling what they did this past summer Theme Marvel Superheroes
Superheroes (31 days), Villains (31 days)12 MonthsNo one had what I wanted for my classroom, so I had to create something. pdf & publisher
Marvel Superhero A-Z alphabet line for all ages!
Motivational posters linked to Superheroes from the Marvel Universe
Powerpoint Marvel Superhero Adventure - able to be customized to fit your individual client's needs. Activities included within this document include motor planning for imitating body positions as well as timing, vision skills, strengthening of overall body, and sensory diet activities involving bre
Part part whole lesson
Enjoy 120 Super Hero, Urban Legend, Conspiracy Theory, Sports and Athletes Reading Comprehension and Analysis Activities using Informational Texts. Perfect for distance learning! 25% OFF my 4 top-rated pop culture reading and writing activities bundle for middle school and high school students.$3 Of
This is a full eight week unit over elements of literature with a focus on The Hero’s Journey archetype. With this unit the students will be able to choose a fiction novel and participate in mixed novel literature circles. Students will also create their own graphic novel about a new hero they have
After teaching mythology for over ten years, I have finally found a film that works as a good companion film for our Norse mythology unit: Marvel Studios' Thor: Ragnarok (2017). Although superhero films may seem like mindless action, Thor: Ragnarok adapts its Norse mythology source material in inter
Enjoy 22 Superhero Reading Comprehension and Analysis Activities using Informational Texts. Perfect for distance learning!DC and Marvel superhero origin stories, story arcs, character evolution and powers engage students in practicing EVERY single common core standard for reading informational texts
Students have $15 and they must solve a given crisis by forming the best Marvel Comics superhero team that money can buy. This is an extremely flexible resource that allows students to design their own crisis or use a conflict from any book, movie, historical event, or current event. They can also
Make practicing Punnett Squares Fun! These worksheets practice identifying homozygous and heterozygous genotypes, determining genotype and phenotype, and practicing basic monohybrid crosses. You will be provided with the worksheets and answer keys. Punnett Squares with Characters includes: Simps

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