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Print, laminate and cut out each candy corn. Students will match the number, the written word and the dots to make a complete piece of candy! You can easily differentiate this game for all learning levels! In my classroom I use numbers 1-10 for one group, numbers 5-15 for another group and numbe
Print, laminate and cut apart each card. Students will match the number, the number word and the ten frame. Each correct set will contain a green, pink and purple snowman! This activity contains numbers 0-20 and is easy to differentiate for your students. I give 0-10 to one group, 5-15 to one g
This download contains 4 matching games all perfect for the primary classroom! These games can either be played as a go-fish game or memory game. Kid friendly instructions are included in the download.Skills reinforced-Number Word Identification (through 30)Time to the Hour and Half HourPlace Valu
Students will need to match the three pieces of the candy corn that correctly go together. Students will learn the number, how to spell that number word and the expanded form of the number. There are 18 sets that are number 10-100 and 20 sets that are numbers 100-200, for a total of 38 individual
This set contains a bundle of 8 match games that reinforce important math concepts. These match games would serve as enrichment for first graders, skill reinforcement for second graders, and review for third grade students. Included in this set: Addition Doubles Match Game Crazy Cat Addition Fa
If you are working with linear equations and their graphs, this activity is a fun way to review. Way more fun than a boring worksheet!How can you use this product?Laminate the cards and cut them out so you can use them every period, every year! Use all cards in a 2-4 player game. My inspiration is
Middle School Math Matching Game Growing Bundle This bundle includes 32 sets of middle school math matching games. These products are bundled together for over 30% off the original cost. Please note that this is a GROWING BUNDLE. You will get any new math matching games (on the Middle School level)
These math matching games are a great way to have your students practice new skills or review mastered math skills. My students love playing these games over and over. Students can play matching games, Memory, Go Fish, or sorting with these math games. This packet includes: **Number Sense Matching (
During fun games, kids will learn and practice basic subtraction facts with these nine 40-card sets. The cards show differences, missing addend sentences, and models. Students can match cards in any set, fill out a worksheet, play four engaging games, and complete an exit ticket. The PREVIEWS show a
Fall or Leaves Matching Games - Test your matching skills with these games involving numbers and letters! Game 1: Match the upper and lower case letters. Game 2: Match sequential numbers (1-21) Game 3: Match numbers and tally marks (1-10) For best quality, print onto card stock and laminate! Li
This game would be great for any math centre during or even after the Thanksgiving season! Each turkey has a number. The student's job is to match the correct turkey with its correct mathematical feathers. Each turkey has three feathers, one for tallies, one for the word and one for ten frames/dots.
Are you looking for a fun Math activity to engage your students? This bundle includes 6 sets of math matching cards. They are great for practicing rounding, multiplication arrays, division equal groups, and place value. These are great to use in math stations, small groups, guided math groups, and a
This is a fun game for students to practice matching slope intercept form equations to their graphs! Directions, worksheets (that practice using tables too!), and the graph-equation pairs are all included. Just print, cut, and play!!
This is a great match game to play at centers. This game will help students learn their math facts in a fun way. Additon problems from 1-9 are included in color and in black and white outline. There is also a blank copy available.There are 63 pages. Print only what you need. Directions: Print on c
There are 8 hearts cut into 3 pieces. Each heart has a number the base ten blocks and the addition problem. Students needs to match all three. Perfect for Envisions math unit 8. First Grade Math activities for tens and ones. Very popular game in my class. I printed on colored paper and laminated
A matching game for primary grade students to practice addition with sums to 10. This game requires students to match the addition problem (banana) to the correct sum (monkey). Students will see the variety of ways to make the sums on the monkeys. This activity can be played independently, with
Help your students memorize their touchpoints and basic number sense with this fun western themed matching game! Included in this set are number card 1-9, touchpoint cards, ten frames, counting fingers, and numbers with touchpoint cards to match, sort, or play a memory game with! There are also 2
This bundle includes a set of printable game cards and a Boom Learning digital activity for identifying rectangles with equal areas, important for CCSS 4.MD.3. For a DIGITAL PREVIEW of this activity, CLICK HERE and then click the FULL SIZE PREVIEW button above the image in the middle of the page. FE
If students still need to review reading and writing decimals in expanded form, then this 28 card matching game can be used as support. The game follows standard MCC5.NBT.3. The second set is in color. The game can be played in numerous ways. One way that I have used this game is during stations.
This file includes a fall math matching game that reviews number, number word, and one to one correspondence recognition. Students are to match the number, number word, and picture of the same amount. They will place all items on a work mat. Happy Fall, enjoy!
Grab your students' attention with this adorable Dory, Nemo and friends addition cards. Use them for your math stations as either a matching card game or a memory game.
Gingerbread Capital Alphabet Letters. Numbers to 9. Literacy Center and Math Center Activity Spell a Word, Number and Alphabet Recognition. For Matching Game Print Twice. 3 pages.
Valentine’s Day: Tangent & Normal Lines Math Matching Game is the perfect activity for your students to sharpen their understanding of writing the equation of the line tangent or normal to a function at a given point. Functions include quadratic, cubic, rational, rational exponent, natural logar
Tangent & Normal Lines Math Matching Game is the perfect activity for your students to sharpen their understanding of writing the equation of the line tangent or normal to a function at a given point. Functions include quadratic, cubic, rational, rational exponent, natural logarithm or exponenti

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