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matter mini book

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matter mini book

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This 27-page science mini-book was created to help teach the Next Generation Science Standards for 2nd grade in structure and properties of matter. It covers the following principles: what is matter, different states of matter, how matter can change, reversing states of matter, and observable proper
Text in this book: Matter is all around us. Everything on Earth is made of matter. Matter can be a solid, liquid, or a gas. A solid has its very own shape. The particles are close together. A liquid takes the shape of what it is in. The tiny particles are spread out. A gas takes the shape of what i
K - 2nd
This "Science Series" States of Matter package contains 14 no-prep mini books for teaching students all about matter. You’ll find mini books for: • Learning About Matter • Learning About Molecules • Learning About Solids • Mixing Solids • Learning About Liquids • Mixing Liquids - 2 booklets • Mixin
You will get 3 81/2"x11" pages which will cut into fourths and make a 12 page mini book filled with facts about the phases of matter. The third page ask students to write and illustrate a solid, liquid, and gas….it also gives deeper vocabulary word explanations for sublimation and deposition. If
PreK - 8th
This is a minibook that covers 1st grade matter concepts: -defining matter -properties of matter: size, shape, color, texture -weight (heavy or light) -hot or cold (temperature) -sink or float My students love making minibooks using science concepts. It is a great way for interactive learning and p
MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS - Mini Books (Calming Strategies & Emotions)Over 50 pages that make up 2 seperate mini readers (two versions of each - read or trace)Use Guided Reading as an opportunity to reinforce the importance of identifying our emotions - or what strategies you can used to stay calm.
Students will love the interactive nature of this Science activity book. Students can follow along and fill in their answers as they learn. There are also 4 experiments included with matching lab sheets. Students will love learning about matter in this fun and creative way. Included Student booklet
An organizer for a mini-book to be completed by students. After learning about gases, students can complete this books as a final project and/or assessment. The book includes 4 pages and a cover page. Three pages are for including a picture/example of a gas with space for a breif explanation. The 4t
2nd - 4th
Minibooks are designed to give ELL students an introduction to content information through comprehensible books. Minibooks are also excellent resources for reading practice while engaging with content and learning new vocabulary. Minibooks can be used as pre-learning before a content class or used a
5th - 12th, Adult Education
Primary Science UnitsThis is a comprehensive bundle of 8 engaging primary science units. This bundle is aligned with the primary National Science Education Standards and common core. Students will learn and be engaged in activities related to basic science concepts in the areas of design, technology
⭐This printable PDF and digital Google Slides resource is perfect for teaching 1st & 2nd graders all about matter. This resource includes both printable PDF and Google Slides versions for classroom & distance learning flexibility.⭐ Contains video lessons, mini book, experiments, activities,
Engage science students in this exciting matter science unit! Perfect for science lessons in Preschool, Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade. Science teachers receive two weeks of science lesson plans for a fun and interactive experience learning about the states of matter. Matter lesson plan
French states of matter unit - Les solides, les liquides, et les gaz Includes: ♦ 3 x "Big Ideas" posters ♦ 11 x photographs for class discussions ♦ 32 x photographs (with headings) to sort as a class, and a template for students to add their own ideas ♦ 29 x flashcards (photographs) ♦ 29 x word wa
This unit contains over 140 pages of states of matter fun! {Over 200 if you count color and black/white versions!} **All center cards/worksheets come in colored and black and white version.** **Posters and vocabulary cards are in color only.** **All lab worksheets come with blank versions to allo
1st - 2nd
This second grade unit on structure and properties of matter aligns to NGSS* standards 2-PS1-1, 2-PS1-2, 2-PS1-3, and 2-PS1-4. It covers four topics:•Classifying Types of Matter•Properties of Materials•Objects Built From Sets of Pieces•Heating and Cooling ChangesIncluded are mini books, hands on sci
Constellations: This Constellations of the zodiac accordion booklet is a fun hands on activity for students, and is large enough to display on the classroom wall. Students may research different facts about each of the 12 zodiac constellations and write what they find on the provided blank lines. Th
NEWLY UPDATED!!!!! Solids, Liquids, and Gases oh my!!! Using the 3 little pigs fairy tale students will work with the story in reading, math, and science. Any questions or concerns please email me at julieteachingbug@hotmail.com ***************
1st - 2nd
This packet includes posters, PowerPoint slides, interactive mini books, printables, and science experiments that focus on states of matter. It was made with first grade in mind, but it can be used for kindergarten or second grade. Please take a look at the preview and visit my blog post to get a b
This Manners Matter product is packed with posters and activities that you can use to teach your children at school or at home how to use proper manners and how to be polite in social settings. I polled my family, teacher friends, parents of students in my class and friends on Facebook and asked th
Teaching kids social skills with social story mini books is a great way to encourage positive behaviors in children. This social skills training set includes four social story mini books teach children how to: -Take turns -Introduce themselves -Join in a game -Start a conversation This soci
This is a cut and paste mini booklet on the three states of matter that I used with my First Graders to wrap up our unit on Matter. Each page of the book gives an explanation of a solid, liquid and gas. Then, students determine if the pictures are solids, liquids or gases and they paste the pictures
PreK - 2nd
Students will have an exciting themed day with my Fun with Conversation Hearts Mini Book. The math activities include sorting, data, and analysis. Students will work on understanding opinion writing with a guided format. Science activities reinforce matter lessons. A response is provided for any lit
This resource has various activities that will help your students learn about the states of matter. This unit covers the following topics: matter, mass, volume, states of matter, solid, liquid, gas, plasma, atom, electron, neutron, proton, phase changes (deposition, freezing, melting, vaporization,
Hands on Lab Explore: Can something be more than one of the states of matter at once? This is a Flip book with Lab directions. What you will find : Materials Lab rules Set up Clean up Mini book K-1 Teacher will do the Lab 2-3 Students will do the lab in partners. My 3rd grade class had so

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