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Math Warm Up May Boom Cards™ Digital Task Cards - Differentiated for 2 levels
Daily Math Warm Ups give students the practice they need to maintain basic math skills. These math warm ups target counting, addition, subtraction, measurement, counting coins and telling time. Quick practice - 3 skills targeted each day, designed to be done quickly so that time to learn new skills

Also included in: Math Warm Ups Boom Cards™ Growing Bundle - Differentiated for 2 levels!

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Genre Task Cards with Digital Boom Cards Option
Use these 32 multiple choice genre cards to help your students learn to identify the different literary genres. Each card features a short passage and a multiple choice question. The following eight genres are included and each genre is featured on four different cards throughout the set: biographyr

Also included in: Reading and ELA Task Card Massive Bundle - 107 Task Card Sets!

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Kindergarten Math Worksheets with Boom Cards
This zip file contains 2 resources: a 52-page, no prep workbook and a deck of digital Boom Cards. The set covers all 22 of the Common Core Standards for mathematics. The printables cover addition, subtraction, place value, word problems, shapes, measurement, and more! This comprehensive math workboo

Also included in: Kindergarten Math Worksheets

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Sight Word Interactive Notebook for Kindergarten with Bonus Digital  Boom Cards
Sight word worksheets to increase reading fluency of sight words. A fun hands on activity for your kindergarten reading block. Increase reading fluency for your struggling readers, ELL's and special needs students. This resource works great with homeschool families. This no prep printable is fun fo
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Sentence Fragments and Run-Ons Task Cards with Digital Boom Cards Option!
Use these 32 multiple choice task cards to help students identify complete sentences, sentence fragments and run-on sentences. These task cards are perfect for test prep and will work well at literacy centers, stations, for partner work, or with the whole class using a game like Scoot. A student ans

Also included in: Task Card Variety Pack Bundle

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Report Card Comments Labels : 60 Comments: 20 Per Trimester + BONUS BOOM CARDS
Report Card Comments Labels with 60 Sample Comments For Kindergarten and First Grade✅✅ Recently Revised to include an additional 7-page document with some of the comments categorized because some users felt the comments were all positive. PLEASE open the new 7 page document first.❤️ PLUS BONUS BOOM C

Also included in: Back To School Activities BUNDLE! Planning Materials & Centers for K/1

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All Year 2nd Grade Writing Prompts plus Boom Cards Grammar
All Year 2nd Grade Writing Prompts plus Boom Cards Grammar Start of the new year right with this fun and educational writing bundle. This second grade writing unit contains 60 standards based writing templates. Just print these no prep templates and you are ready to go! Each template lists the Comm
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Boom Card Bundle for 3rd Grade
Looking for a way to incorporate more technology into your math class? Digital Self-Checking Boom Cards is a great way for students to practice any skill on a device or using an interactive board. This bundle of Boom Cards features 90 different sets of Boom Digital Task Cards to practice a variety
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French Phonics Digital MEGA Bundle | French BOOM Cards | Conscience phonologique
La conscience phonologique | This is a French phonics MEGA growing bundle of digital task cards (Boom Cards) to practice French sounds and the words that include the sounds. French Boom Cards require Internet connection to be played.Currently, this bundle includes 130 decks (1,978 cards)!This is a g
138 Ratings

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4th Grade Boom Card Bundle
Looking for digital tools to implement into your classroom to increase motivation and improve student understanding? Boom Digital Task Cards are unique in the fact that they are like traditional task cards, but offer a self-checking feature. This 4th grade bundle contains 99 decks aligned to 4th gra
17 Ratings


French Sight Words Audio Digital Task Cards | Mots fréquents | French BOOM Cards
Mots fréquents | These French sight words task cards are digital and will provide great practice for your kids in “maternelle” or “première année”. In French, sight words can be called “mots fréquents”, “mots usuels”, or “mots outils”, but no matter how you call them, they are French high frequency
207 Ratings

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4th Grade Math SOL Review TEI Digital Task Cards Bundle (Boom Cards)
Want to provide your students rigorous math review while engaging them with technology? This interactive digital task card bundle is a helpful way for students to review essential math content from the entire fourth grade math curriculum (aligned to the 2016 Virginia Math SOLs).This set has everythi
82 Ratings


Boom Cards Reading CVC Words BUNDLE
This CVC words NO PREP Packet is filled with Boom Cards to help your students with blending and segmenting cvc words. Boom cards are a perfect way to help students practice phonological awareness and and increase beginning reading skills.These digital literacy centers offer sound. Your kindergarten
114 Ratings


Boom Cards Phonics BUNDLE
This is a Digital Phonics NO PREP Packet. Increase reading skills in your kindergarten and first grade literacy centers. Digital practice for beginning sounds, ending sounds, vowel sounds, word families, and beginning digraphs. Boom cards are a perfect way to help students practice phonological
107 Ratings


Boom Cards Fractions 3rd grade bundle
Are you looking for an easy way to practice fractions with your students? With interactive self-checking task cards learning about fractions with students is both easy and fun. This fraction bundle focuses on helping students practice with a variety of visuals. With 20 different decks its easy to
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for Google Classroom Activities ELA & Text Features Boom Cards Nonfiction BUNDLE
for Google Classroom Reading & Boom Cards Digital Get an ELA reading bundle packed full of reading strategies & Google Classroom Activities plus Boom Cards digital task cards. Nonfiction and fiction texts that support standards RL.3.1, RL.3.2, RL.3.3, RL.3.10, RL.4.1... and more! Includes 5
102 Ratings


Speech Therapy MEGA BUNDLE Language Speech Literacy w/ BOOM CARDS - Teletherapy
**BUNDLE AND SAVE** This is a NO PREP, NO PRINT MEGA SPEECH and LANGUAGE BUNDLE that includes TWENTY complete speech, language, and literacy units including FIVE digital interactive BOOM CARD lessons to address both receptive and expressive language. They all include full-color, high-resolution ima
8 Ratings


First Grade Math Boom Cards Bundle
Buy this bundle to get the SPECIAL BUNDLE PRICING. 1st Grade Math Boom Cards were made to make practicing math fun and engaging for young learners. This bundle includes 12 units with 9 games in each unit. That means there are 108 games in total! These were made with first grade in mind, but you can
13 Ratings


3rd Grade Math Boom Cards Bundle!
This bundle includes every 3rd grade math Boom Card Deck that is in my Teachers pay Teachers store, at about 25% below the actual cost!Formerly a "growing" bundle, this bundle includes at least one Boom Card Deck for each Virginia math SOL standard 3.1 through 3.17.Virginia math standards covered by
18 Ratings


Boom Cards ELA - Bundle
This Bundle includes all the ELA Boom Cards in my TpT store, plus a bonus BOOM cards deck on Author's Purpose. Haven't tried BOOM cards yet? No problem. Just download the free Idioms BOOM deck listed below. You will receive a free membership to BOOM Learning, as described below. At the end of the fr
66 Ratings


5th Grade Boom Card Bundle
Looking for digital tools to implement into your classroom to increase motivation and improve student understanding? Boom Digital Task Cards are unique in the fact that they are like traditional task cards, but offer a self-checking feature. This 5th grade bundle contains 64 decks aligned to 5th gra
5 Ratings


Boom Card Multiplication Fluency Bundle
Digital Self-Checking Boom Cards is a great way for students to practice basic multiplication skills. This set of Boom Cards features 12 different sets of Boom Digital Task Cards to practice multiplication facts for each fact family! A total of 560 No-Prep Digital Self-Checking Task Cards. (No print
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Kindergarten Readiness - Boom Cards Digital Bundle
Get your preschoolers ready for kindergarten! Using digital resources in preschool is a great way to ignite learning.  Boom Cards are self-checking and have features of sound and allow kids to drag and drop pieces. Not sure about using digital in preschool? Don’t worry, Boom Cards have received the
33 Ratings


Boom Cards Phonics  Bundle 2017
This set contains 39 Boom Cards Phonics Sets! It covers a variety of phonics skills appropriate for first graders. Skills include short vowels, blends, digraphs, silent e, r-controlled vowels, vowel teams, and diphthongs. Many of the decks are also appropriate for Kindergarten and Second Graders.
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