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The beginning of the school year is for getting to know your students, helping them to get to know each other, and to begin building a classroom community. One of my favorite ways to do this is through an All About Me Bag activity.An All About Me Bag is an activity where students decorate a bag and put one item that represents them in it. The teacher can fill a bag too. Each person shows the items in a show-and-tell fashion. Students are able to make connections with you and their peers based on
This resource includes an activity to do at the beginning of the school year. It is called "All about me". Students can include personal information, likes, preferences ... It is presented in the form of a folding backpack.The front of the backpack can be printed with cardboard or colored paper and the rest with white paper.Once done we can display the backpacks in one place in the classroom or in the students' notebooks.It includes a Spanish, English, French and Catalan versionsDo not forget t
This includes a label for an 'all about me' bag. This is a great little 'get to know you' activity that is perfect for back to school.NOTE: You can not get this product in a Back-to- School BUNDLED PACK at a reduced price by clicking HERE You can have the students create the bag at school, or you can have them take the pattern home and create it at home. If it is an at home project, there are simple directions at the top of the pattern.Another option for the little kiddos would be for the teach
Back to School will be no longer a mystery with our "Meet Me Mystery Bag" activities. Are you searching for a way to get your students talking? Need to explore new ideas for writing? Well, the MYSTERY is solved! With Meet Me Mystery Bag and Get to Know You Activities, your class will fill mystery bags, play a class guessing game, create a Meet Me writing and drawing craftivity, meet new friends and create a beginning of the year mini book to celebrate their new grade! What's Included: -Direc
Back to School All About ME Bags are a great back to school activity to welcome students back to school. This is a perfect beginning of the year activity for students to get to know each other the first week of school. These would be perfect for Kindergarten first week of school, 1st Grade first week of school, 2nd Grade first week of school, 3rd Grade first week of school, 4th Grade first week of school, and 5th Grade first week of school.Resource Includes: * 1 parent note- (4 clipart choi
A cute activity for the first week of school to help you and your students learn more about each other! For homework, you hand out these directions and a brown paper bag. Students will collect 3 items from home that represent themselves to share with the class.
Not Grade Specific
✨ All About Me Brown Bag Digital & Printable Activity ✨ Get to know your students through this fun spin on the classic brown sack get to know you activity! Use actual pictures of 3 favorite objects in the digital version through easy-to-use Google Slide templates, or use the ready-to-print brown bag biography instructions and simply attach! Perfect for the 1st day of school in 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th grade, Middle School & High School Classrooms!✅Click Here for a FREE Month of AUGUST Mor
A back to school All About Me Bag Activity is a great beginning of the year project that helps everyone get to know each other the first week of school. The activity includes letter to parents with calendar (one for August, and one for September), assignment reminder sheets, and rubric. Includes an original "me" bio bag poem to paste on the About Me bag that students can read aloud and two writing sheets. Promotes creative thinking. Please check for yearly updates! I want you to be able to use t
Print these simple but bright and colorful "Me Bag" directions on white copy paper, card stock, or Astro Bright paper depending on your style and preference! Then simply attach them to a paper bag of your choice. Me Bags can be used as a back to school getting to know you activity that helps build a classroom community. Another idea for Me Bags is to use them throughout the year for Student of the Week. Included are 8 different options for student directions to attach to the bag:1) 3 things (bla
K - 8th
This ADORABLE Back to School bag is a perfect first day of school activity for your students. Through this activity, students will be practicing their skills in regards to following directions, and you will be learning about them as they create their projects. These cute projects go home at the end of the day and are returned the next day with items in them for sharing. What a great way to start the year! Thank you for considering this product.Primary Bliss Teaching============================
1st - 5th
Back to School Activity - This All About Me Bag Puppet craft is great activity for the beginning of the year, star student, or all about me unit. Students color, cut and glue pattern pieces to a paper lunch bag to create puppets of themselves. They draw their own faces and hair, then fill the bag with a few of their favorite items to talk about for share time. Included is a note home to parents about filling the bag with items about themselves. It makes a great addition to your all about me uni
All About Me Bags for Back to School, this is a Lunch Bag Craftivity in Super Hero theme - These "Super Me" bags are a "SUPER" getting to know you activity that can be used to display for Open House! Send the included parent note home that explains what to put in the. bag. Students brings objects back to school to help introduce themselves to classmates. Thiis is an activity that helps to build classroom community.Detail Directions IncludedI used the XL brown paper lunch bags, smaller can
Here is a Back to School Me In a Bag activity to get to know students. This is an activity that students do at the beginning of the year so you can get to know them a little better. Students are asked to gather about 8-10 items from home, put them in a bag, and share their items to the rest of the class. Also included is an optional rubric for grading if you feel it is necessary.Check out our other great Back to School resources by clicking on each name below!Classroom Management ActivityMorning

Also included in: Back to School Activities

This document contains a poem that you can attach to a paper bag that explains what the me bag is. I use in an effort to create my classroom community. This reminds me of the "old school" show and tell. I give this bag with the poem attached to the students on the first day. I share my Me Bag (that I created previously) before I introduce the activity to the students. In my past bags I included things like chop sticks (love sushi), running watch (like to run), picture of my husband (obvious) and
1st - 6th
This is a great start of the year activity that allows all members of the class to get to know one another better. Students bring their filled Me Bag in the first week of school to share a little bit more about themselves and their interests. This activity not only builds a sense of community but also helps strengthen oral language skills. Students enjoy experiencing one another’s Me Bags and one that belongs to their teacher too! This package includes the following in black and white, as well
Make a human body from a paper bag! This pack has the directions and patterns that you need to make interactive body parts. What a fun way to learn about our amazing bodies!
1st - 3rd
This twist on an all about me bag introduces the concepts of primary sources, artifacts, observation and inference in social studies. Ideal for beginning of the year history activities, your students will get to know you, another adult, and each other. Each person anonymously fills a bag with objects that represent important aspects of his or her life. Everyone else will think like historians by analyzing these objects as artifacts and primary sources to make inferences about the person. Full le
All About Me Bags! This "Let the Cat Out of the Bag" activity is a fun way for students to get to know one another and you that first week at school. It also makes for a fun first homework assignment! All about me presentations are also a valuable opportunity to practice the listening and speaking skills your students will need to be successful in the classroom throughout the school year.An editable family letter explaining the assignment as well as the printable pieces needed to complete it ar
1st - 3rd
All About Me Bag - Back to School Show & Tell ActivityPrint off this pdf and attach it to a empty brown/or any color paper bag. Give your students a few days to fill up the bag and share with their classmates. I attach it to the other side of the Welcome Bag I give them at Back to School Night. Grab that product here! ☠ ARGG! ☠Welcome to Fair Winds Teaching! I hope you enjoy this product, if you have any questions or concerns, please let me know!Includes:☞ 2 page printing options------------
PreK - 5th
This is a fun activity that I have used since I started teaching. On meet the teacher day, which is usually held a day or two before school starts, I give my students a paper bag with this little piece of paper stapled to it. It is a great activity for those first few days of school. You get to know your students and your students get to know about you when you present your own bag! I have included notes in English and Spanish, color and black and white, that ask students to turn their bag
PreK - 12th, Staff
Great Getting To Know You Activity! Send the bags home with the children on the first day of school. As the bags come in, place them in a basket and have students share their bags whenever you have a few minutes here and there throughout the day. ***This item is also included in our Back to School Lessons and Activities Mega Pack. If you purchase the "Back to School" Mega Pack you DO NOT need to download this also! You can check out the Mega Pack here! Back To School Lessons and Activit
All About Me BagThis is a fun and easy way to get to know your students and for your students to get to know one another.Make copies for each student and attach to a paper lunch bag. Explain the assignment before sending home to students and share your own All About Me bag with them. Send home for students to complete during the first or second week of school. *You could also have students decorate their bag for extra fun!*************************************************************************T
PreK - 3rd
Show your students how proud you are of them this year with a fun gift bag! I used this gift bag label with Gussett Style 4" x 2" x 9" Cello Bags from Amazon, but any clear gift bags similar in size will work! This pun allows for many gift bag fillers... bubbles, blow pops, bubble gum, etc. HAVE FUN!
Not Grade Specific
This is a fun activity for the first week of school for you to help get to know your kiddos! Give each kid a bag on meet the teacher night or the first day of school. Have them fill it with four things that they can use to describe themselves to the class!HAS BEEN UPDATED 4 different borders to choose from Options to bring back First day of schoolTomorrowOr fill in the date
PreK - 8th

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