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Math TEK 4.8B ★ Measurement Conversions ★ 4th Grade Math STAAR Review Task Cards
Confidently prepare your students for Math TEK 4.8B (Measurement Conversions) with an illustrated task card set that is fun, standard-focused, and thoughtfully differentiated. These task cards will lighten the atmosphere in your classroom while never straying from the standard expectations and you

Also included in: Measurement & Data ★ 4.8A 4.8B 4.8C 4.9A & 4.9B ★ STAAR Math Test Prep

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Measurement Conversion, 4th grade - worksheets - Individualized Math
A set of 14 worksheets and a quiz on converting various measurements from one unit to another (time, length, capacity, and mass, both metric and non-metric) using function tables, designed for fourth grade level. Is similar to my set of worksheets on Measurement Conversion for third grade, but this

Also included in: Individualized Math Level 4 Bundle - Assessment/Worksheets - 4th grade

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Interactive Notebook - Measurement / Data (4th Grade)
The numerous interactive notebook pages come complete with pages for all measurement and data standards MD.1, MD.2, MD.3, MD.4, MD.5, MD.6 and MD.7. It includes pictures for showing how you could set up the pages. These interactive pages also include cover pages for each element of the standard, voc

Also included in: Math Interactive Notebook - BUNDLE - ALL 4th Grade Common Core Standards

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Measurement Packet (4th Grade Common Core)
I created this to use as a end of year review prior to testing. I used Common Core standards. It includes 6 student sheets (multiple choice, conversion tables, comparing, and word problems). It also includes a "Who has, I have..." game, answer keys, and the Common Core standards covered. Page 1-
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Measurement Notebook 4th Grade TEKS by Marvel Math
This No Prep notebook thoroughly covers all of the 4th grade Measurement TEKS: 4.5C, 4.5D, 4.8A, 4.8B, 4.8C. Easy-to-use pages will help you teach area, perimeter, metric and customary conversions, relative size of units, elapsed time, problem solving in the measurement system, and how to get the m

Also included in: 4th Grade TEKS Measurement Unit and Bundle by Marvel Math

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Measurement Conversion Assessment - Grade 4
This 2-page file can be used as an assessment or review. Students should be familiar with units of measurement (which would be the best unit of measurement for...), know how to convert between inches and feet as well as centimeters and meters, and should be able to answer word problems including un
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9 No Prep Measurement Games for 4th grade TEKS and STAAR prep
This set of SUPER FUN 9 No-Prep Games cover all of the Measurement TEKS: 4.5C, 4.5D, 4.8A, 4.8B, & 4.8C. These are perfect for guided math stations! Topics include perimeter, area, customary and metric conversions, elapsed time, and approximate measures of length, and capacity. This resource

Also included in: 4th Grade TEKS Measurement Unit and Bundle by Marvel Math

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Mini Math Assessments - Measurement and Data - Fourth Grade Common Core Math
I wanted a way to quickly assess whether or not my students were maintaining skills. I created a 5 question assessment for each of the fourth grade common core math objectives. My students are assessed so much that I didn't want long assessments. Five questions is enough for me to see if they rememb
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Area and Perimeter inter-conversion 4th grade
Practice with coming up with the possible perimeters for a given area and the possible areas for given perimeters. I looked everywhere for this, and couldn't find it, so I wrote my own.
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Fourth Grade Math Centers Bundle
This 4th grade bundle includes hands-on and engaging math centers for the entire year!!! You will be getting a total of 90 math centers!Each set of centers has the same format, so students will learn the expectations and procedures and then be able to complete centers for the entire year without man
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Quiz-Quiz-Trade Liquid Measure Conversion Cards
Kagan has so many amazing strategies and quiz-quiz-trade is just one of them. This product was used to teach liquid measure conversions in 4th grade. If you are unfamiliar with the strategy and how to implement it there are instructions within the document. It is an editable word document. You can m
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4th Grade Math Centers: 4th Grade Math Games No Prep Bundle
Motivate your students with these NO-PREP games! This huge bundle includes 105 engaging games, which are perfect for practicing 4th grade math standards throughout the entire school year. These games are perfect for small groups and centers, or can even be used as informal assessment tools!Best of a
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Math Quick Checks - 4th Grade
These Math Quick Checks are Common Core aligned. They are exactly what you need to quickly check for understanding or assess student learning. They can be used as assessments, exit tickets, homework, or to help reteach in small groups. These Quick Checks were originally created to pair with my Int

Also included in: The Ultimate 4th Grade Math Bundle

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4th Grade Math Interactive Notebook {Common Core Aligned}
Interactive notebooks are a great learning tool in the classroom. They serve as a resource for reviewing standards, a reference tool, or even as an assessment. This notebook covers all the 4th Grade Common Core MATH standards (including Operations & Algebraic Thinking, Numbers and Operations in
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4th Grade Math Spiral Review & Weekly Quizzes | Google Forms | Google Classroom
This is the DIGITAL, Google Forms version of my top-selling 4th Grade daily math spiral review resource. Also includes the DIGITAL, Google Forms version of my weekly spiral quizzes. With this one purchase, you can provide daily spiral math review for your students Monday through Thursday, and asses
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4th Grade Math Assessments | Weekly Spiral Assessments for ENTIRE YEAR
These 4th Grade Spiral MATH ASSESSMENTS are perfect for weekly math quizzes, quick checks, progress monitoring, and spiral review. These math assessments are 100% editable and are perfectly aligned with my popular 4th Grade Spiral Math Review resource. Always know how your students are progressing

Also included in: 4th Grade Spiral Review & Quiz BUNDLE | Reading, Math, Language | ENTIRE YEAR!

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4th Grade Math Centers Bundle
This centers bundle covers fourth grade math standards for the year. (CC and TEKS) There are 10 fourth grade math centers for each math strand below. This bundle is complete. Math Centers Included Place value- to a billion added Multiplication and division- Models and algorithms added Multiplic
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4th Grade Math Posters
4th Grade Common Core Math Posters *Black and White Versions Included* This product includes posters for the following standards: (Be sure to download the preview for a better look!) Multiplicative Comparison C.U.B.E.S. strategy for word problems Factors & Multiples Prime & Composite Co
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Customary Measurement Conversions | Activities for 4th and 5th Grade
Customary Measurement Conversions is a huge collection of 70 pages teaching resources to review and assess customary measurement units and conversions. You'll find math center games, measurement task cards, cooperative learning activities, printables, word problems, and tests. Click HERE to SAVE 30%

Also included in: Customary Measurement Games, Activities, and Task Cards Bundle

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Math Exit Slips | 4th Grade
This includes math exit slips for all of the 4th grade Common Core Math standards. These formative assessments are perfect for quickly assessing student understanding of new concepts and skills. 3 versions are available for each skill, so that you can reassess as needed.Each exit slip contains only

Also included in: The Ultimate 4th Grade Math Bundle

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Math Interactive Notebook 4th Grade Measurement & Data
What are Interactive Math Notebooks? Interactive math notebooks are teaching pages used to introduce and teach new math concepts and skills. Each set of notebook pages includes definitions, explanations, rules, and/or algorithms that may be needed to address each standard. Sample and practice proble

Also included in: The Ultimate 4th Grade Math Bundle

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4th Grade Math Centers {Roll and Answer}
This resources contains 57 ready to use, self-checking 4th grade math centers for ALL of the 4th grade common core math standards. All you need is 2 dice and maybe an expo marker! Laminate and cut and let the kids learn and have fun! This is a bundle of my individual roll and answer math centers fo

Also included in: 4th Grade Guided Math Centers (Mega Bundle)

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All 4th Grade TEKS Notebook Bundle by Marvel Math
This No Prep Notebook thoroughly covers ALL of the 4th grade TEKS. Simply print and hole punch and this notebook is ready for your students to use. This notebook is an excellent way to introduce new concepts in whole class or small group guided math lessons and is the perfect resource for students
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4th Grade Math Projects, Enrichment For the Entire Year!  BUNDLE! (Common Core)
4th Grade Math Enrichment Projects for the Entire Year! Covering all of the Common Core 4th Grade Math Standards, but suitable to any 4th grade math curriculum! I have bundled all of my 4th Grade Math Enrichment Projects that are directly tied to a particular set of math standards.The projects inc
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