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4th Grade "Measurement Conversions" (And Area/Perimeter) Engaging, Creative and Fun Math Enrichment Projects! Aligned to the 4th Grade Common Core Math Standards, but suitable to any 4th grade math curriculum! From making a fun animal height book to creating a scrapbook, the projects combine creati
Customary Measurement Conversions is a huge collection of 70 pages teaching resources to review and assess customary measurement units and conversions. You'll find math center games, measurement task cards, cooperative learning activities, printables, word problems, and tests. Click HERE to SAVE 30%
Confidently prepare your students for Math TEK 4.8B (Measurement Conversions) with an illustrated task card set that is fun, standard-focused, and thoughtfully differentiated. These task cards will lighten the atmosphere in your classroom while never straying from the standard expectations and you
If your kids love word searches, then they'll certainly love these math searches!This 4th Grade Measurement Conversions Math Searches Pack gets students excited about practicing customary and metric measurement conversions! In this pack, students will practice converting measurements from a larger
This common core resource contains 24 task cards specifically written for and aligned to CCSS 4.MD.1: Converting between the same measurement system (using a table) and solving one-step measurement conversion problems. Click here to see all of my task cards for 4th grade math. These task cards are
This fun board game is a great way for 4th grade students to practice measurement conversions. This game is best suited for partners, but can also be played in small groups of 3-4 students. Students will take turns moving their game pieces on the board and converting measurement units. When student
This set of 32 Measurement Conversion task cards will help your students practice converting measurements like minutes to hours, ounces to pounds, centimeters to meters, liter to milliliters, inches to feet to yards, and grams to kilograms. This resource makes a great math center and while the task
This 5-Day Measurement Conversion Bundle includes everything you need to teach your fourth graders to convert between units of metric and customary length, weight, capacity, and time. Students begin this unit using two-column measurement conversion tables. Then they move on to understanding the dif
No-prep, 4th grade STAAR measurement units and conversion practice with 30 enrichment projects and 30 test-prep questions aligned to the TEKS. A great way to teach these important measurement standards in a fun, engaging way. Great for early finishers, advanced learners and whole class practice. Pr
No-prep, 4th Grade measurement and conversion practice with 30 enrichment projects and 30 review test-prep questions aligned to the 4th grade math standards. Great for teaching these important standards in a fun, engaging way. Excellent for early finishers, advanced math students or whole class pra
This Measurement Conversions Quiz aligns perfectly to fourth grade Common Core State Standard 4.MD.1. What's Included? ✔Version A, 10 Multiple Choice Questions✔Version B, 10 Multiple Choice Questions✔Answer KeyIn this assessment students are asked to convert basic units of customary and metric meas
DIGITAL PDF AND PRINTABLE PACKET: You will download math worksheets for your 4th and 5th grade student to practice converting measurements. There are eight student worksheets:Complete the Conversion Table (Foot, Inch, Hour, Minute)Compare MeasurementsComplete the Conversion Table (Hour, Second, Met
This conversion cheat sheet is aligned with the conversions taught in the Go Math Chapter 12 (4th grade) curriculum. The cheat sheet has conversions for length, weight, and capacity for the customary and metric measurement system. The cheat sheet also has helpful visuals for students. Enjoy!
3rd - 5th
What better way for students to review measurement conversions at the end of the unit or before testing season than with an interactive lesson that allows students to teach one another? Find A Buddy is designed for students to teach their classmates how to solve several different style problems, en
Students will measure their classroom to create floor plans that could be used to build a house in Minecraft. They will convert the measurements of the floor plan from feet to Minecraft blocks (approximately 3ft/1block). They will transfer their floor plans to graph paper shading in 1 grid for each
With this purchase you will get FIVE different center games to help your students master the fourth grade common core metric measurement standards! My kiddos absolutely love these games. They are highly engaging and address the standards your students need to know for state assessments. Games inc
This 4th Grade MEASUREMENT CONVERSIONS BUNDLE includes an anchor chart, four math center games, five worksheets, and two BINGOs! It truly is everything you need for students to practice converting customary and metric measurements. It is specific to 4th grade since the Common Core Standards only req
DIGITAL PDF AND PRINTABLE PACKET: You will receive 30 task cards for your 4th grade, 5th grade, or special education math to practice and review converting customary units of measurement. You may use the printable task cards in math centers or stations for fun practice and review games and activitie
This is a PowerPoint lesson on units of measurement and finding equivalent measurements. It focuses mainly on customary weight, metric weight, and metric length, but it also briefly discusses customary length. Students will gain an understanding of the different sizes within a system of measurement
Measurement conversions can be so difficult for fourth graders to master, but these interactive slides will make that much easier. In each of these slides, students convert from larger to smaller units by multiplying in multiple opportunities like conversion charts and real-world word problems. Th
Scavenger Hunts are a great way to promote active engagement in your classroom! Print the posters and hang them around your classroom, down the hallway, or in another open area. Give each student a recording sheet and let the fun begin! The students will start at any poster by solving the problem
Want a practical way to make learning fun? You're going to love these 4th grade measurement conversions games. These cards are excellent for distance learning! These self-checking cards are jammed with learning and fun - without the difficult prep.SAVE BIG when you purchase the FOURTH GRADE BUNDLE!Q
This instructional slide show can be used to teach or accompany your lesson on metric length. Students convert from larger to smaller units by multiplying as they fill in conversion charts, answer real-life questions, and add & subtract inches, feet, and yards.This is fully editable. Just make a
This instructional slide show can be used to teach or accompany your lesson on customary capacity. Students convert from larger to smaller units by multiplying as they fill in conversion charts, answer real-life questions, and add & subtract units. This is fully editable. Just make a copy and m

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